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Redstone Arsenal Releases Statement on Fort Hood Shooting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Redstone Arsenal officials released a statement on the Fort Hood shooting Wednesday evening.

Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander Colonel William Marks says, “All of us at Redstone Arsenal are deeply saddened by the incident at Fort Hood today. Many of us have ties to the Soldiers, Civilians and their families at Fort Hood and they are all in our thoughts and prayers tonight. Redstone Arsenal’s leadership and force protection personnel are closely monitoring this situation as it develops and will take appropriate actions as the situation dictates.”

WHNT News 19 is working to gather more information on this developing news story.


  • Ray Kamus

    This is what happens when you have a government wanting to take yur rights to bare arms…Problem is our own Military personnell is doing this are even civilian personnell losing jobs cause of the DEFENSE CUTS>>>Oama and Congress should have some blame in this situation

    • LAC

      The military is a segment of society, therefore you will have the same problems with a small segment of military as you do civilians. I am a strong conservative but blaming Obama for this is just stupid. From every report this is a thug involved in a dispute and ended it the wrong way. I don’t think he was depressed about defense cut. The internet is awesome it lets everyone share their opinion…. No matter how stupid.

    • tim

      President Clinton disarmed the bases ! Ironic thing is Clinton is protected by armed federal agents for the rest of his life. Guess that’s why he is called slick willie..

  • Nuclear Mike

    Among the profession of arms it is so ironic to be unarmed and at the mercy of their own created monstors from within…

  • tim

    Gun free zone claims more lives… Sad ! poor victims didn’t have a chance to defend themselves… Our armed forces are unarmed……

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