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Huntsville School Board Claims Commissioner Harrison Demanded Johnson Closure 8 Years Ago

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David Blair is President of the Huntsville Board of Education. (WHNT News 19 file)

David Blair is President of the Huntsville Board of Education. (WHNT News 19 file)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Earlier Monday, Huntsville City Schools’ Superintendent Casey Wardynski and School Board President David Blair announced they plan to request an audit of thousands of dollars awarded to two non-profit organizations County Commissioner Bob Harrison was involved with.

Later that day, the homepage of the Huntsville City School System had a prominently placed the statement, “Commissioner Bob Harrison Demanded Johnson High Be Closed in Exchange for His Vote.”

The statement claimed Blair had papers written in 2006 by County Commissioner Bob Harrison.

In the statement, Blair said, “These recently found documents shows County Commissioner Harrison demanding the closing of Johnson High School in return for voting yes on the ½ cent sales tax. Mr. Harrison’s strong arm tactics and glaring inconsistencies are disturbing.”


Bob Harrison, Madison County Commissioner (WHNT News 19 File)

The papers linked on the school system’s website are a proposed agreement between the Madison County Commission and the Huntsville City School System and a letter from then Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Ann Roy Moore to Commissioner Bob Harrison.

The proposed agreement listed then Madison County Commission Chairman Mike Gillespie as the author, attested to by then county administrator Howard Baites.

The agreement would have closed Johnson High School and moved students to Butler and/or Lee, in addition to other stipulations.

Read the proposed agreement here.

The letter from then superintendent Moore to Harrison cited on the Huntsville City School website said, “I cannot recommend to the Board the agreement you suggest.”

Moore stated in the letter, “Bob, may I suggest that you just approve the tax. This is the best way to help the children of Huntsville, including your district.”

Commissioner Harrison told our news partners at The Huntsville Times and Monday county attorneys wrote the proposed agreement, not him, and that he intended to replace Johnson with a new school that would be attractive to students all over Huntsville.


  • Brian S.

    ROFL!!!! Harrison you are a lying piece of excrement! You opened this can of worms sir, enjoy the consequences!

  • jamison jones

    Harrison is our rep. Just answer his issues on rezoning. getting him out of the way is not the answer. cuz everybody will go with him,whereever he’s going. we know where to find everybody;s dirt including blair.

  • Disabled War Vet

    Have we forgotten the issues here? Sounds like Wardynski is trying to divert attention on someone else. He got caught in a non truth and he feels his only way out is to go after Harrison…..

  • jamison jones

    Thats what i’m talking about. Can’t find answers from those concerned, trick, go after the loud one..

  • me

    Harrison needs to go. He cares nothing about the students. Only himself and his re-election. He blatantly proposed getting rid of Johnson High School if it would get him re-elected. Come on people!!!!!!! He only cares about himself! Is this the type of person we want to aid in the education of our future? Our children? Not this concerned citizen.

  • jamison jones

    me, haven’t you ever said things to your spouse that you didn’t actually mean? start from there

  • BNB

    Looks like Da Fatman is going to have to cough up 40K or go to jail. I would first look in his pocket.

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