Florence To Reduce Speed Limits Across The City

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – If you’re driving on the streets of Florence in the future, you may want to keep an eye out for reduced speed limits.

The Florence City Council has approved more than four dozen locations to have the speed limit reduced, and they say it’s all in the name of safety.

“This was an effort to standardize some of the speed limits, reduce confusion for drivers, and hopefully improve safety on the roadways here in the city of Florence,” explained Police Chief Ron Tyler.

Tyler said this will improve traffic flow through-out the city, by getting everyone used to a standardized system.

Several of the spots up for reduction include around hospitals and heavily populated areas.

And Chief Tyler contends this is not a way for the city to make money.

“There were some questions about is this a chance for the police department to write more tickets, and that is certainly not the case. It has never been part of the discussion,” stated Tyler. “This is not an effort for us to be able to write more tickets, it’s to improve the flow of traffic and improve safety on our roadways.”

In all, the city council approved reducing the speed limits in 52 locations around the city of Florence.

The Florence Street Department is currently working with the city engineering office to make sure the proper speed limit signs are posted at all of the changed locations.