Donations Needed to Finish Home for Wounded Soldier Corey Garmon

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-  Volunteers from several states have started work on a new home for Corey Garmon.  Garmon lost both legs while serving in Afghanistan back in 2012.   But volunteers say what they are doing goes far beyond Garmon.

"We are building a house for a U.S. soldier," said Mike Fitzpatrick, a volunteer organizer.  "I've told Corey numerous times this isn't about Corey Garmon and he knows that.  But I always tell him it's about a U.S. soldier."

They goal is to to build the home and hand Corey the keys mortgage free.  They are hoping he won't have to spend any of his own money on the construction.

To achieve that goal they still need supplies and labor.  They are in real need of brick layers.

"We had a set of brick layers coming from Cleveland, Tennessee and the brick layer became very ill and he was unable to do it.  So they recently had to bow out, understandably."

If you would like to help or donate, call Mike Fitzpatrick.  The number is (502) 803-5499.