‘Navigators’ Work To Help Tennessee Valley Residents Enroll In Health Care Coverage

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Several people across the Tennessee Valley are working to answer questions and get residents who qualify signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act before the March 31st deadline.

Toni McGriff is a navigator for the Affordable Care Act. She's also the president of  Progressive Women of Northeast Alabama.

McGriff and two other members of her group have been working in several counties to make sure anyone who has questions about signing up for health care coverage through the ACA gets answers.

"An awful lot of people can't go online, don't have computers, can't do it for themselves," McGriff says.

So they decided to help, and became trained navigators for the ACA. "We are trained to help people access the website, and navigate through it," McGriff says.

They have answered questions as well as countless phone calls, and ultimately signed up quite a few Tennessee Valley residents.

But McGriff says there are a number of people who can't get insurance who fall into the Medicaid gap.

Alabama is one of the states that didn't expand Medicaid when given the option.

Governor Robert Bentley chose not to expand Medicaid because he says while the federal government would cover the initial cost of the expansion, it would eventually fall on the state to cover the tab and he says the state just doesn't have the money.

Joann Cummings is also a navigator. She says she deals with people who are classified in that gap often.

"There's a lot of working poor people in Alabama who just don't make enough money to go into the marketplace but they would have been getting Medicaid," Cummings said.

With the deadline to sign up for health care coverage on Monday, March 31, both of these navigators say time is of the essence for those who can enroll, and for every question, they are quick with an answer.

There are navigators in several Tennessee Valley counties. 

Those counties with the appropriate contact information to enlist a navigator's help are below.

DeKalb, Jackson and Marshall Counties - pwnavigators@gmail.com (256) 674 - 3145

Morgan and Limestone Counties - joannc1972@charter.net

Lauderdale County - EnrollTheShoals@gmail.com (256) 856 - 9810

Madison and all other north Alabama counties - EnrollHuntsville@gmail.com


  • Nuclear Mike

    The “navigators” were totally unhelpful nor informed regarding the various forms that could be used for different circumstances for all the persons I know that have tried to acquire health insurance.

  • charles tucker

    The deadline does not mean a penalty. You just have to wait until later this year. And anyway, the penalty deadline has been pushed back almost 2 years. So you should stop the propaganda and let this play out and let things be what they shall be.

    • Harry Martin

      Some sign-up’s have already reported problems finding ANY doctor, hospital or surgeon in their area and some cannot find ANY within 100 miles of where they live….not to mention the cost!

  • Wes

    What a joke! This is an example of obama being the worst president this contry has ever seen. He has never been in charge of anything! He was a community organizer, never in charge of a budget, never did anything as a senator and has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. He live a lavish elitest lifestyle, then has the nerve to tell us to cutback and conserve! If you disagree with his policies, your called a racist. Enough is enough, he’s got to go! Any other president that’s done what he has done would have been impeached long ago! And no, I’m not a Rush, FOX, Savage fan, just an individual that can see through the smoke! Thsi health plan has good intentions, but it needs to be tottaly scraped and done with the help of the medical community (which he didn’t seem neccesary to consult) and professionals that know what there doing.

  • Wake Up

    Everyday Obamacare is proving a big success. As people start to experience the benefits of Obamacare there will be no going back — no matter what the dinosaurs say! Change is coming, no, it is here!!!

    • Saul Alinsky

      great mines think alike, wake up. glade your on board with me. we need to keep our socialist ideas going, you and I know whats best for the American people.

  • valerie

    I have yet to find a plan affordable for my family! They base it on your income and then it costs almost half of what you make!!!

    • Saul Alinsky

      Valerie this is important ,you need to go get it ,you can go without food for a couple of days. please help our leader mr. Obama out . Me and wakeup know whats best for you

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