Local Movie Goers React To Noah

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) –  It’s one of the most anticipated Hollywood blockbusters of the year. “Noah” is based on the biblical story about a man who built an ark to save humanity from a flood.

The movie is part of a new trend in Hollywood. Movies and TV shows about religious events.

Pastor Steven Reding of Northwood United Methodist says he’s excited Christianity is finally getting attention from Hollywood, but he also has his doubts.

“I think in any biblical based movie that’s put out. My first concern would be it’s biblical accuracy.  Once you stray from the biblical story then you take away it’s authority. You take away it’s effectiveness,” says Reding.

Some local residents in the Shoals agreed with Reding, but others had a different view.

“I don’t expect Hollywood to do a perfect production. I like it
cause it’s showing the bible. It’s giving people parts of truth and so if you see something
you don’t like about it then go back to the bible. Maybe it would make people more
interested in going to the bible,” said moviegoer Debra Barnes.

“I’m here to have a good time. That’s what me and my family do best, you know. Enjoy each others presence. Get to watch a good movie, good acting like I said, hopefully a good plot,” said moviegoer Gabriel Oats.

Reding says in the midst of all this controversy, Christian leaders just have to be prepared for the unexpected.

“We must be willing to answer questions and know what we believe and why we believe it,” said Reding


  • Christian

    Jesus said the Last Days would be like the Days of Noah, when people went about life as usual and didn’t see the impending doom, because they didn’t care to know THE TRUTH. The flood came and swept the wicked away. They all went to Hell in their unbelief, having died in their sins. Repent or spend eternity in Hell!

  • Beasley

    I saw the movie and it was terrible. I made it to the end , but just barely. When they brought out the stone “Transformers” to help Noah build the ark, it was goofy. Read the biblical version, it is much better

  • Nuclear Mike

    The steady apparent approach by HollyWood to corrupt & dilute the messages of the Bible into nothing you can believe in anymore in the end…that is the goal of HollyWood.

  • Michael

    This movie was never supposed to be a Biblical accurate telling of Noah and the Ark any more than either 300 movie was supposed to be an accurate telling of the battle involving the Greeks and the Persians. It was INSPIRED by the story, not a play by play version of it. If you’re going to hate it, hate it because it’s a crap movie (so I’m told, I may see for myself next weekend).

    • dawn

      John you are correct Noah was not a Christian because Christ had not come to earth yet. But, Noah was a believer in God.

    • Jim

      No..hard to be a “Christian” when “Christ” hadn’t been born yet there Einstein. He was, however, a man of God that God chose to save while destroying the rest of the world.

  • Jonathan

    Man wrote the movie. Man wrote the bible. Both are for entertainment purposes and monetary purposes. The bible is mans rendition of what they think happened. There is no proof. Christians will just tell you to have faith. Hell, I had faith in Santa and the Easter bunny but we all know how that turned out. Back in the bible creation days, there wasn’t the technology that we have now. They thought the world was flat and look at it now. It’s round. People, it’s a movie and a pretty good one at that! Enjoy it for what it is!

  • Bob

    The religious groups complaining about the accuracy of the movie Noah, need to die in a flood of irony.

  • michelle

    “Pastor Steven Reding of Northwood United Methodist says he’s excited Christianity is finally getting attention from Hollywood,” Agree with John up above, Noah was not Christian so this is kind of a strange statement. He should’ve said Judaism.

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