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UPDATE: Huntsville Police Make Arrest in Binford Drive Shooting Investigation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Police have made an arrest in a shooting investigation.

The shooting happened at the 200 block of Binford Drive Wednesday evening.

Police have arrested 22-year-old Viola Jones in connection to this shooting. She is charged with assault.

Viola Jones (Courtesy: Madison County Jail)

Viola Jones (Courtesy: Madison County Jail)

WHNT News 19 has learned the victim is 19-year-old Leslie Garner.  She was shot once in the abdomen and possibly shot again in the neck or head.  HEMSI took Garner to Huntsville Hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries.



    • lamont

      As a community organizer ,why dont you spend more time in the my community ,trying to stop black on black killings ? my people need your help in this area, we need more money from the goverment, we need more ebt cards,we need government health care, were not getting enough goverment help , please help us wake up.

      • Karinttt

        Lamont, You all need “more money,” “more EBT cards,” we need more health care”…. We need, we need, we need. These people already get quite a bit of assistance in rent subsidies, EBT cards and just about anything you can think of. Now, we taxpayers are supposed to give more. What, are we supposed to support the whole community there? We all go to work and they stay home and fight each other or go to school on our dimes? Get a job and then you wouldn’t have time to commit so many crimes, get a job and feed and clothe your own families and send your children to schools and pay your own rents. Granted, some people really need help…but I’d bet that there’s quite a large number of the population that misuses and abuses the help they do get, and have spent their lives standing around with their hands out. I need a break from this. I can’t afford all this stuff either… but I work and I’m not on the public dole. No one helps me, because I help myself.

    • Michael

      Are you suggesting this suspect was incapable of stabbing the victim, clubbing her with a bat, or beating her with her fists?

      • Wake Up

        I am suggesting that guns make these types of events a lot easier than stabbing the victim, clubbing her with a bat, or beating her with her fists. Guns are also a lot more lethal than all those other methods.

  • speedracer1983

    Guns are not the ones that kills everyone. If that was the case why would anyone ever leave a gun show alive. So if there was a long line of stabbings would you want to ban all knives too? People in general are so quick to anger and so slow to forgive. When people use to have a disagreement they may fight, but that was it. Violence begets violence, you want a change you have to make it happen.

    So I’ll throw it back at you, ” WAKE UP “! Or not, then it will prove the saying ignorance is bliss.

  • retta

    I thought if you shot someone above the waist, especially above the sholders thats attempted murder and not assult. That’s the problem the ones carrying and shooting these guns are not charged properly. It is not the guns killing, it is the people with the gun. Peopl need to get their lives together

    • LAC

      Retta, the charge has nothing to do with where the person was shot. It is the severity of injury. The lady was charged properly. We can’t just charge people with whatever we think they should be charged with. Besides the charge has nothing to do with it, its the conviction that matter and since you can murder someone and be out of jail in a few years, the problem is not going to fix itself.

  • ciara

    We should never be to quick to judge for the whole story is unknown. I will never say that guns are the answer to our problems but I’m not saying that guns should never be used.

  • tim

    I would be willing to bet jones was a felon already yet still had a gun…… Felons don’t care about laws……..Gun laws don’t curb violence. Violent people commit violent crimes regardless if the law..

  • Biblegal

    Matt Kroschel, you did an excellent job reporting on this incident. You put feeling and emotion into a story that many would rather just chalk up as another black-on-black crime story. People are killing each other because they have guns within reach and when one becomes angry enough clear thinking goes right out the window and many, I’m sure have committed crimes that they regret almost instantly. I think it’s time Matt, that you do a story on all of the unfortunate incidents involving guns this year. I’d also like you to consider pointing out the danger of having a loaded gun in the car because of the reality of road rage. Road rage is real and many people don’t think clearly when someone cuts them off on the road. It’s a reality and it puts many people in danger. Thanks again, for a reporting job well done.

    • Molon Labe

      Oh please… How about you start by teaching your little aspiring rappers some self control? Or how to actually act like adults? I’ve had guns within an arm’s reach my whole life and never once have I reached for one in anger.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These kind of people have no respect for their own lives, much less anyone else’s, so how could this kind of behavior surprise you? If it weren’t a gun it would be a knife, or a rock, or a basebatt bat or anything else within reach. Start by teaching these yound people some self respect and work ethic, and the supposed “gun problem” will take care of itself. Until that day comes, I’m carrying…

      • Biblegal

        Molon Labe, I don’t have any aspiring rappers in my family…perhaps you do…however, I’m going to assume that you are a responsible gun owner. That said, maybe you can reach out and teach those in the community who have anger issues, no self-respect or work ethics who don’t know any other way but to kill or be killed. If you have strengths in these areas by all means give to your community and help those who need it instead of waiting for someone else to do it, while you still “carry”.

      • Branko Pezdi

        @biblegal, YOU’re the one doing the finger wagging and holier-than-thou preaching. How about YOU go down to the ‘hood and teach them. While you’re at it, perhaps you can collaborate with Matt Kroschel on a story about the millions of responsible American gun owners, that is, the overwhelming majority who far outnumber gun-using criminals, who have never pulled out a gun or fired a shot in anger.

  • jamison jones

    aaaaah! Here we go again! Another situation where things can’t be resolved ‘peacefully.’ A cat fight would have just been fine for these two, whatever their issues. But now, with the presence of a gun, the problem has to be resolved permanently! I mean death or serious injury! And someone has to go to jail for a longtime. HAIL TO THE GUN. The ultimate solution to every problem!

  • Nuclear Mike

    The Utube video shows it all as totheir violent black behavior in the projects where civil behavior to so hard to find…

  • tim

    Its not the guns its the lack of respect and value for human life. The people that still believe its the guns are the problem. They are in denial…. Gun laws dont work, if they did Chicago would be murder free instead of a wasteland… Violent thugs will always find a weapon !!!!

  • Brittney

    I worked with this viola chick and she always had a hot head and she is in school with me the semester at Virginia College and she always kept up mess and she was always in behind someone’s man not saying thisisthecaset thisi sn’t a surprise to me I just hope her two young kids be taken care of and the girl that fighting for her life I hope she pull through and whtever happend between them teach her to be careful of wht situation she get herself into

    • Asia

      Your exactly right ms. Brittany I went to school with this girl she always created a problem, keeping mess up creating fake Facebook pages to expose ppl she disliked dirty secrets we had issues but I let the childish mess go she’ isn’t a good friend always lying and wants to take the cheap way out

  • keepcaln

    So, Which One Of You Would Let Somebody Thats Trying To Hurt Yiu Run Into Your Home? If You Have To Defend Yourself Where You Reside You Have Full Rights. Before You Try To Sit Up And Judge People In The “Hood” Take A Step Back And Realize That Self Defense Can Happen ANYWHERE. Where Someone Stays Doesn’t Determine Where You Can Defend Yourself. Stupidity Is Obviously Everywhere As Well. If You Don’t Know Either Of These People Personally You Need To Keep The Negative Comments. What Do You Do On A Daily Basis? Nobody Is Perfect And I’m Not Saying Its Right But You Never Know What Pulled That Straw. Sweep Around Your Doors First.

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