Former DEMSI Medics Still Awaiting Paychecks

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - The former employees of the now defunct DEMSI ambulance service in Decatur say they're still not getting their paychecks. That news comes despite a bankruptcy court ruling to allow the company to make good on paychecks to those employees. DEMSI employees tell us all they want is what they are owed.

Many of DEMSI's former employees, the paramedics who answer the calls for help, are now working across town at First Response Ambulance Service. But several of them have contacted WHNT News 19 this week saying they are still waiting on back pay they were promised, as well as for DEMSI to make good on some paychecks that bounced.

One former DEMSI employee told us, "It's been hard. We almost lost our home and car due to not being paid. If it weren't for our family helping us out, we would have lost everything."

DEMSI and its owner are in bankruptcy, but last week a federal bankruptcy court judge authorized the company to use available funds to make good on paychecks and on promises made to the former employees. But the employees we've spoken with say they haven't seen a dime.

One former employee said they contacted the company and was told, "They have to wait on funds to pay us because they were catching up the bad checks and returned check fees and that no new checks would be issued until that was all taken care of." No word from DEMSI on how much longer that will take.

We spoke with a DEMSI company spokesperson late this afternoon. She said some paychecks have been issued and says the company is working diligently to make sure all of their former employees get paid. No word on how long that process will take but we were assured that all of the employees will be paid. We'll continue to follow the story.


  • Longtime medic

    They have had nothing but excuses. I’ll believe I’m getting my 4 checks when I get them and they don’t bounce.

  • Mad Medic

    I’ve heard they are now getting the money they are owed. I’m glad they are because the former owner of County EMS which closed in October still owes several employees payroll from September through closing. I personally am owed several thousand dollars of back pay and haven’t heard anything from the owner, not even a thank you for sticking with me. I have already concluded I will not get the money he owes me but I’m still mad about it.

  • Ian Starnes

    I just want to say I hope you get what’s owed to y’all and god bless and thank each and everyone for being there for Decatur etc

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