Dogs On The Loose In The Shoals

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - It's a statement that is true to some. Dogs are man's best friend.

But that may not be the case for Alex Smith.

Smith says he saw a dog walking around without its owner during his daily walk with his sister.

The dog didn't attack, but left a impression on him.

"We were walking. The dog looked at us and barked. For a little bit it scared me, but I kept looking at it and looked back. It never came out of the fence," said Smith.

Colbert County Animal Control says it's received many phone calls about dogs on the loose, especially out in the county.

It says residents could pay a hefty fine if dogs are found at large.

"We just did a case and the fine was five hundred dollars plus court cost for the dog being at large. It can be costly if you let your dog run at large," says animal control officer Wilbanks.

Parents, like Andrew Littleton, are glad animal control is taking action.

"You don't know if it's harmless or not. And you want to try to get your kids away
from it cause you don't know if it's going to bite you or not," says Littleton.

Colbert County Animal Control advises residents to be aware of their surroundings to avoid problems and attacks.

If you want more information about the dog laws in your city contact your local city or county office.


    • Nuclear Mike

      Yes they have and have cross bred with coyotes…every “stray” or feral dog is to be killed when found roaming the barnyard, feed lots, livestock fields and wildlife management lands…these animals are a threat to our natural wildlife, livestock and humans, especially children…

  • richelle

    Maybe I am reading the story wrong, but the man states the dog looked at him and barked but never came out of the fence. If this dog was in a fence then how is it on the loose?


    Feral can also mean INBRED. I am throwing the BS flag on the “hefty fine” part of this article… at least in Limestone Co… I personally know the owners of a small dog that was attacked and killed by a pack of SIX hybrid dogs – all owned by 1 man. The owners of the attacked dog pressed charges against him for the so-called NO LEASH law (techically referred to as “not having control of your animal(s)”)… the judge slapped the owner with a mere $50 fine, then told the owner of the (dead) dog that he’d have to sue if he wanted resititution for vet bills!!! Six months later, nothing has been done b/c they have struggled to find an afforadable lawyer. The said “dogs” have been out numerous times since, even attacking another small dog. Owners are not EVER truly held accountable in the county – even when there are sworn witnesses (including a LC deputy) and FACTS to prove the owner was at fault. There is a difference between “your dog ran out the front door” and “your dogs live (and inbreed) in your backyard, escape all the time and are known to be agressive – yet the owner does not care”. The dogs are not always at fault! More often than not, it is the fault of IGNORANT owners! THE COUNTY ANIMAL LAWS NEED TO CHANGE!

  • JRenee

    Just because a dog is roaming loose does not mean it is feral or aggressive. Most strays are dumped by their irresponsible stupid owners. Dogs are usually not aggressive unless it feels threatened in some way. When they are left alone they are on the defense for survival. Being abandoned can be very traumatic for a dog. Stating all strays should be destroyed is ridiculous when most are socialized and loving creatures.

    People need to keep their dogs safe and not allow them to roam free because you never know what could happen. It can be very dangerous for all.

  • Educate Society

    Obviously the story wasn’t edited because the owner was being responsible, his Dog was in a Fence! It’s in a Dogs nature to Bark. The Society Not Only Needs to be Educated in Spay & Neuter But in the Behavior of Animals instead of Being Ignorant Rednecks to All of This and passing down Bad Information to the younger generation so they don’t know how to act when approached by a Dog with no Owner which might could save them from an aggressive attack if there were to be one.

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