Commissioner Bob Harrison Blasts School Board In Letter to Federal Judge

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The war of words between Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison and the Huntsville City School Board is now spilling over into federal court.

Our news partners at The Huntsville Times/ report Harrison emailed a letter to U.S. District Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala, who is handling Huntsville's long-standing desegregation case.

"We believe that the Board of Education has been less than open, to the point of misrepresentation, regarding the steps and procedures for resolving the issue of segregation of the Huntsville City Schools and relief from the 1963 Court Order," he writes to the judge. "The efforts to engage the affected classes have been less than honest."

Harrison also goes on to say that he believes the school board is unwilling to interact with the Black community, particularly in northwest Huntsville.

Harrison spoke out against the board earlier this month at a commission meeting with remarks like, “I don`t believe in my 50-plus years have I seen such a display of arrogance, deception, deceit, such that when we talk about being together as a community, it defies everything that we are supposed to be about.”

School Board President David Blair fired back Wednesday night with a response of his own.

David Blair stated, “These recently found documents shows County Commissioner Harrison demanding the closing of Johnson High School in return for voting yes on the ½ cent sales tax. Mr. Harrison’s strong arm tactics and glaring inconsistencies are disturbing.”


  • Nuclear Mike

    Seems our City Government is in a bit of a meltdown now as the status quo has been upset by all the ‘good’ol’boy” deals going awry now…

  • Jim M

    Well Harrison wants a seat a the table for something that he doesnt hold a seat for. He is a county commissioner. His position is about county business not City of Huntsville School business. He wants to interject himself into the discussion because he thinks he is representative of North Huntsville and has a mic and the news will publish his issues. His whole episode of grandstanding does nothing to help the whole school system issue. The school PTSA reps from North Huntsville have said what he is saying is not true. He is mad that he couldnt sit at the table with the Feds to represent Huntsville but what he hasnt figured out is that he was not elected to represent the city of Huntsville or its school board in this matter. They have elected officials and lawyers to represent itself in DC on this matter. He is only muddying the water around the whole situation. This is a distraction that does not need to happen. I wonder just what Bob Harrisons true motives are for this episode? Does he really care this much about his community or does he just want to seem like the big guy who knows it all and has to tell everyone how it is …

  • Wes

    It sounds like Mr Harrison aspires to be like his heros Jessie jackson and Al Sharpton. Nothing like good ol race baiting to get yourself in front of a camera, regardless of how it actually hurts the decent citizens of ALL colors!

  • Bill

    This guy is an embarrassment to the community. He’s letting his alligator mouth override his hummingbird a–. If things don’t go his way,he’ll throw the “Race Card”. He needs to let those who were elected to do school business do their job. Now, if he wants to resign his position and represent his issues a a private citizen that’s a different story. We all know he would’nt dare do that, because he would only get five minutes to get his point across at an open meeting of any type. He likes the money and the “SO” called prestige that comes with his current job. He needs to stay in his lane and stop grandstanding!
    He’s NOT a Martin Luther King. MLK is probably rolling over in his grave right now.

  • Brian S.

    Harrison is just another in a long line of useless, corrupt, wannabe leaders. His attempts at shaming the school board into giving him influence over something that is not a part of his job are pathetic at best. I will admit, it is kind of amusing to watch a blowhard like him self destruct and remove the last of any credibility he once had.

  • Ralph Connor Jr

    Amen… I’m not fond of Dr. Wardynski and his tactics and I find him to be just as full of himself as Mr. Harrison. But as several people have pointed out, Mr. Harrsion needs to keep his nose in his own lane. He is not an elected city official and needs to concentrate his efforts in his elected duties before he should find himself voted out of office…

  • Branko Pezdi

    Funny, this racist called for the closing of Johnson HS 8 years ago, the same action he is condemning today.

  • bbs2014

    Roads and Revenue, that’s all, no where does it speak of the school system…when your wrong , your wrong and he is WRONG…

    The governing body of the county, an elected board, was developed from an administrative court established by law in 1821, shortly after Alabama’s admission into the Union (1819). The act of 1821 provided for the election of four commissioners of roads and revenue, to serve one year terms. Any two of the commissioners, together with the judge of the county court, constituted a “court” to levy the county tax, establish, maintain, and discontinue county roads, bridges, and ferries. Terms of office were later expanded to four years and the county governing body designated as the “county commission.”

  • REL

    Who is the “we” in Harrison’s letter? Sounds like a royal we. Surely he’s not intending to indicate that he represents the county commission in his letter.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Bob Harrison should not be the focus here. The focus should be on giving equal and fair treatment to all people affiliated with Huntsville City Schools. Huntsville City Schools is a P.R. powerhouse. Anytime someone tries to tell the truth about how Huntsville City Schools conducts business, the news media deletes the story. I blame all three Huntsville news networks for allowing the truth about Huntsville City Schools to be hidden from the public. If the citizens of Huntsville only knew what was really going on in Huntsville City Schools, they would be appalled. Shame on you! Yet, the media allows Bob Harrison to be bashed for trying to obtain equal rights for his community!

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