Tuscumbia Couple Needs Help Locating Stolen Items

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) - Max Todd and his wife live in Tuscumbia. They're snowbirds who spend winters in Florida. This year, they decided to leave their house with a house sitter.

"We had a young man that we checked out and determined he would probably be appropriate person to house sit for us while we were gone," said Todd.

It was a costly decision for the Todds.

"While we were gone, I had a merchant call me and said that this person was trying to pawn a 70-inch TV set," said Todd.

The call didn't surprise Max. He'd already gotten a call about items missing from his back yard. The couple cut their trip short and head back to Alabama unannounced.

"We arrived late on a Sunday night. The doors were open. The security system was off and deactivated. And the house was totally ransacked," said Todd.

They're missing jewelry and a unqiue telescope the Todds hold dear to their heart. The police department estimate fourteen thousand dollars worth of items stolen from the house.

"'I have a celestrone eight inch reflector telescope. This is a research grade device. My wife and I got it before we were married. She was actually the mechanic that put it together. I've done a lot of photography with it," said Todd.

Tuscumbia police chief, Tony Logan, says the people responsible face serious charges.
'We have several theft charges. I`m sure the telescope in itself is going to push it over into a felony charges on the theft," says Logan.

If you have any information about the stolen items you're urged to contact Tuscumbia Police Department.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Guess y’all Yankees are the northern blue-bellied Global Village type of ‘snowbyrds’ where the “I’m ok, you’re ok” view of the World results in the very bad decisions regarding trust that y’all made…lesson learned that everyone is not your friendly neighbor house sitter…

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