Third Man Indicted In Carl Philip Herold Child Sex Abuse Case

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A third man is now indicted in the Carl Philip Herold child sex abuse case.

Herold, his domestic partner Charles Walker Dunnavant, and now Mark Bedwell all face various sexual abuse charges.

Bedwell has not been mentioned in any previous proceedings.  Court documents show Bedwell is charged with six counts of sodomy of a child older than 12 and younger than 16 and one count of enticing a child. Bedwell is not listed in any other court documents in Alabama, WHNT News 19 discovered. Bedwell is also not listed as an inmate in the Madison County Detention Facility.

Herold and Dunnavant are both accused of holding a child captive for eight months in a home on the 3000 block of Lakewood Drive.

Herold is charged with six counts of conspiracy to commit sodomy, four counts of sodomy, three counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12, complicity, aggravated child abuse and conspiracy to commit sexual abuse.

Dunnavant is charged with six counts of conspiracy to commit sodomy, four counts of sodomy and sexual abuse of a child under 12, conspiracy to commit child sex abuse and aggravated child abuse.

Herold and Dunnavant are scheduled to stand trial on August 4.  Their arraignment is scheduled for July 23.



  • Jim M

    There is no punishment that could equal their crimes against that child..I personally wish the death penalty would apply to child molesters because they killed that childs childhood and that child will most likely never get over the abuse.

    • Sue

      That is true. Whenever they return to society they will be also returning to look for more child victims. Children will always be in danger around these predators! There is no cure because they enjoy the torture they put these children through. Too bad they cannot put these. non humans down like they do animals! Animals have this done to them without doing anything wrong but overpopulation. These sickos have did. a lot wrong and they are not fit to live!!!

    • Ian Miller

      …and people with narrow, ignorant minds and misinformed opinions are a danger to children as well. Educate yourself before you speak, sir. It would make you look more intelligent than you actually are.

      • scoop

        Non one need to be a rocket surgery to know that child abuse is evil. I know because my son was sexually abused by a man who was supposed to be watching out for my son’s well being. My son is in a wheelchair and couldn’t not defend himself or run for his life. After 8 years my son still talks about what this man did to him. He was terrified for 3 years that this man would find him and sexually assault him again.If you think I have a narrow mind, are ignorant and misinformed then maybe you are all for North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Maybe you know exactly how these three men got in the mindset of sexually assaulting a minor. It would make you appear more compassionate if you felt emotions for this child. I have friends who are homosexuals and lesbians but they are not pedophiles.

      • D C

        The only narrow minded and misinformed words are yours Ian. If these 3 people are attracted to minor children, (which they are innocent until proven guilty) then do you think they should be alone with children? That is what Steve asked.

        Now I will assume that you are reading into “this orientation” as being gay. Seeing the names,”domestic partner” , makes this assumption plausible. But let me ask, if being gay is an “orientation”, then is being a pedophile a separate “orientation”? It leads me to believe one of two things. Either you read into Steve’s comment which had no mention of being gay, or you are defending pedophilia.

        I don’t know if it’s just hate, a mistake, or a combination of both.

    • SB

      Steve Fuller, Straight people could be rapists and child molesters as well… Don’t show the world your ignorance by pointing finger toward gay people.

  • susie

    Just wondering, was this child on a missing person list? Did the neighbors of these criminals ever see this child? 8 months is a long time. How in the world did they keep him locked up?

  • Jeremy

    wortless sick maggots. whats this child going to say when it grows up and has anger problems and personality problems that others wont understand. i mean there is nothing at all that can take the pain away so i suggest a sentence that will change them for the rest of their life.

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