UPDATE: Wheelchair-bound Moulton woman wins new specialized vehicle in national competition

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UPDATE: This week officials from the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association announced north Alabama’s very own Courtney Boyll is one of three winners of a brand new wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Boyll received tens of thousands of votes online and her story inspired thousands of people around the country.

Original Report:  MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) – Courtney Boyll’s story is one that inspires everyone she comes in contact with.

A car accident 20 years ago left Courtney unable to walk. Before the accident, Courtney was on the fast track to play college basketball at the University of Alabama, but those dreams were cut short.

"That very moment, I decided that I would never give up, that I would fight, and that I would go on with my life and that I would take it one day at a time to make it the best that I could," said Courtney.

Now a 36-year-old mother of three, full-time teacher, and volleyball coach, Courtney has influenced many lives, both inside and out of the classroom.

Courtney's family rallied to create a short video telling her story and it was  submitted for a $50,000 contest for a mobility vehicle to better suit the needs of her lifestyle from mobilityawarenessmonth.com.


  • Mark Hood

    My name is Mark Hood & I’m from Lawrwnce Co., I’ve been paralyzed from the chest down 5 yrs. ago. It broke every parts of my body from the waist up. Courtney is lucky that she has a husband that makes good money & she works. For myself I’m on social security and i would be glad to have a car like hers. I’m not downing her but for someone who needs it more i think i do. After the paramedics got to me they could’nt air lift me cause it was so foggy that morning on my way to work. i dont remember anything about the wreck cause my head went thru the windsheild 3 times & a tree limb came thru the windsheild & a peice of that limb went thru my neck. I nearly bled out cause i sliped into a coma. I stayed in a coma for 3 weeks after i stayed in Huntsville for a while i went to the Sheperd Center in Atlanta. Since then I lost everything my wife, I have 6 kids and i do not have a vehicle to go anywhere for 5 yrs. I live with my mom now but she is disabled, she can’t take me anywhere cause she can’t pick my wheelchair up. I have had to cancel Drs. appointments cause of noway of going. I have entered that contest to, for that wheelchair accessible van & i would love for anybody to vote for me cause I DO REALLY NEED IT. I would love for 1 of your reporters to come and see me and I’ll tell them the story. My # is 256-410-3501.

  • Stacy

    I think need should pay a big part in whomever wins this contest. Not who you are or what you are in life. If this woman has a husband with a good job, and a good job herself as a teacher, good insurance through the state apparently then she does not have the need that many of the other contestants – including the one above – have. The winner should be someone who needs and not any other reason.

  • Robyn

    NMEDAcom is a non profit organization that raises awareness about mobility issues and helps people find ways to make their lives with a disability easier. There are several steps to winning this contest and need is one of those. I am positively sure there is a NEED for all 800 plus entries in this contest. There is no way to just take need into consideration because everyone’s story and everyday lives are different. So with that the other areas they look at to find a winner are votes, inspirational story and can the person travel to receive the award and be a spokesperson. I would never want to be the judge of someone’s need or state that someone doesn’t deserve to win because they don’t have it as bad. I believe this is a wonderful contest that is raising awareness in our local community. My hope that if not my local hero then one from this area. Best wishes to all involved!

  • Lisa

    NMEDA is doing a great thing and raising lots of awareness and needs for those in our community with special needs. However, I do not think it is fair to say someone is less deserving because they have a job and a spouse that works. Everyone in the contest is very deserving. To me, this contest is not about who you are but how winning would assist and make things easier in the everyday life of someone who is paralyzed. I can’t even imagine the daily struggles of ALL persons that are paralyzed and in a wheel chair. You all are very inspiring and help me realize that I should count my blessings every day. Good luck to all participants:))

  • Jacque

    I see that some are not up to date on the purpose of NMEDA and this contest. It is not about who you are, what you’ve done or what you need. Go to their website and get educated about this contest. I applaud NMEDA for what they are doing and certainly wouldn’t get on here and imply that someone in the contest doesn’t need it!

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