Electronic cigarettes won’t help smokers quit, study claims

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(CBS News) – Using an electronic cigarette won’t make you any more likely to quit smoking actual cigarettes, according to a new study.

In a new research letter published March 24 in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers at the University of California San Francisco surveyed the same group of about 950 smokers in November 2011 and 2012 and asked them about their smoking habits. They found those who tried e-cigarettes were no more likely to quit than those who hadn’t.

For the baseline survey, participants were asked if they had used electronic cigarettes in the past 30 days (even once); how many conventional cigarettes they smoked per day; time to first cigarette (less than or more than 30 minutes after waking each day); and whether they intended to quit smoking with the next six months, if at all.

Only 88 participants said they used e-cigarettes, which are metallic tubes that allow liquid nicotine to be converted into a flavored inhalable vapor without the use of combustion.

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  • Kim Arndt

    Bought my husband and myself one the first of Jan.2014 and neither one of us have smoked a cigarette since. I bought mine with the intention for it to help me slow down smoking, but since the e-cig. I have no desire to even smoke cigarettes. I love vaping. Started using my e-cig. with 24mg of nicotine and now down to 2mg of nicotine. Plan to go to 0mg of nicotine the next time I buy my liquid. I do not think they should be banned in public places, cause they are not real cig. with tobacco in them, so why should they fall under tobacco laws?

    • jack

      You are still addicted to a drug – nicotine. So you are better off not inhaling tar and chemicals from combustion of cigarettes. However, you are technically a drug addict hooked on nicotine.

      • Dakota

        There are people that vape who use a zero nicotine juice. So no, “drug addict” doesn’t really apply. Besides, if you want to throw out drug addict let’s talk about caffeine. Going by what you said, if you drink coffee, tea, eat chocolate, am I to label you a drug addict?

      • ariel

        well then everyone is a “drug addict” if you like chocolate, coffee, burgers, the medicine the doctor gives you, tylenol, or anything youre a drug addict. people really over use that term were ALL addicted to something and if you arent then you are a liar.

      • Kathy Vinson

        Thanks Jack, very encouraging to those who are really trying to decrease and maybe stop using tobacco which is much more harmful, apparently you have never been addicted to any substance, you are very fortunate, but ignorant about the process of addiction

  • tim

    The study is WRONG ! Actually they are the only thing that’s does work !!!!!. The study was probably done or funded by the government which is losing millions and soon to be billions in tax revenue because smokers are quitting.. Won’t be long before the government has had enough of losing tax revenue before they start the regulations and taxing of Eciggs, all in the name of health concerns of coarse lol……. Ecigg community should sue the government when they try to start the regulation and taxes.

  • Bobbi

    I purchased ECigs for my husband and myself in first week of January. Recently my father started using one as well. All of us have stopped smoking real cigarettes. I don’t believe it would have been possible without them. I think Tim is definitely on to something concerning the government.

  • nuclear mike

    Congrads Smokers for swapping over to e-cig’s from all of us non-smokers!!!
    A good deal for all of us!!!

  • Kimberly Estell

    Don’t agree with this study… They work… Probably done by tobacco companies that want us to still buy cigarettes… Well, I will keep on vapin’ because it is much better for my lungs than cigarettes!!

  • Josh

    I call B.S. that “study” is nothing more than propaganda. Government begs us for years to quit smoking. We find something they don’t tell us to use, something we don’t have to buy from big pharma or get taxed out the area. So they are stressing about where they will be getting all they lost tax money from.



  • Mary

    I tried quiting cigarettes cold turkey several times and failed every time. I tried the nicotine gum and ended up on medication for my stomach. I can’t use the nicotine patch because of an allergy to bandage adhesives. After years and years of smoking, I have now been cigarette free for 23 days using my Ecig. My Ecig is working for me!

    Ecigs are also working for my daughter and my sister. My niece has been cigarette free for over a year and quit by using her Ecig.

  • Dawn Shene-Buttrum

    VAPES WORK!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    I just bought one Friday and I have not had the urge to smoke a real cigerette. Its all about control with the government and they want it here. I don’t use it in public bldgs or in the classroom. That is just respect for others. They do work and I only had it for a short time.

  • Magan

    Me and my husband and his mom all got us an e-cig after having my son with the intenchen for me to keep staying away from cigs and them two to stop my son is now 4 months old and none of us have had a cig since this really works it doesn’t smell and I like the vapor taste myself it taste better that cigs and that’s saying a lot I smoked marbrow smooths people called them the pepermint stick and they called it that for a reason!!

  • medical doctor

    Everyone, it has been known forever that those who smoke are addicted to nicotine. It is a highly addictive drug so all smokers are technically drug addicts. So you can be happy you switched from one method of inhaling nicotine to another but you are still an addict.

  • Dakota

    WHNT, let’s see if you actually pay attention to your viewers. I request a news article or interview on a study done by your journalists and reporters. You want to release the negative articles when it comes to the vaping community, but you don’t really focus on the good it has done. Try that for a change and let us as a community have a little breathing room. If it takes us calling out the news stations to get positive feedback, then so be it

  • Karen

    I have smoked for 40 years. I just got the Vape, not e-gig, and I haven’t had a cig in 4 days. I never thought I would quit smoking. I tired the patch, gum, e-gig and the pills, nothing ever worked. This Vape system is wonderful. I started it Saturday, haven’t smoked at all. The picture is of a vape, not e-cig, so having failed with e-gig, I would agree with the “study”. But the Vape system, my own experiment, being myself, It Works!!!!

  • Phyllis

    Vaping Works!!!! If you still want a cigeratte you need to adjust the nicotine level. I tried E-Cig and did not like it but vaping is diffferent. My mother is 75 and has smotked all her life she is now vaping and her Doctor is raving about the health improvement.

  • Bubba

    My momma always said that you can cure what ails ya with a root she found in the back forty! I red a study that says that those roots don’t work good — but, they did for me! That science is bogus! Roots works for us!

  • Chris

    The illustration used in this article is misleading. The study covered the use of the Electronic-cigarette (E-Cig), which is completely different that the Eco-Smoke/Vapor, on-demand nicotine delivery system. If you look at full article on CBS news, you would see this is not the same device that you have on this article. The study focused on the ‘self-contained’ nicotine containers that are used in devices such as Blue E-cigs, or Krave E-cigs, but they did not focus smokers who had tried the vapor-style cigarettes. But, people, really, if the vapor style device, has worked for you, like it has me, stick to it. You will save tons of cash, and begin to feel better.

    Another way to look at this “study” is propaganda created by the American Medical Association who *really* wants people to continue smoking cigarettes, so that people get sick, and *their* wallets get fatter. In contrast to what you think, these organizations operate more and more like business owners and less like the intentions of their collective Hippocratic Oaths. Once people realize this, we can all pay them less attention, and get on with enjoying our lives.

  • Ashley Harris

    My husband has not picked up an analog (cigarette) in over 3 years! His smokers cough is gone, his lungs have never been better, he has more energy, and doesn’t stink. It is so much safer than smoking. It is more effective than the nicotine patch or nicorette gum! and don’t get me start on Chantix! Yes you still get nicotine every one gasp but do you drink coffee? Caffeine…..drug. Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking! No one is saying it’s 100% safe but the amount of harm reduction is unreal! There have been many studies on the cells of the heart, lungs, & other systems of the body by several World Renowned doctors and they agree vaping is A LOT SAFER than smoking! The reason you see so much propaganda against vaping is because it is catching on, people are putting down the cigs and not looking back. big Tobacco and big Pharma are losing money and they DON’T like it! They would rather people continue to poison themselves with their chemicals and stay sick so they can line their pockets! Its ridiculous. The Vapers need to continue getting their stories out there! We need to preach safety of the products as well as their effectiveness. I do not smoke, I do not vape. But I love that I receive no 2nd hand chemicals or tobacco, that my husband is healthier, and that the nasty smell is GONE!

  • Alysha

    My husband and I bought our e-cigs in October of last year. It has helped both of us to quit. I don’t understand the ban they want to put on public places because the vapor is absolutely harmless to others. It has no harmful chemicals in it. Other than “looking” like someone smoking, this shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, you would think that the non-smokers would be proud that so many people have decided to put down the cigs for something that is much healthier for all. I have asthma and COPD and have to go to a pulmonologist, I asked him if the e-cig was going to do more harm than good and he said there were no studies to indicate that it was harmful. Why can’t the government just stay out of people’s lives and quit trying to run it for us?

    • Alysha

      Maybe I need to clarify…when I say e-cigs, I am talking about the eGo-T vapors. I tried the Blu’s and some of the other ecigs that look like actual cigs, but they didn’t work for me the way this eGo-T does.

  • John

    I just read this article and all of the reviews here.
    I have been Vaping, not smoking an e-cig for a year now. I have had a few smokes since I started and they tasted like an ashtray smells. A few of you mentioned that they were talking about e-cigs and not Vapes. Well I concur. I like many of you tried an e-cig from Blu and went right back to analogs. After getting a Vape and starting with that my curb for an analog dropped to almost nil. Like another stated I started at 24mg of nicotine and am currently down to 6mg or less depending on the “juice” I use. My whole deal was to quit smoking which for the most part I have. In a year I have had a total of maybe 10 smokes. So quitting with e-cigs I agree with their study. But I would love to see a solid study on the Vapes.

  • Jay

    There is a current study on all forms of tobacco. The study is nationwide and in every state. The study is for users and non users. If you are contacted to participate do so,

  • Philip foreman

    where is your investigative journalist oh yea you don’t have any who and what source I wonder did the get this story . Your Chanel is just like the rest of them 48/31/54 your all the same you write and publish the stories that you are told to by your corporate masters I wouldn’t be surprised that Someone on the board of your broadcast network is also on the board at Phillip Morris or some other tobacco company

  • Keith Nance

    As mentioned in several replies, vaping will definitely help you quit smoking, once you have decided you want to quit!!! I tried all of the things mentioned above and none of them worked at all. Vaping helped me quit. No Cigarettes since Jan 3rd after over 40 years of smoking up to 2 packs per day. Pretty cool.

  • tammy

    I was given six months to live if I didn’t quit smoking. I had only a 15% lung capacity. That was in September. Went back to the doctor not only has vaping helped me I now have 35% lung capacity. So proud to be vaping..

  • Tiffany

    I would agree that this study has to be backed by big tobacco companies. I have been vaping for 2 months and have not had a cigarette since the day I purchased my first personal vaporizer. I say I accidentally quit smoking because it has been such an easy transition. Let’s get a real study of the vaping community and see how those numbers look. I can guarantee these are no accurate representation.

  • david

    I am a truck driver that was smoking up to 3 to 4 packs a day and I vape now and havent smoked in 4 days……The study is BS had to get on a 30 mg to help me becouse 24mg didnt work

  • tim

    Actually most people use E cigs to wing off of Nicotine the same way as all of the quit smoking products that you buy in the stores. With E cigs, you can wing down 0 Nicotine. BTW, their are many more real studies done proving that this report is completely bogus. The problem with these negative reports that keep coming up mainly in the news, Are from a more bias source than real studies done. One more thing. In the report, They never talked the testimonies that anyone can find all over the internet.

  • Pebbles

    I too am a gaping gal too. I am a 30 yr. Menthol smoking who had tried every method to quit smoking. Last summer I had gotten so sick that my doctor who didn’t like the fact that I smoked but never Harper on me about it til last summer. My doctor is the one who suggested that I try the vapor. That was in July 2013. My last cigarette was in October of 2013. I know longer use an inhaler and no longer do I get the crud. I used to think I couldn’t smell good. I now smell everything! My scent, taste have changed. I’m proud to be an ex smoker, and to be a gaping gal. I don’t vapor for the taste, I vapor for the menthol which to myself is the hardest thing to put down. My doctor is so happy to see I have quit and that he don’t see me as often now.

  • Tia

    Haven’t bought cigarettes since March 1st! And plan on quitting vaping within the next six months. Don’t knock what works for others. There are also several studies out that say e cigs are JUST AS effective as other quit smoking tools. (the patch, gum, etc!) Love my Nu Way Vape! It’s definitely worth the $$!

  • Tia

    Also lets remember how easy it would be for tobacco companies to fill the media with articles like this one. Money makes this world go round, and big tobacco is LOSINg money right now!

  • Chad

    My wife quit smoking tobacco cigarettes with e cigarettes in 1 day. She had no intentions however to quit smoking e cigarettes. These products are not intended to used for that purpose so who cares?

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