Act of Solidarity Gets Colorado Student Kicked Out of Class

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Photo: KDVR

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KDVR) — A 9-year-old girl was kept out of class Monday, because of her support for a friend who is fighting cancer.

Colorado student Kamryn decided to shave off all of her hair in solidarity to support a friend who was starting chemotherapy to treat cancer.

“I was really excited I would have somebody to support me and I wouldn’t be alone with people always laughing at me. I would at least have somebody to go through it all,” says Delaney, who just began chemotherapy.

But Kamryn’s school, Caprock Academy, has a policy against shaved heads for girls. The school told her she couldn’t come back to class until she got a wig or her natural hair grew back because her shaved head violates the dress code.

Find out why administrators couldn’t make an exception and read the full story from our Colorado sister station KDVR by clicking here.


  • Speedracer

    I can understand school policy, but you know there are some special circumstances for just about everything. There really isn’t a easy answer here. You let one get around policy you open the door to more exceptions. I do congratulate her for standing with her friend.

  • thomas jeffers

    The school is well within their rights to enforce dress codes but on the other hand the girl is within her rights also to exercise her first amendment rights. So there is no easy answer here. If you excuse this girl from policy then every kid in school will say they are doing the same just to blah, blah, blah………..however the girl is trruly corageous for standing with her friend. The world needs more compassion like this.

  • Casey Cook-Hatcher

    This is absolutely ridiculous!! It’s DISCRIMINATION any way you look at it! I’m sure their “policy” doesn’t ban boys from having shaved heads!! Way to go young lady always stand up for what you believe in!!

  • Tabitha Cross

    What a shame?!? All the poor thing was doing was supportuling her friend. I can see a dress code but you wanna keep her outta school for a hair cut?!! Her parents need to push the issue.

  • Sarabeth Martinson

    I would be looking for a new school with a nurturing heart. Every girl in that school should shave their hair, wonder if the school would keep them all

  • Amy

    Ok, so it may be school policy but the policy needs to be reviewed for discrimination. Who has the right to tell you how short you can cut your hair? That doesn’t make any sense what so ever. I mean is this a holiness school?

  • tanya poe

    Where can I get 19 to meet me where I can shave my head in support for this little girl and her friend to show my support. The last two years have been awefull with cancer for me my mom had throat cancer my husband had lymphoma cancer my best friends son has leukemia , my other best friend has breast cancer, my neighbor friend has pancreatic cancer and a woman I met on facebook her little boy has cancer. So I want to help this little girl support her friend who cares what people think this is sad and cancer is bad.please let me know

  • Travis

    The school website is currently down, hopefully from people trying to find contact information for the school to tell them how much they suck.

  • Amber

    This is crazy..there is nothing wrong with a friend supporting you during your fight with cancer. The policy should not apply to this situation. This girl should be able to go to school and support her friend.

    • Linda Little

      Back in the old days some parents use to shave there kids head because of lice and weren’t concerted gang related or violate dress code! BALD male teachers at this school should be treated the same if that’s policy?!?…. Leave this child alone and maybe she can teach the school a real lesson about how to show love to a friend!!!!

  • Jeff

    This is one of the things wrong with this country !
    Stupidity!! Common sense has been thrown
    away and making it look stupid !! This school knows
    what was going on and they’re just playing hard ball!!
    I salute you young lady and you keep on doing what’s right!!!
    Let these idiots live their tippy lives

  • Barbara Norris

    Just goes to show how our world is going to Hell in a Hand Basket,the nerve of that school to do such a thing I hope this girls parents take an action law suit against this so called School,I wouldn’t even consider it being a school rather more like BOOT CAMP…………………People have got to take a stand on what we believe or we are all doomed ……………….

  • Speedracer

    A man that is bald should be held to the same standard….. really? I’m sure he didn’t ask to be that way and if he could help it he would.

  • Shonda

    I am glad to read that they did allow the girl to return to school and are going to review the policy. However, I am curious as to the reason behind such a policy. Does anyone know (real answers not opinions please)???

  • Mercedes o

    What a shame and lack of compassion. This kid is flighting for he’s life, he deserve all the support people desire to give him. I suggest the whole school go bald!!!

  • Tessa

    Seriously?! That is total crap! She is supporting her friend who is having to deal with a horrible disease. I commend that little girl! And shame on the school!

  • Patricia

    Change the dress code. It is sex discrimination to have a rule against girls shaving their heads unless the school has the same rule for boys.

  • Constance Fisher

    If I were that little girl’s parent, I would blow them a nes #£%_|+#¥! What the hell is wrong with this school!

  • Telisa

    No there is no excuse for the schools policy other then pushing gender roles. They’re basically day cause she is a girl she can’t have a shaved hair style. Bull pucky, there are a lot of females who have shaved heads, a lot of them. As long as is not dyed some day glow color what is the issue? It’s only pushing gender roles which is outdated.

  • ariel

    you cant have policy at a public school that only applies to one gender if i was her parents id sue. its such a shame though that it even had to come to that she should have been honored if anything.

  • ariel

    shes obviously a very smart and thoughtful little girl and its shameful she got punished for it. and what kind of example does it set for other children, be a good person and be different and you get punished?? wow and we wonder why we have so many problems.

  • BakerS

    Some say “No easy answer”……yeah right, since when should policy over ride common sense or compassion…..the Romans had a policy of crusafiction…..Did that make it right ?…..why not go ahead and punish all who follow Jesus in the same manner??….rules being rules and all….those folks who run that school should be removed from their duties, they are not educators and they do not have the best interests of any children in their minds

  • Heather Harvey

    Its a shame when a young lady wants to help another by not letting her walk through life by herself, then when a school principal or acadamy tells alittle girl that she cant support her classmate. When judgement day comes what will you do if Jesus shows up with a shaved head,,, tell him he cant be around you because of “dress code issues”???? I hope Jesus has more compassion and understanding for you than you did for this young lady.
    What if it was you having to shave your head to support your daughter or granddaughter, son or granddson?????

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