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Bikers Against Child Abuse – Helping Kids To Stand Strong

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MARSHALL CO., Ala. (WHNT) -- A sentencing hearing Monday morning marks the end of a long trial that changed the lives of two young girls. All throughout the trial, helping them and their family get through it, stood a different kind of support system.

Inside courtroom number one in the Marshall County courthouse, one man sits patiently waiting for a sentencing hearing to start.

He's used to it though. He's spent days in courtrooms over the last few months.

In February he sat in the same courtroom for days on end while a trial was going on. That trial eventually ended with a man's conviction of raping and sodomizing two young girls.

This man, always dressed in his biker gear, didn't know those girls until their case came up, and they didn't know him.

At the sentencing hearing though, the girls, their family, and this man greet each other like old friends

Meet Keith "Blind Dog" Williams, and the organization that brings him to court on a regular basis. "Bikers Against Child Abuse. BACA," Williams says.

It's an organization that has chapters all over the nation and is made up of bikers who want to stand with kids who have been abused, and have to face the spotlight in trials. "Basically we just empower them, and go to the court proceedings with them where they're not afraid to tell what happened to them, tell their story," Williams says.

The work is like a full-time job, staying with the kids throughout cases that sometimes take more than a year to end, and helping them to stay strong throughout it all.

But Williams says it's not work.  "It's just something I enjoy doing," Williams says, "I love kids, I love working with kids."

There's something bigger than even that though, that keeps Williams coming back. "It just lets me stand up for somebody who can't stand up for themselves," Williams says.

A thought that keeps him going, one court proceeding at a time. "There to stand with them," Williams says, "We've got their back."

The non-profit organization has a central contact person to receive calls from referring agencies and individuals when a child needs their help. Once the case is determined to be legitimate, BACA will send the chapter to ride and meet the child and start the process.

The organization has two chapters in Alabama. One is located in Huntsville and the other is in Cullman County. Other chapters are in the process of being formed in other parts of the state.

The hotline for the Cullman County chapter is (256) - 636 - 2453, or in Huntsville at  (855) - 553 - 3500. For more information on the chapters or the organization follow this link. 



    • Sunshine

      Au contraire my friend. We are bikers. Are you finding that hard to believe? Not surprising, but sad all the same.

    • Hunt

      Sorry, dude, they are Bikers…BIG difference from goofy down the street that happens to ride a motorcycle.

      • Sue

        Yup, the ones I’ve met through the years are bikers. I have not met one single biker that was born with a scooter between his or her legs.

    • Lerch

      Well, Steven. Why you are wanting to flap that man pleaser, I would bet, that Sunshine, puts more miles on her bike in a year, than you do in 6 years

    • P

      I call BS! I am a biker, and a member of BACA. Some of my best friends are members of the local 1%er MC. I promise you, I have the respect of everyone of them. In fact, I put more miles on my bike than any of em, and everyone of em will tell you that.
      Do we have some “Yuppies”, or at least people that appear as such, among us? Sure we do. But, everyone of em is willing to stand between an abuser and child to prevent further abuse. In my book that earns them the title of “Brother”.

      You know what makes me a biker more than the miles on my bike? The fact that I ain’t worried what a pansy like you thinks of me… I don’t care what you think of me. But when you publically state that we aren’t bikers, attempting to give the public a bad impression, or put down my brothers and sisters…. Well that’s a good way to get on my bad side…..
      We all know you don’t want to piss off too many BIKERS, but of course, you’ll hide behind your keyboard…..

      • Keri

        Those at BACA have my support! Love ya guys! Wish I knew about you in 2009 when my kid had her father arrested for molestation! You all rock!!

    • Traveler

      according to Merriam/webster dictiionary

      bik·er noun \ˈbī-kər\

      : a person who rides a motorcycle

      : a person who rides a bicycle

    • Half-Pint

      Steven…. that is ignorant. Adam… there are Chapters near you. Not in Ottowa, but close. Check the website, and find the Chapter nearest you. Feel free to call International and ask for guidance, if needed.

    • Mmc PC

      Amen! And Having been Involved with 1 piece and 3 piece organizations, it depends who’s definition of biker you are referring to. But again, it doesn’t matter, it is about the cause and the kids!

  • Kate

    Why the big deal over “biker” v “motorcyclist.” It makes no difference what they call themselves, or what other people call them. What matters is the fantastic people that give their heart and soul for a child who desperately needs someone to stand up and say – HANDS OFF THE KIDS. Every biker I know, and I know many, be they patched or not, have huge hearts and will go that extra mile for any kid in need. For a kid who has been hurt that means the world.
    That argument is ridiculous and a waste of time and space. Sunshine is right – it’s sad. Sad when people who don’t know what they are talking about go spouting off like they are experts on a subject they probably know nothing about.
    And guess what Steven – most of them prefer “biker.”

  • Danny Witten

    Can you give me info on any chapters near Michigan,,,,,I think this is one of the best organizations in the world and would really like to get involved or support you in any way possible

  • Zina Morgan

    THANK YOU, Keith “Blind Dog” Williams and “Bikers Against Child Abuse. BACA,” Roll On Brother/Sisters ROLL ON!! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!
    Everyone Please take a second Look 2 your Right/Left B 4 U get on the road or change lanes. That Biker U hit could have a kid setting there watching his/her father/mother die in the road cuz U didn’t take that look,and you’ll Never forget that Kids face as long as Live.(slow down) Please.

  • mmm

    Wow what a wonderful thing he does for these children. Sad to say but sometimes the parents of these children don’t even stand behind them, so it is nice to see an organization come stand by these girls in such a hard time. My heart goes out to these Bikers, they are wonderful. Its refreshing to see there is still good people out there. If I was a biker I would be down to join! XOXO

  • Shirley Maples

    Biker is not synonymous with “gang”. Thus the confusion. Ever seen a biker “tag” his GROUP’s colors on other’s property? Ever met a biker? Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. If you ain’t one, don’t know one, or have no friends who ride…….then post your BS negative comments elsewhere. BIKERs ARE BROTHERS – NOT GANGS. GROUPS – NOT RIVALS. They ride the same direction agains the wind…….but real bikers take the high roads.

  • Patty Woosley

    missouri has wonderful people in their baca groups. love you guys and thank you a million.

    these guys stand with a kid no matter what… they dont get paid for what they do. they give so much of themselves. they are fantastic people and its a fantastic organization and if more people were like these great bikers the world would be a greater place.

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