Man Sues Madison County Sheriff, 8 Deputies Over “Revenge Beatdown”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A man badly beaten during an arrest in August 2012 has sued Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning and eight of his deputies, claiming false arrest and conspiracy to cover up a “revenge beatdown.”

Our news partners The Huntsville Times/ have covered Robert Bryant’s arrest and injuries extensively.

Attorneys Henry Sherrod and Jeremiah Hodges filed a complaint March 10 on behalf of Bryant. They allege seven deputies beat Bryant or watched him being punched and kicked while unconscious and handcuffed.

The eighth deputy is accused of helping falsifying reports.

Bryant was arrested during a traffic stop in August 2012, but was involved in a bar fight with one of the deputies weeks earlier. That deputy, Justin Watson, was in plain clothes at the time of the fight.

Bryant requests a trial by jury.

Read more from Huntsville Times.


  • jamison jones

    Thats a giooid lawsuit. Some of these law enforcement officers are psychopath by nature but the cover of the bagde really shields them from all kinds of whippings. When they are out of unforms and without guns and you meet them at bars and other social outlets, they are the most terrified people i know. I mean, they can’t put up a fight one on one. They always need their colleagues to rescue them. you know like mexicans, they never fight you one on one, so are the cops. they need batons, flash lights, and what not.

  • Michael

    This is why the famous “Most cops are good and it’s only a couple of bad ones,” line from the police apologists no longer holds up. There were 7 guys beating one guy, allegedly already handcuffed, and not a single one of them tried to stop it. SEVEN! The police have turned into a gang in this country.

  • Alan Yates

    Since neither of you behavioral scientists were there I believe we might wait for the case to go to trial to form a judgment… Number one is seemingly a racist as well so it is hard to take anything “it” says seriously. Number two got the word “allegedly” in the wrong place. Allegedly “beating” is more in line with the old principle of “innocent until proven guilty”. It’s a safe bet neither of these will ever serve on a jury panel so I guess they will have to continue to ‘guess’ about the facts.

    • Michael

      What? It’s obvious a beating took place. The guy’s face afterwards at the hospital is posted on What’s to be determined is if he was already handcuffed or not. WHNT isn’t reporting the possible connection here with the shooting death of Jason Klonowski.

  • plowboysghost

    If cops want to be treated as more than hired gun thugs then they must ACT like more than hired gun thugs. When the “good” ones will point a deadly weapon at you for resisting the bad ones, which you have EVERY Right to resist, then they, too, are bad.

  • plowboysghost

    Sandra, If the “monster” is at your door and seconds count, the police are MINUTES away anyhow. They have NO legal obligation to protect anyone. “Law enforcement” is a money making racket…period.

  • Andy

    That is what trials are for. So you stupid people wouldn’t grab someone and hang them from a tree. Redneck idiots.

  • Janos Poleretzky

    Asshat probably deserved it. It happened in a bar not a church. He tried to whoop but got the whoop. Superman got kryptonite not booze. I don’t know why we got a court system. Just ask the cop haters whose gulity. Bet the cop haters had a few run ins wit da law, bet they came away without a beat down.

    • plowboysghost

      “Hating” what, exactly? Authoritarian thugs who commit acts of violence under “official” capacity with the full backing of state and local government? I guess I do have a problem with that sort of behavior.

    • Michael

      “Probably deserved it?” Assuming guilty before proven innocent aren’t you? You trust your government, which includes police, way too much.

    • BHJ

      I used to know a guy with your last name. He was a drunk and hung out with a girl named Peggy. She said you were limp.

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