UPDATE: Man Charged With Murder of 73-year-old Richard Kier

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Sgt. Chad Brooks says a 73-year-old man was fatally shot on Colemont Lane Friday afternoon.

Sheriff’s investigators confirmed at a press conference they have charged Erskin Hughes, 64, with the murder of Richard Kier, 73.

Bond for Hughes has been set at $250,000. Investigators are trying to determine how the two men knew each other.

Brooks says Kier was shot in the yard of a residence. He said the call came in at 2:49 p.m Friday.

Law enforcement agencies had an all-points-bulletin out for black 2003-2004 Land Rover Discovery with dark tinted widows, and normal rims earlier Friday, according to Brooks.

Investigators searched the woods near the residence for something they believed the suspect threw in that area. They are processing a gun found in a dumpster near the scene to determine if it is related to this crime.

Madison County deputies, Alabama A&M Police, and HEMSI were on the scene. A&M officers had Colemont Lane blocked off.


  • ME

    Wow, WHNT! HUGE FAIL! The man you have listed as a byond amount is the poor gentleman who is deceased. You guys should really hire someone to proof read your articles, BEFORE you publish them.

  • Andy

    Not a day goes by that a news story from this station doesn’t contain mutable errors. Do they hire 3rd world writers?

    • Camille James

      Excuse you. Surely you meant ‘third-rate’ writers. ‘Third world’ does not imply that one is poorly educated.

    • tony

      What do you mean by “mutable” errors? “Mutable” means “changeable” and does not make sense in the context of your criticism. If you meant “multiple”, you may not be in a position to judge someone else’s writing skills.

    • Joel

      Actually he’s accused of killing him. People forget all to often we are innocent until proven guilty. Not saying he didn’t do it, just that it hasn’t been proven yet. As to your question, bond is often set in cases where the suspect isn’t a flight risk.

    • Bob

      Actually, there are Third World Writers and given the lack of education many of them have, this can be construed as a true statement.

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