Residents of apartment complex barred from smoking in their homes

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(CBS News) ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Jeff Ramsey, a 26-year resident of Parkway Meadows apartments in Ann Arbor, couldn’t believe it when he first saw signs posted around the complex saying it will become a “smoke free community” — inside and out — starting April 1.

The notices tell residents if they want to smoke, they have to walk at least 25 feet away from their apartment, CBS Detroit reported Wednesday. The notices include a number to call to get help quitting smoking.

“According to the newsletter, if we are caught smoking in our apartments, smokers will be issued a lease violation,” Ramsey, 50, said in a letter. “So I could be facing eviction for something in which I have been doing in my apartment for the preceding 26 plus years without an issue.”

Ramsey added that he’s disabled and could not walk 25 feet from his apartment.

“Please believe me, I do realize the easy answer here is … quit smoking. But the problem here is, I’m tired of being told how I can and/or cannot live my life by the government and/or corporate America, provided that what I’m doing is legal and tobacco usage is legal,” he wrote.

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  • Shirley Annice Davenport

    I smoked for 35 yrs. before quitting 7 yrs. ago. I think this is shameful. There could be areas for smokers or apts. rented to smokers and others to non-smokers. The bigger question is when are people going to get tired of being told how to live their private lives ! In this country more and more our rights to live our PRIVATE lives are being destroyed. I would rather go to jail than be told how to live the part of my life that is NO ONE elses business . I am so tired of seeing America’s rights slowly being taken away a little more EVERY DAY ! When will it stop and at what price !

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