Repeat Offenders Not Making the Cut

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Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Repeat Offender: 9/12/2013

Tiger's Grill at 30440 Ardmore Ave. in Ardmore: Score of 81

  • Eggs held at 67F.
  • Bare hand contact with ready to eat food during sandwich prep.

Repeat Offender: 10/24/2013

Akshar Discount Food Mart at14 AL Hwy 168 in Douglas: Score of 75

  • Chicken biscuits at 118 degrees.
  • Opened personal drink in cooler with facility food items.

Clements Mini Mart at 7697 U.S. Highway 72 West in Athens: Score of 82

  • Meat slicer needs cleaning.
  • Walk-in Cooler 47F.

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  • Sherry Thornton

    You make it sound so much worse than it really is…how long was that carton of eggs stored at that temp. and why? Maybe one breakfast order right before closing time and within 5 minutes would have been put back in the refrigerator with the other eggs. The hamburger patty with the grilled bun on top, moved with a spatula underneath and two bare fingers on top would be much better than plastic-gloved fingers that can accidently be burned seriously on a 350 degree grill. You make it seem as sub sandwiches were being made with no gloves and all the eggs were out of the cooler all the time. After working in this business for many years I do know that its done the same everywhere. Some just get the inspection at the wrong time of day…without these two things a 91 would be the score. Other 1 point deductions were things such as walls, ceilings, etc. Its not my building therefore those things will always be deducted. Too much sanitizer in rinse water…. I’ll just leave it at this. Thank you for the publicity though. We have had increased business because people say they just wanted to see if we were as bad as you make it seem. I suppose there really is no such thing as bad publicity.

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