Remington Posts 20 Jobs for New Huntsville Plant

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Remington posted 20 Huntsville job openings on its website Thursday.

The job listings include a variety of job types.  Some of these include Human Resources, Engineering, Analysts, and IT Techs.

Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong announced Remington has already made its first hire.

Remington will bring around 2,000 jobs to the Huntsville area in the next 10 years.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Remington had to “throw a bone” to the Huntsville Public or they will be all so embarrassed shortly…and the inside deal with City Hall…

  • john

    all these jobs will go to out of state, foreignen people. no local or bama born, bred will get any of the jobs!

  • ariel

    no one in Alabama meets the qualifications or has the expeirence needed for these jobs. im almost positive all these “2,000” jobs will be people from out of state or out of the country. great job governor, for only thinking about yourself.

  • Dionna

    Ariel, do you know everyone in the state of Alabama?? I guarantee that you do not know me nor my family and you have no clue what our qualifications are!!! I am so glad that you are so positive!!1

  • Alan Yates

    You stormcrows who post the “doom and gloom” need to get a hobby somewhere else. You apparently have no idea what you’re talking about. You just want to make sure you get your crappy opinion posted on the news.

  • Huntsville Lady

    Ariel , just like Dionna said!! You do not know everyone qualifications in Alabama, you probably are one of the ones who do no work anyway, you probably get all assistance you possibly can!! With that being said, build your resume and quit relying on Government assistance and maybe one day you will qualify! From your stupid post, I can tell your not qualified, but a well qualified food stamp recipient!!

  • MK

    If you look at the list of jobs online there are tons of highly qualified people in Huntsvile. Hello NASA, Redstone, etc. Drrrrr

  • CK

    All the welfare folks will get these jobs .And in a few years they’ll screw it up.After that it’ll be one of those companies where who hasn’t worked for Remington.And they will lower their wages based on the quote on quote talent pool.People who are actually qualified and have a good work history and don’t call out ,come to work late or have all kinds of other life issues will be left out in the dark from these initial jobs.But they’re entitled have these jobs first because they deserve it after popping out 3 or 4 kids by 3 or 4 different men.Yep they are owed these…. jobs life owes them everything

  • jerry

    looks like bently socked it to us again huntsville has plentu of engineering jobs we need jobs for the commen man looks like remington paid somebody off

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