Parents Concerned About Issues At Woodville School

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WOODVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Some parents are concerned about what they call issues at Woodville School, one including students bringing knives on school property.

Jackson County Schools Superintendent Kenneth Harding says he has heard about some of the instances and they have taken appropriate action. “The principal and assistant principal confiscated the knives, disciplined the students, and we went on our merry way,” Harding says.

He says he can’t discuss what measures were taken to discipline those students or the ages of the students.

Parents who contacted WHNT News 19 say that’s not the only issue they’ve been seeing.

One parent who didn’t want to be identified says she’s seen an overall lack of discipline during school hours, like students going to their cars or being in the hallways during class time.  She also said students would go to the gym unsupervised to skip class.

Harding says he hasn’t heard any of those concerns, and says Woodville School isn’t any different from others in the system. “I don’t have any more complaints from one place than I do another,” Harding says, “I get complaints from all over the county about situations and we deal with them. When they come to my attention, I bring them to the administration’s attention and they deal with it.”

He says since the situation with the knives was addressed they haven’t had any more issues at the school.


  • Frank

    What are these parents doing during the day that they have the time to watch woodvilles halls and parking lot during school hours. Not working! When I was in school my parents didn’t have time to walk the halls of the school and give my school a grade. I don’t understand how this could make the news!!!!

  • April

    The parent may be an employee of the school; they may have been visiting or volunteering at the school; or ,as in most cases, their children may have supplied them with the information. Just because they are involved parents doesn’t mean that they don’t work.

  • juanita

    Yes this is news. What if it were your child. And the news did not even touch the the serious problems at that school. Its hard to send your child to school when you dont trust the school they go to. There real good at covering things up. When you got kids that have thoughts of do things to there self because there so bullied at school that is serious. And when you try to report it and discuss it and the princible aint ever in on the discussion you know then how alone the kids must feel in there fight. And when you got first graders that is expected to go to breakfast by there self and have to go all the way through the elemenary and then the high school to get to lunch room by there self that is a problem. Those little ones aint got no business in that high school by there self to see and hear the thing that goes on up there. They get to school and some of them sit in the hall and wait pn there teachers to get there. That to me is serious. And snack time they have to sit out in the hall on the nasty floor and eat there snack. And i want to know why. I dont feed my child on the floor at home!!! But yet they dont think they have a problem.

    • gosh

      Take your kid to a different school if sitting on the floor is such a problem and you don’t like kids walking to breakfast by themselves escort them school in general is meant for learning responsabilty no matter what the age is …
      deal with it god the idiots on here.

  • Amelia

    I happened to go to this school as did my parents, my aunt, cousins & now my children do. There have been & still are some of the best teachers I know at this school. The classes are smaller which gives the teachers more time to spend helping the students & the teachers care about their students. I have never had a problem with the principal or vice principal & have been able to speak with them both if an issue ever arose. We may not be a big fancy school with money, but we make do with what we have. There are plenty of other schools to transfer to if you don’t care for ours.

  • Leah

    It is sad that whnt would cover this negative story. Where was whnt when WHS girls basketball team went to state for the first time in history this year. Why didn’t they cover that or put that on the news. Where was whnt when a tenth grader from Woodville won state in cross country track. It’s sad it took something negative to get Woodville on the news.

  • melissa

    Both of my children go to this school and i have always felt that they were safe. The teachers are great and i have never had a problem getting in touch with the principle or vice principle at any time about minor concerns.

  • jlamar

    wow agree with some is this really news did we run out of theories for the missing plane? Why is it only negative things get reported by people who evidently have no life or to much time during the day to make up things, and if its from their children….when my boys were in school i was told believe half of what ur kids tell you unless it does harm to them and we will do the same. If you wanna report school activity theres kids who work hard to be on the honor roll, kids working hard to make a name for them self to get into a good college, and theres the teacher to report for actually teaching your kids while babysitting so you can spy on them and the rest of the teachers/principles…If you dont like the way things are done while they are “watching” your kids change schools. WHNT i use to love reading your articles daily but lately its like you’re reaching for things that are stupid just to report news. Maybe you need to go back to reporting whats real and believe half of what some tell you thats going on

  • Savanna

    II am actually a student at Woodville High School and yes it does have minor issues just like all other schools. Out of all the years I’ve been attending this school I have yet had a teacher that did not care about every one of their students. The teachers/administrators all have a job to do and do not have time to be watching every students move. Overall I have never not felt safe at Woodville High School.

  • Jason

    And I went to Woodville K-12. My wife graduated there and my son went there last year. Its a very small school which is better than a larger one. All the teachers i had actually cared about their job. There has always been knives carried to school. If you got caught with one it was taken away. I had to carry one myself for the class i took at tech. we walked to our cars and left at times but if you got caught you were disciplined. The teachers get paid to teach not to watch every move each student makes. It takes discipline at home to teach your kids right from wrong. Bullying is on the parents. Raide your child to respect others. Bruce is a great person in and out of school and does what he has to do as the principal to ensure that the kids are taught as they should be and also disciplined. Take responsiblity for the way your kids act and let the school administrators and educators do their job. Go panthers.

    • april

      Thank you so much for your support! I also have a daughter going to school at Woodville, and have never for a moment felt she was unsafe. People tend to take things to far sometimes. On another note,,,,, WHNT could have gotten all of the story before they published this. I think they owe the Principal and Vice Principal at Woodville a big SORRY!!!!!

  • Terri

    Since when are weapons allowed in *any* school? Most dont allow cell phones. Inschool restriction after school detention and suspentions afterthat alternative schools (strike 3 rule) geez things change in 25yrs

  • stew

    lol up untill 2002 we carried our shot guns and deer rifles to school and carried pocket knives all the time. Its because we where country and we had the right teachings from our parents if you messed up you got your ass wore out. And we also had the pledge of allegience every morning . I know things have changed but it sounds like some parents need to grow a spine and start totin a switch its not a beating its a disciplinary action. ppl nowadays smh…. society is failing our youth and its showing

  • Parent

    The situation with weapons being brought to school is a concern however where is the parent involvement? I have 4 children attending Woodville have never experienced any issues with the teachers or staff not addressing my questions or concerns. The school does have a front door use it I do daily. The school gives parents the option to attend breakfast and or lunch with their child can even be a relative.. Issue with a teacher they provide the parents with an email in the handbook, telephones in their teachers classrooms or even a note from home. I am in the school daily to pick up my child and can honestly say am welcomed by Mr.Maples or Mr.McBride No situation should escalate to a child feeling they need to carry a weapon of any sort. My question would be how does a school aged child get out the front door of their home without a parent not being aware of this. The teachers and staff are there to provide children with an education in a safe environment but parents need to do their part also.

  • parent

    Well Scottsboro high school is getting to strict by saying next year students can’t wear scarves or necklaces because its a chocking hazard. There is point where schools can get to stricted.

  • The Silver Fox

    I graduated from there 4 years ago and I can honestly say it’s always been that way. People carried pocket knives(mostly tech students), but that was because they actually needed them. We’re a small little country town. A pocket knife is like your cell to us. You just don’t leave home without it lol I understand parents being upset about it because anything can happen. And people skipping and leaving early. I can say that they’ve improved since I graduated. I left everyday at 1130. I only had two classes but I was supposed to sign out blah blah and I never did. Sometimes friends would leave with me and it was alright. We never got in trouble. I took my bow to school a few times and even shot it behind the ag shop with one of the teachers. During hunting season, it was nothing for my shotgun or rifle to be in my truck and nobody ever said anything to me. I just want to know what has changed in 15 years. My parents told me that having your gun in your gun rack in the parking lot was no biggie. Liberal thinking is ruining America.

  • Cody Manning

    I went to school here and when I graduated almost every boy carried a pocket knife, during hunting season there where guns in the students trucks, and guess what?!? We all lived. Sounds like there are some parents that need to get off food stamps , and get a job. They obviously don’t have one if they have time to observe OTHER PEOPLES kids during school hours

  • Tammy

    Students going to the elementary school here in Huntsville also have to sit outside the door and wait on their teachers to arrive at school. Your school is no different than every other school.

  • Alissa

    I’ve went to woodville my whole life and I’m still in woodville at this moment. Yeah, there may be stupid high school drama. We are still teenagers people. We mess up, we make mistakes. It’s life! Even grown men and women make mistakes. I honestly think if your that concerned about your child move him/her out of woodville high school. It is a country school, country people carry pocket knives! Atleast you don’t hear about students getting stabbed and shot at woodville like you do other schools. So if you ask me this is just a bunch of bull crap. Kids are going to be kids. Everyone that’s being ignorant needs to think back when they were are age.

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