Florence Developing Master Plan For Two Major Park’s

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A sign declaring the campground is closed at Veteran's Park in Florence.

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Acres upon acres of land goes unused at both Veteran’s and McFarland Parks in the city of Florence.

The vacant land has led city council member’s to approve nearly $30,000 for a master plan – to take full advantage of its green-spaces in the future.

“Veteran’s needs a lot of help because nobody has made a decision at this point about the RSA project, so the infrastructure there is a concern,” explained Todd Nix, Florence Community Services Director.  “What this will allow us to do is develop a ten year period of the items that need to be done.”

According to Nix, the city is coming up with a wish list for Veteran’s Park.

Nix said upgrading the infrastructure such as utilities, and creating festival grounds top the list.

At McFarland Park, Nix would like to see the campgrounds doubled in size and the vacated golf course utilized more.

“The thing we have got to do first is get a plan,” stated Nix. “Because if we don’t and we piece-meal it together than it won’t work together, because all of these things in conjunction have got to work as one unit. And the only way to that is to have a master plan.”

Once the plan is set, Nix believes much of the work can be completed by city employees and resources.

Before any work can be started at either park, the Tennessee Valley Authority must first give its approval to the projects.

The city of Florence is in a long-term lease agreement with the TVA for both riverside parks.

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