Wish Robert Reeves Well As He Heals from Knee Surgery

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Robert Reeves, WHNT News 19

Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves

(WHNT) – Many of you have asked where Robert Reeves is.  He’s been off WHNT News 19 This Morning for a few weeks.

Robert had knee surgery on March 18.  He actually had a double knee replacement. He said he figured he’d get them both done at the same time, so he wouldn’t have to go through this process again later in the year or next year.

Robert’s wife, Jacque, is taking good care of Robert as he heals.  Please keep them both in your thoughts.

Robert’s tough.  He’s been at WHNT News 19 for more than 30 years and is a dear friend to us, and to many of you.  We know he’ll do just great as he recuperates!

Robert plans to take several weeks off for healing and rest, but he plans to be back on his feet soon.

You’ll see him back on WHNT News 19 This Morning in the near future.

Feel free to leave comments below wishing Robert well in his recovery.


  • Juliett (Jay)Miller

    Robert, I have been in Huntsville 14 years now and have enjoyed listening to you give the news. You are terrific.
    My neighbor had knee replacements but not at the same time. You are a great man to do both at the same time.
    Have a speedy recovery and do what the Dr tells you to do. Do not push yourself beyond the limits as you can do damage.
    I am sure your lovely wife will take care of you.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    John and Juliett (Jay for short) Miller

  • Bobby Bain

    Hello Robert. Well i can call u Robert because i am a little older than u lol. i know we wint to the old school and back then u had respect for ur elder’s!! But anyway i hope u have a speedy recovery! i am quiet sure i need a lot of replacement’s to this old body also hurry up and git well…Bobby

  • Mary

    Robert, Hope you do great .I miss you being on in morning onWHNT in the Am. isn’t as good since not on there.

  • Beverly Hafner Jansen

    You sure are abrave man Robert! Both at once! My goodness. Had another friend do that…it was tough in the beginning but she fully recovered! I am praying the same for you! Be sure to do your rehab exercises completely and don’t give up!
    Beverly Jansen

  • Sue Flanders

    Robert, you are one brave soul. I had knee replacement on both knees seperate times. Therapy is painful, but your best friend. Follow all your instructions and you will do great. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Grammy

  • Teri

    Prayers for a quick recovery. You are quite brave to do both knees at once! I have heard that PT is your best friend. As I am one week out from surgery, I am not quite sure about that, tho I have met same great people while going. May your drink stay full , the remote handy & the bathroom close. Take care.

  • Linda Marks Rogers

    Missing you in the morning Robert. I had my knees done separately and don’t know how you managed to do them together!! You are one tough dude. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back on the morning news real soon. Linda

  • elton4562

    Robert, my wife and I miss seeing you on TV and didn’t know about the surgery. It’s wonderful that we have access to such treatments that were unknown in the past. Best wishes for a complete recovery! Elton and Delorise

  • Suzanne Cooper Morris

    Hi Robert – hope your recuperation goes well and your knees will be better than ever !! Why do our knees turn against us ??? We were in the same class way back when at Butler. I live in Lynchburg, VA now- haven’t been back to HSV in years but still try to keep up with what’s happening there.

  • Lynne Butler

    Good luck with the knees Robert. I’m only 53 and have had both of mine replaced also. Although…not both at the same time, but I have heard of it being done before. It’s a little rough going at first…which I’m sure you’re aware of…, but it does get better as time goes along. Just keep moving. That’s a very important thing to do. Re-hab is great, but it’s ultimately up to you my friend. I think you’ll do fine though. I wouldn’t take nothing for mine. No pain anymore !!! Arthritis has still got me in other joints, but not in my knees anymore. Wish you the best and take care…..:)

  • John Hensley

    Robert get well soon and back on channel 19…I grew up watching your Dad Grady and then you, guess what Boy? You’re older than the dirt at channel 19..lol

  • DoyleRitaLamar

    Robert, Miss your smile & sweet personality! Praying for quick recovery & get back when you are well!

  • Linda Vaughn

    Robert, Ronnie & I & all the employees at Lake City Auto want to wish you a speedy recovery, but take care of yourself.

  • Tracey Moran

    Mr. Reeves,

    I wish you a speedy recovery. Having had my left knee replaced several years ago, I highly suggest you take a pain pill an hour before physical therapy. The physical therapy is the worst part.


  • Margie Sasnett

    Robert, Listened to your Dad, and then you.. both of you have a way of making everything interesting.. Praying that you heal rapidly, and well…that that God will always watch over you..I remember your dad saying. “When you come to the end of your rope…tie a knot in it with a prayer.” That impressed me…. Be lbessed

  • Karen

    Speedy recovery wishes!! I watched your Dad on Mornin’ Folks and have watched you since you first began reporting…Miss you and can’t wait for your return!! Take care of you!

  • Kay Hairston Nichols

    Praying you have a smooth and speedy recovery,but don’t rush it and listen to the doctor and espicially your wife.Take care and we will miss you until you return May the Lord Bless and Keep You Safe

  • Phillip Staley

    My wife (Mary Jo), also recovering from single knee surgery, just told me she saw Robert at this afternoons therapy session. Carry on Robert and Mary Jo. Miss both of you being at your regular jobs.

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