Watch: ‘Listen, Linda’ Cupcake Kid Gets His Cupcake

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He just wanted a cupcake.. but he’s a debate team captain in the making.

The 3-year-old who argued with his mother over a cupcake got a big surprise on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Tuesday.

Mateo’s mother got a nice surprise, too.


  • Karen

    Is that what being disrespectful is going for these days. $10.000. I do not find this video funny in any way.The child was told no, so he sneaks and goes to his Grandmother, then still tries for the cupcake, then the Mother lets him debate. What happened to I’m the parent and you will do as I say or be punished. He’s 3 a time out would be good. Wait until he’s 13 then see how funny it is.

    • Chelle

      He’s 3. Not 13! I’m sure if it was something serious he was arguing about it wouldn’t be the cutest video on the internet. People like you are partly what is wrong with our children today! Children who don’t get to act like children are the ones you see shooting up schools and dealing with substance abuse issues and depression. Get over yourself and enjoy the fact that this cute little boy made a funny video and let it be. And to correct you on one more thing, when he attempted to get his cupcake in the video he did not get it so I don’t see what you have to complain about his back talk getting what he wants!!

    • Sabrina

      THANK YOU, Karen. Disrespect is not cute! At ANY age! I did not find this video amusing in any way. This is the main reason kids act like they do now: No Home Training! He will grow up to be the same disrespectful kid he was in the video. Then it won’t be so “cute.” Thank you for being one of the few people I’ve encountered who still believe in raising a child right. SMH. I can’t believe the amount of people who support this kid and his behavior. You are DEAD RIGHT, Karen!!

      • Jimmy

        Wrong. You have no idea whatsoever how he will grow up. Given the fact that he is smart enough to debate and make a case for himself shows a LOT of promise. Should everyone go around and post their idiotic assumptions? Okay, I bet when you were three, you couldn’t talk and used a pacifier until you were 7.

      • Sabrina

        Good evening, everyone. I’m not into uncivilized debates & needless attacks. Enjoy the discussion. I bid you adieu.

    • Jimmy

      Good God. People like you just cannot be happy for the good fortune of others, huh? Are you that strict with your own kids? Do they get corporal punishment for having their elbow on the table? Dang, lighten up! You may not have found the video cute, but you are obviously in the minority. Either way, how Linda raises her children are none of your business. You should reflect on your own drawbacks instead of criticizing a child.

      • Sabrina

        Look at the state of the world now when people think this type of behavior is cute compared to the decades before. ‘Nuff said.

        And relax. We all are entitled to our OWN opinions. You are attacking those who have one that’s different than yours. I’ve seen firsthand the effects of poor home training and allowed disrespect as an educator (at ALL levels of education, K-12 and the collegiate level). I’m speaking from my lived experiences: Disrespectful kids grow up to be disrespectful teenagers and adults! You can think it’s cute. That’s your right. I don’t. That’s my right. Period.

      • Sabrina

        Good evening, everyone. I’m not into uncivilized debates & needless attacks. Enjoy the discussion. I bid you adieu.

    • Nina Hilla

      Please get a funny bone, out of all tights to pick with your kids this one at three years old is not one. If you didn’t find it funny then stick to reading the old- bitch sections. Teaching your child to debate is smart and yes tricky process but I say thanks for making me smile little guy and I’m sure in the end all will be fine.

    • ann Pederson

      Some of you people need to get a laugh in your life. The kids was just talking like his parents have let him. they have taped him before and let him talk. Get real!!

  • angela.m

    The behavior accept at 3 will be the same 13 you can’t change the rules and expect them to know how to behave and show respect if you don’t teach them at the start not half way grown then it is to late and you have an out control teenager. You reap what you sow.

  • juan .c

    I really don’t see where tthe disrespect was at in the video,all i saw
    Was a cute little kid that wanted a cupcake for himself annd his brother
    And to those of u that didn’t think it was cute you all must have
    have some boring mindless zombies as children

  • Christine

    This kid is not disrespectful- he’s three years old and he’s trying to negotiate for a cupcake. Has anyone never taken a picture or video of their child saying or doing something they really shouldn’t have because it was so darn cute? Or laughed at the situation? This mom is NOT teaching her kid disrespect or encouraging it- in fact he was disciplined and it was explained to him that when mom says no that doesn’t mean go to grandma. I’m sure all of us growing up have tried this tactic before. This is along the lines of “America’s Funniest Videos”. Be open minded instead of judgemental. The kid while negotiating is merely mocking his parents as all 2-3 year olds do. They learn from their environment. I have studied children and have a degree in child development…So, I am not just speaking to speak about this. If the kid sa

  • Patricia

    I think people are getting a little too upset over what they ‘think’ they are seeing. The respect issue that people keep bringing up is relative to the situation and the people involved. I saw no disrespect in what he was saying because the mother didn’t have a problem with it and he was speaking to her. My only issue with it is with him calling her by her first name, instead of mom, but she, as the mother, obviously doesn’t have a problem with it, so it’s not my business. As far as what he is saying in stating his case, he’s doing the best he knows how to give reasons why he should be able to have the cupcake. It’s obvious to me that although the video doesn’t show it, that the mother has told him he can make his case or else she would’ve played the mom card and said “No, because I said so, end of discussion.” Also, I see a child mimicking conversations he has seen played out in front of him many times, and if that’s the case, then I applaud these parents. If that’s how his mother and father disagree in front of their children, respectfully, controlled and in even calm tones, congratulations on having it together.

  • Maria

    Tolerance, that ‘s what we need in our live. It’s not your business how he is being raised. Take care of your children and teach them good manners. This is a cute little boy theres is nothing wrong with him. He only wanted a cupcake.

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