UPDATE: Marshall Co. Animal Control Officer Disciplined, But Keeps Job

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - An update to a story WHNT News 19 brought you Tuesday, about an investigation into Marshall County's Animal Control officer.

The Chairman of the Marshall County Commission says he took disciplinary action against Kevin Hooks, but is keeping him in the position for now.

Many residents complained about Hooks after he tied a dead dog to the tailgate of his truck and drove down U.S. Highway 431 with the body visible to other drivers.


We blurred the image of the dog tied to the back of Hooks' Animal Control truck. (Photo provided by viewer)

Some people tried to stop Hooks, and a few even got out of their vehicles at a red light to make sure he was aware of the dog's body, thinking the back of the truck had come open.

Hooks said he did it on purpose, to try to be efficient after leaving the scene of vicious dogs that were attacking pets and people in a neighborhood between Boaz and Albertville.

He said he tied the dog's body in that way to avoid having to make a second trip back to the scene, which would have been 70 miles round trip.

Marshall County Commission Chairman James Hutcheson said he spoke with Hooks first thing Tuesday morning about the complaints.

"He didn't have room to put the dead dog in the back," said Hutcheson about what Hooks told him.  "So he put it on the tailgate, which was a mistake and he transported it to be disposed of."

"The mistake he made was not making two trips," said Chairman Hutcheson. "He should have took the live animals and put them in the location and then he should have came back, put the large animal inside the box, closed it up so it wasn't visible to the public."

Many people stood up for Hooks on the WHNT News 19 Facebook page, saying others were overreacting to the situation.


  • jamison jones

    I can’t believe how people worry about the wrong stuff! I mean the damn dog is dead! why should anybody care about how its transported? We already have aliens abducting airplanes with human beings on it and here we are worried about how a dead dog is transported!

  • Jamie

    This is ridiculous! An animal control officer should know better than this! It makes the shelter look bad! I am mortified just hearing the story! I couldn’t imagine the people who saw this terrible act in person especially not knowing what was going on. Very unprofessional!!!!

    • John

      You poor poor dear Jamie..do to your room and cry/mourn for the dog for 3 days. the dog was dead, it didnt mind. Find other things to be “mortified” about, please.

  • Lynn Ellis

    If this had been the first time Mr. Hooks, had done something out of hand it would be different but wrong. Mr. Hooks has a laundry list of issues behind him. It has been reported Mr. Hooks will shot an animal over catching it to avoid the cost to the County board and care for the time allowed 3 days! The county pays some 90 dollars to dispose of a dog each one shot saves that money! They don’t even get the chance to find a new home! Bless all the little animals who come in his path!

  • Branko Pezdi

    As a taxpayer I prefer he tie a dead dog to the tailgate and make one trip. The dead dog doesn’t care.

  • jamison jones

    Its a dead dog, people. whats the big deal? We have a whole plane missing with 239 human beings!

  • Beth

    Lynn sounds like you need therapy for your anger issues against Mr.Hooks. The dogs is dead, they don’t publish details, so i’m guessing everything you are saying about that man is hear say. So don’t bash.. he had little resources and had to make a choice. unless of course some of you want to follow him around for the next animal that comes in his path…can he put the dog in your trunk and you help him? Any takers??

  • Janos Poleretzky

    I see dead dogs on the road or on the sides of the road all the time. The dead dog on the tailgate is getting a final resting spot. Animal lovers should love dogs that are alive. If they love the dead ones , they should donate doggie caskets and pay funeral expenses. A dog is dead whether its on the road or tailgate.

  • Bubba

    JJ, this story has nothing to do with “Planes”. You can comment on “that” forum if you like. This story is about a animal o.k.?

  • jamison jones

    Bubba, the point is, its dead. whats tha fuss all about? seriously? yes and i mention ‘planes’ cuz that plane has 239 human beings who are dearly missed by loved ones and here you are tripping about a dead dog.

  • Bob

    Why is there no commentary about the owners who let the dogs run loose, or the person who shot the dog as it was attacking (allegedly) other pets and people. Let’s put the whole thing in perspective. It may not have been pretty but it was efficent.

  • Judy Allison

    What is the difference in a dead dog laying on the side of the road or a dead deer in a pickup or across the hood of a pickup. People if this is all you got to complain about…GET A LIFE and leave this poor man alone. It would have cost more to take the live dogs and return for the dead one. He’s actually doing a fine job.

  • Kim

    He should have followed his job procedure! What if small children saw this? It was affecting adults, as they tried to get his attention, so I’m sure it affected children much worse if they saw it happening! So what if it was another trip to go back, that IS his job! I hope he makes better decisions in the future. And to the comments about its a “dead dog”, maybe so, but people that really love animals do not agree with your way of thinking!!!

    • John

      Bahahaha, do your kids not ever see road kill of any kind? If your kids are so sheltered they would be tramatized over a dead dog, then I feel sorry for them.

      • Kim

        This is NOT about just seeing a dead animal or road kill on the road or beside the road. A dog was being drug behind a moving vehicle on 431…that is a BIG diffrence! Apparently there are some on here with no feelings what so ever! And if the dog was killed due to attacking other small animals and people, then yes I agree it should of been put down. We are NOT talking about that, we are talking about how this animal control officer handled his job!! Period!

  • jamison jones

    affecting children! wow1 Has this gotten to that level? How are children traumatized by the sight of a dead dog?

  • Liz

    Do you people think you walk on water? Have you not ever done anything where you wish you would have handled the situation differently? Or do you think you’re perfect while you sit there and judge this man and point fingers at him? The next time you are in a situation in YOUR life where people are criticizing you or attacking the way you handled it…remember how you did the same to this man. You should be ashamed of yourselves, passing judgment and pointing fingers when you don’t even know the entire situation. Spend more time on the issues you have in your OWN life instead of what someone else does. Good grief…get a life!!!!

  • Kim

    jamison jones, do you have children? It wasn’t just the sight of a dead dog, it was being drug behind a vehicle on a busy highway!! And yes, had I been there and saw that it would have affected me and my children and my grandchildren! Why should people have to witness that when it could have been easily prevented, had he done his job properly. And to LIZ, no one is pointing fingers, judging him. We are stating our opinions on FACTS of something he done!! Had he done his job properly, there wouldn’t be a story about it. It’s not like he done something wrong in an office, he drug a dog (it being dead makes no difference) to how it affected people that saw this!! Now, I don’t know if the allegations of him shooting dogs rather than taking them to the shelters, but maybe that needs to be investigated also.

    • John

      i saw a dead deer on the side of the road… and i was traumatized. Not.

      Okay- so you would rather the alternative….. he lose his job, draw unemployment and get food stamps, and then sit at home on his rear eating donuts (with your tax dollars). This man is working….. a thing less and less Americans know anything about. Get a life Kim, for real. Are you his jealous ex-baby mama or something?

    • Fellow Funeral Director

      I was just wondering. Mam, are you a vegetarian? I think a lot of what’s wrong with todays society is children are not exposed to death. This helps them to realize the sacrafice that has to be made in order to eat. The animal should have been covered in a trash bag to protect your eyes, but don’t get on the blog griping about a dead animal with a belly full of meat.

  • Liz

    Really? What FACTS do you have? Do you have the FACTS that it attacked a child or someone’s PET? Or are you just voicing your OPINION…which is actually pointing a FINGER at him? And how did he DRAG a dog? It was tied BEHIND his vehicle…so HOW was he dragging it? You just said IF you saw it…so you’re not going by facts…are you?

  • Kim

    Liz, read the story, it was tied and drug behind his vehicle going down 431. He admitted to what he done, so yes I’m going by facts.

  • Liz

    You seriously need to get a life. It wasn’t “drug” behind his vehicle. You could see the dog on his tailgate…that is not being drug like you claim. Maybe YOU need to go back and read the article. Sounds like pointing fingers and judging to me.

  • Kim

    Ok Liz, excuse me, it was tied and HANGING behind the vehicle, they have a picture that was sent in. And to John, you get a life, I have every right to state my opinions just like every one else!! If seeing this kind of thing doesn’t bother you, then that is you, not everyone feels the same way. Go both you and Liz get over yourselves. I did not say he should lose his job, I said “I hope he makes better decisions in the future”. So don’t put words in my mouth, thank you!

  • Liz

    Kim…the picture was the back of the dog laying on the tailgate. I think you’re the one that needs to get over youself…and get some glasses while you’re at it. Have you not ever made a decision that you wish you could go back and change? Are you perfect and walk on water? Still sounds like judging and pointing fingers to me.

    • Kim

      Liz, I could care less what you and John think about me. You and John and others that have no problem with things being handled the way it happened is your opinion. I have my own opinion with many others that are not happy with the way he handled doing his job. I believe you and John are on here to start arguments, well I’m done with you both, have a good day!

  • jamison jones

    This woman is probably heavily medicated on some medications. Probably a heavy set and probably between 55 and 65 and very likely lonely. Get over it, its a dead dog. John you right on, brother.

  • Walt D.

    Does CAPS me your yelling? You people that are upset over this are NUTS… At least this guy is employed, and it sounds like his job SUCKS, so leave him alone…

  • gina hollingsworth

    How cruel your comments are to one another. Good Lord help your callous attitudes. If you don’t care about the poor dog and the disrespect to Gods creature, why not think about the poor kids who witnessed this act?? Have some respect for humanity.

  • Paige

    Dead or alive, it’s still called animal cruelty. Either way you look at it, human or animal, it was once a living breathing thing. The way i’m seeing it, is there is alot of heartless people in Marshell Co. sorry if it sounds harsh, just the i see it. #petowner

  • kevin

    u people make me sick listening to your bull .bet u are the same people that whine an cry if a fly farts around u .so all yall crybaby diva actin wantin to always slap someone even if they makin a stupid call tring to conserve money so yall wont cry about it costing money to house these mean dogs.good job and i hope he keeps up the good work and not worry what yall blabber mouth busybody people that live around u.

  • jimmy

    If a child saw the dog he probably thought oh look mommie that dog is sleeping on the tailgate untill you opened you big mouth !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephany Mullins McTarsney

    Animal Control stinks in Marshall county….I have called several times for them to come pick up a dog that has attacked 2 of my dogs, killed the neighbors dog and yet he still hasn’t been picked up and the so called owners (the dog is in a fence that he jumps) says it’s not their dog…..yet every time I call, they keep telling me they have until so and so to surrender the dog or they will be fined and they will pick it up…yet today I saw that dog out of the fence again and this time across the street at my dad’s….Really?…..

  • luke bandi

    How many wet noodles were used in the discipline of the MCAO?

    Ann Landers was famous for disciplining some letter writers with 3 wet noodles across the wrist!

    Is this the same officer that had the petition against him and his derelict of duties a few months ago? Thousands of people all over the world signed it.

    They didn’t have wet noodles, they wanted him fired!

  • ariel

    everyone should throw things at this man everytime they see him and make his life hell until he quits since no one has any sense to fire this waste of space. if theyre hurting for employees that bad ill do his job and ill do it right!

  • Leon

    Truth is coming out now. The chick that took the picture and sent in to the news station has a grudge against the dog catcher and said she would do what every it takes to cost him his job. Because he has taken a dog from her that she was not takeing care of. Check out her comments on her facebook!!!!!!

  • jamison jones

    ya’ll get jobs! looks likle you have computers at home or whatever and you are all om disability or some govt program and have nothing better to do than mind other peopl’s business, get high or drunk and start some s***t. Go volunteer appropriately somewhere else and have somethiong to do besides bothering some dude that works everyday for his check.

  • Leon


  • Amy

    The reality of this situation is that people in this city have had horrible experience with this animal control officer for years period! This action has just became a sounding board for the real issue which is anyone who has had to deal with this man personally already believes he should be fired and this mistake seems a lot bigger than it really was.

    • Leon

      Have every knew anybody that dealt with the public on a day to day basis that could make EVERYBODY happy!!!! I think you should sign up for the job and lets see how good you are at it.

    • Talisha

      That is not the only thing Mr. Hooks does while he is at work with Marshall Co. Like parking his County truck and riding with other people in a blue suv. There is also photos of this. A dead dog on a back of a truck is nothing to worry over. Some body that sets his own hours, and does what ever they want on the taxpayers dime is just wrong!

    • luke bandi

      Why don’t they put a GPS tracker on the Co. truck? Follow him around when he jumps in with his friends in the SUV and find out where he goes! Why does it take a villiage to get the villiage idiot fired? His paycheck is taxpayer paid. If he is riding around with his friends and riding the clock, that is not right!

  • Brent

    Some of these comments on here really show what humanity is coming to. Just because the dog was dead is not a reason to tie it up for anyone to see while you drive 70 miles on a highway. No one but the driver knew that dog was dead, which leads to the people trying to knock on his window and stop him. Seems he was just being lazy and instead of making 2 trips he tried to do it in one.

  • jamison jones

    Amy get a job too. if he was your exboyfriend and you are a scorned woman and your vengence is to see him fired, well, you aint gon’ get it. there are some dead racoons on the road. go give themn a decent funeral

  • Liz

    Talk about humanity…it was a dead dog. But you people are willing to CONDEMN a man for trying to do his job, asking people to throw things at him, trying to get his job taken away, etc. You should be ashamed of yourselves. What about the woman who posted the picture for EVERYONE to see? Why don’t you attack her? She is the reason more people saw it and your CHILDREN could see it. I can’t wait until his attorney nails her a*s for the posts she has on her facebook page. From my understanding all facebook posts regarding this will be subpoenaed…maybe that will shut you people up. Grow up and get a life and leave the man alone!!!!

    • Talisha

      Liz hope and pray they do subpoena all the face book posts. Then they will see all the other pics and videos that they have. You know so much about Mr Hooks are they something going on there? You must have a sister. At least on this post most people here are using a fake names and emails. But true people don’t and are not scared of his Lawyer that messes around with his clients. So Liz keep up with your own family. We live here in Marshall County and if we pay tax money we need to get our money’s worth. And by the County’s rules and regulations.

  • Michael

    Sounds to me like the dirty politician should have taken up for his employee. Maybe they should issue him some black garbage bags to put the dead animals in so that you sensitive ones don’t have to see it.

  • Patti Young

    Kevin Hooks is a disgrace to all animal control officers. He had no compassion or regards for the animals. Her abusers his authority,uses the county vehicle for personal use. I have seen it in St. Clair country and at a couple of cheap hotels where he was carrying on an affair with a married woman.(verified and I can put you in contact with said woman’s husband).

    • Leon

      So Patti your telling off on youself again letting people know that you and Kevin use the same out of the way hotel!!!!!!

      • oaz or live in Marshall County.You can see for yourself. Do you work for him or owe him a favor?

        Leon: Please if you are in

      • Talisha

        LOL Leon Motel??? At least it is a nice place instead of a back of a pickup truck. That is for his dogs!

  • snoopy

    Point is don’t think the dog catchers truck or the dog catcher should be at ANY motel on marshall county time. But the truck & Mr. Hooks has been seen at several motels, dirt roads, ect. on company time. & out of marshall county. WHY should marshall county dog catcher be in other counties while in the Marshall county animal control truck using marshall couties gas. unless he has premisson & is buying his own gas on his own time. also doing fencing work while getting paid to pick up animals he has side bussinesses going on at same time. ALL these things should be done on his time or after he clocks out of work. & in his own personal truck/car??? Then it is no ones bussiness but his, & his wifes & his mistress but when he does it on company time & tax dollars are being used for him to have his personal stuff going on then he is putting his personal life out there in the public eyes & everyone has their own opinions????

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