TVA Set To Resume Lake Guntersville Weed Spraying Plan

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- Representative Wes Long of Guntersville says TVA has agreed to return to the agency's pre-2008 lake weed spraying program.

The agency reduced the program because of costs.  The program has a price tag of more than one million dollars per year.

Long posted the following statement on his Facebook page:  "Lake Guntersville is going to be 100% managed by TVA and paid for this year. There will be a partnership for moving forward with TVA and the stewardship of our lake to maintain the best fishery, and a recreational paradise for wakeboard ing and skiing.
Great news for Lake Guntersville. "

The weeds have been a contentious issue for decades.  Fisherman love the weeds because they provide a habitat for bass.   However, others don't like the appearance of the weeds and the problems they can cause for boats and personal watercraft.

"Usually the weeds will get tangled up in the propellers," said James Hughes, the manager of the Lake Guntersville Yacht Club.  "They will get tangled up in the intakes off of jetskis.  You have to get off and clean them out and everything.  I have heard of people getting tangled up in the weeds swimming.  That would be quite dangerous I would think."


  • Nuclear Mike

    Make sure you kill off all the milfoil so that the next BassMaster’s fishing tourney will be actually helld in Birmingham for revenge as how the City of Guntersville was so bilked this past month by BASS, Inc.!!!

    • Nuclear Mike

      The Yacht Club should fear drowning by weeds and the propellers of their boats being destroyed by weeds…yea, right!!!

      Perhaps they have been smoking rather than swimming in weed for sometime!

  • Grew up in Gville

    The lake isn’t JUST for fishing. It is hard to even swim in MOST of the lake. Spray away and ignore the idiots. (if you are going to talk about how people are clueless, you might want to at least spell your insults correctly.

  • jill

    Spray the swimming areas, the dock areas, the marina areas, and the channels. leave the rest for the fish. if we allow the whole lake to become choked out with the milfoil and hydrilla, the lake will perish. there has to be a balance. If the bow fishermen would not kill the grass carp in such numbers, maybe the carp would help the problem, naturally. I hate it when I get on the lake on a sunday morning and there is a hundred dead carp. and catfish. what a waste. but the grass is overwhelming. it needs some control. just sayin…

  • BC

    I can believe that the lake is not just for fishing so why destroy the fishing so a bunch of rich cats can get drunk and ride in there big boats. why can’t you just balance the grass problem don’t get rid of all of it, so both fishermen and boaters can all have a good time.

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