Tennessee Lawmakers Consider Free Community College

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) – Students who are considering community college in Tennessee may soon be able to go for free. 

Lawmakers in the volunteer state are considering a proposal that would fund students tuition with the state’s lottery proceeds.

It’s called the “Tennessee Promise.”

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  • Carolyn Powell

    The proposal sounds good; however, I would like to know how well the public schools in Tennessee are funded. If the k-12 schools are not funded adequately, there will be many students who will not be prepared for the community colleges and universities.

  • Wake Up

    Once again, our neighbor to the north comes up with a better idea than what Alabama can come up with! We still have the religious fanatics stopping progress in our state!

  • noname

    Great idea because the state of Alabama pays for it. Those religious fanatics are too stupid to realize how they are being scre….

  • Patsy

    I am guardian for a teenager who is a Junior now. This would certainly help foster children and others who do not have parents who can pay for a college education. This could break the poverty cycle in Tennessee by allowing many more to get a college education and thereby get better jobs in the future.

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