Four Month Drug Operation Yields 5 Arrests, Over 1 Kilogram of Cocaine

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – An extensive four month operation led to the arrest of five Huntsville men and the seizure of drugs, money, and handguns

Agents from the Madison-Morgan County HIDTA Drug Task Force, DEA , HPD SWAT, HPD K-9, Decatur Narcotics, and Morgan County Narcotics worked together to execute this operation and arrest these men.

Agents conducted search warrants in the Huntsville/Madison County area, at 342 Jasmine Drive, 3202 Delia Lane, 141 Wilkenson Drive, and 2107 Gilbreath Road. They were able to seize 1,151 grams cocaine, 131 grams of marijuana, 60 grams of opiates, two handguns, one of which was reported stolen, and $1,415 in currency.

The five men arrested are:

Charleston Antonia Watts aka “Charlie Hustle” b/m dob 12-19-81, of Huntsville
Antonio Lavar Burton aka “Fat Toney” b/m 11-17-83, of Huntsville
Travis Leonard Leslie b/m dob 07-06-78, of Huntsville
Richard Lee Smith b/m 05-18-82, of Huntsville
Laquinton Jerrod Ervin b/m 09-20-90, of Huntsville

Charges on the listed men range from Trafficking in Cocaine, Trafficking Opiates, Distribution of Narcotics, and weapons charges. All five subjects were processed in the Madison County Jail with various bonds.


  • cc

    I’m sure they spent more time, money, and resources than was worth for 1 lousy Kg… I’d be too embarrassed to report this if I were in charge of this task force. 1kg equals chump change.

    • Mike

      I’m sure you would’ve done much better with all of your vast expertise. How about next time you volunteer to go through the door first. Oh that would take away from your position as a Monday Morning Quarterback! Good job STAC on locking up the scum who peddle drugs in our community!

  • Overpaid White Government Employee who is Tired of keeping up the Thugs and Trash in town.

    It’s cocaine that could have been given to your kids. Be proud of any and all work done by law enforcement. These thugs have definitely sold more dope and will continue if someone doesn’t stop them. This work did just that at least for a little while. Thanks for all your work STAC team and keep busting them!

  • kingrat

    Thanks for placing the address of the dealer in the write -up, this way we know if the police have been listening to our complaints as we call in ,yes there are more out there selling and dealing daily just need a few more brave souls to call with the information and save our youth from this terrible war.

  • Michael

    More combat geared, militaristic police operations for nonviolent crimes. And we wonder where are freedoms went.

  • Huntsville Lady

    Since when does the news report birth month, day and year? Interesting!!! You people love to comment on stories like this, but DRUGS are everywhere, some are right under your long , pointed noses!

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