Florence Resturants May See Changes When It Comes To Selling Alcohol Outside

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Odette restaurant opened in November 2013. Executive chief Joshua Quick says management applied for a request to extend its serving area to an outside patio.

On Tuesday, Florence city council approved the request. But restaurant management says there's a problem.  The restaurant can't sell alcohol if the patio touches a city sidewalk.

Councilman Dick Jordan says restaurants in Florence can serve alcohol outside under certain circumstances.

"Right now they can only service alcohol if the patio is part of the building or underneath the roof of their building and it can't extend out past their building," says Jordan.

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board says if a patio reaches a sidewalk, any activity or injuries in the sidewalk are considered the city's responsibility.

Management at Odette believes the reasoning limits their business and takes away revenue that could benefit the city too.

"It benefits us through increase sales. Being able to utilize all the food and beverage offerings we have and it benefits our employees. They can make more money on tips. It also gives more work hours for our cooks. And it’s a win win for everyone in the restaurant. The city makes more money on sales tax that's increasing revenue for them as well," says Quick. 

Jordan says the city will meet with the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on Friday broad to discuss this issue.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Alcohol “sidewalk” sales should remain illegal as Huntsville has begun to see the downside of their “sidewalk”/AE District alcohol outside party on the surrounding neighborhoods…

  • Potato hessler

    And so Jesus spoke “let all the pagans enjoy the brew, all my children must be closet drinkers so thou won’t be judged in church on Sunday even though you cheated on your wife and beat your poor dog”

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