Carl Herold and Domestic Partner Indicted On Sexual Abuse Charges

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Carl Philip Herold

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Huntsville man and his domestic partner have been indicted on multiple sexual abuse charges according to our news partners at The Huntsville Times and

Carl Philip Herold was indicted on 18 total counts.  The counts include six conspiracy to commit sodomy, four counts of sodomy, three counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12, complicity, aggravated child abuse and conspiracy to commit sexual abuse.

The Madison County grand jury indicted Herold’s domestic partner, Charles Walker Dunnavant on six counts of conspiracy to commit sodomy, four counts of sodomy and sexual abuse of a child under 12, conspiracy to commit child sex abuse and aggravated child abuse.

The grand jury no billed charges of sexual torture for both men.

The two men are accused of holding a young boy captive for eight months inside a home on Lakewood Drive.

The two men originally faced charges of child pornography production, and distribution but those charges were dropped because prosecutors believe another agency will pursue them.

Both men are being held on $1 million cash bonds.



  • LIzzy

    IJS … where was the amber alert ? Missing child alert ? How does a child get held for 8 months without anyone missing them >?

  • KB

    He was the child of one of the men, so technically he wasn’t missing. This just makes this story even worse!! How could anyone do this, let alone to their own child!!


    Gay has nothing to do with people being sick! I say castration of the sick minded people might make the other sicko’s think twice before they do something to a child! HARSH AND SWIFT PUNISHMENT!

  • Alysha

    Oh please, as if being gay is what makes these freaks commit the crimes they do! Are you kidding me….maybe you should check the archives and see just how many of these “Gay” people are in the news for this sort of sadistic acts and how many are “straight”! This is pure evil, straight up and they should be hung up for it, but I don’t think you should lay the blame at the feet of gays.

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