Bill Allowing Loaded Guns in Vehicles Passes Senate Vote

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – A bill to allow people to carry loaded pistols in their vehicles without having a concealed carry permit from the county sheriff passed a Senate vote Wednesday night and now goes to the Alabama House, according to our news partners at

The bill, SB 354, would no longer require an individual to have a concealed carry permit to carry a concealed weapon inside his or her car in Alabama. Currently, the only way to transport a handgun if you do not have a permit is for it to be unloaded and out of reach.

County Sheriffs have come out in force to show their disapproval of this bill because they say it puts officer safety in jeopardy.

“This is absurd, if this goes through you could have up to four people fully armed in a car without having any prior knowledge of that ahead of time during a traffic stop,” Morgan County Sheriff Anna Franklin told WHNT News 19 earlier this month.

There are currently four days left in the 2014 session.


    • Sherlock

      Get your permits now!!! For 9.99 a year you can get your permit to exercise you 1st AMM to the Constitution. Now, if you go to the court house in the next 48hours we will add the 4th, 5th and even the 14th Amm of the constitution. Now here is an even better deal. If you go in the next 24 hours, we will bundle a package for you to include your right to bear arms, freedom of speech, protection from illegal searches and arrest and even your right to remain silent for the low Alabama only special of 99.99 a year. This includes a beautiful ID Badge with your picture on it. Come down now, hurry on up folks this deal will not last long. You get down there and just tell em Bubba sent ya! You all come on down see you soon.

  • Chuckie39

    Do you think criminals care if it is legal to have a loaded gun in their car? I’m sure if it does not pass they will immediately remove them.

  • TFG

    Felons can not carry no matter what. So if a felon is caught he or she will be busted. You still need a permit to carry your gun out of state so this law means nothing.

    • Red

      You idiots don’t understand that there isn’t always a well defined line between perfect law abiding people and hardened killer felons. If the people are allowed to carry loaded guns in their cars, then spur of the moment incidents and accidents involving guns will skyrocket. The people involved will be normally law abiding folks.

      The Sherrifs are absolutely right. The rest of you that think guns anywhere and everywhere is the proper thing are idiots. It’s as simple as that.

      • Pro 2nd Amen! Ment

        Alabama is full of retards ready to blame anyone they can for gun crimes .
        99% of gun crimes in Huntsville are committed by 2nd offenders . Meaning they are not law abiding citizens . And if a 1st time offender did commit a gun crime how is this different than them having a gun with a permit … The law only states without …. Idiot hahaha I think your judgmental oversteppings shown a failure to understand what this law does . It allows people to conceal a loaded gun “without permit ” law abiding already carry loaded guns in there car only criminals illegally transport guns . I’m more scared of people who are anti American and against the founding rights governed to us …. So many new age American nazis

      • plowboysghost

        Red, Statistics from the surrounding states with no -permit-required-in-vehicle laws PROVES you wrong…..but don’t let facts get in the way of a perfectly good anti-gun rant.

      • D. Green

        don’t call me an idiot you stupid a** hole. who do you think you are? you have the mentality of a spoiled cop who thinks you are above the people and their right to carry, You can take a guess of where you can go.

      • D. Green

        don’t call me an idiot you stupid a** hole. who do you think you are? you have the mentality of a spoiled cop who thinks you are above the people and their right to carry, You can take a guess of where you can go.

      • Bean

        Perhaps the problem is lackadaisical law enforcement? Should any peace officer, in the course of his or her duties, consider any offender “armed and dangerous” till proven otherwise?

        I know that’s how I got to go home at the end of my tour and subsequently retirement…

        Just saying…

  • Michael

    I made the mistake of voting for Ana 4 years ago. I won’t be repeating it in November. She doesn’t want her money flow being hit, period. The “officer safety” is based on paranoia and not fact. The National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund reports only 33 police officers were killed by gunfire in the line of duty in 2013. That’s the lowest since 1887. Yes, thats an eighteen and not a nineteen.

  • tim

    Sheriff Franklin is an idiot… This is not about safety, its about MONEY !! Law abiding citizens are not a threat to Law Enforcement. She needs to focus on getting her deputies to obey simple traffic laws and leave the law making to the law makers.

    • Michael

      Amen! 2 weeks ago one of them blew by me going through Gasoline Alley on Hwy 231. Had to be doing at least 70 around midnight. No blue lights or anything. Another time one passed me on a two-lane road with double lines with no blue lights. Caught up to him a few miles later, his big hurry was to chat with one of his buddies in an empty parking lot.

  • Ron

    This is a terrible law. I’m all for gun rights, however when criminals carry weapons in the car officer now will not be able to seize them. Not all criminals are felons and many soon to be felons wait years before going to trial. Criminals will always have guns, but atleast now we have the option to get a lot of them off the street if they don’t have a permit.

    • hearsafeal

      Are cars currently being searched for weapons where there is no probable cause to suspect a crime has been committed? What is the rate of gun seizure from traffic stops of non-felons today?

      On what basis do you suggest there will be any significant changes in rates of unlawful carry or seizure relating to non-felon “criminals” not yet caught for offenses other than excising a civil right to carry arms for self defense?

  • Red

    The hillbillys are in charge now. Ideally, they will all shoot each other while defending themselves against the threat of tyranny.

    • Pro 2nd Amen! Ment

      Did you man to say hillbillies ? I understand it’s hard to speak with such few teeth and even fewer brain cells .

      You must be sheriff franklins brother or cousin or husband I don’t know .
      The only clear thing is you don’t know and fully understand gun rights and the laws . Remember education is key …. In your case get a double dose

  • hearsafeal

    What kind of opinion do Alabamians have of themselves if they think that legalizing vehicle carry will suddenly cause the streets to run with blood? Vehicle carry is normal without permit in many states and does not lead to the kind of issues people are worried about (and if you disagree, please show the myriad articles from states where vehicle carry is legal that substantiate the fear-mongering about highway gun battles).

    This is also a civil rights issue. Last time I read Article 26 of the Alabama constitution, it said people have a right to keep and bear arms for defense of the state and themselves. Rights are infringed where the only means to exercise them is by permit. If we’re going to hold that carrying concealed requires a permit, then open carry MUST be legal, even in a vehicle. To hold otherwise is to fail to move Alabama forward from a history of wanton disregard for civil rights.

  • hearsafeal

    This bill will not cause the streets to run with blood… And one has to wonder what opinion people have of their fellow Alabamians if they think that restoring people’s civil rights protected under Alabama constitution article 26 will suddenly cause violence and crime to skyrocket. Article 26 protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms for state and self defense. Where a person otherwise entitled to carry arms can only carry with a permit, that right has been violated.

    Vehicle carry, even concealed, is legal in many states and the fears people have about legalizing it here have not been realized. Feel free to counter with evidence from states where it is legal that such legalization leads to the epidemics of violence and criminal activity supposed by critics of this bill.

  • Nestor Centeno

    I have had a gun permit for years cause it was the law, so why should I pay for a permit if I do not need one now that I can have a gun in my car without one. These law makers should go back to the woods where they came from, its a very dumb and stupid law.

    • hearsafeal

      Why is restoring the civil right to carry the means to defend one’s self in their vehicle an issue tied to permit revenue? If the sheriffs need money, let’s talk about how to get them money without infringing on civil rights.

  • Gray

    Alabama is behind the times on many issues. Florida has had this law for as long as I can remember and its fine there. Orlando has six times the pop as huntsville and huntsville has more crime and homicides per capita. Having a state where you can open carry legally yet they want to charge you money to carry in your vehicle is ridiculous.

  • TC

    Not a fan of this law. I do not see a point in it. More people with loaded guns doesn’t make sense to me. My worry is that we will have more untrained and less skilled people than we do already with guns immediately available. I know people right now that conceal carry a firearm that they’ve never fired – I argue with them about his at every chance – because it is stupid. There are plenty others out there that don’t even bother to learn the guns laws or even know what makes a legal, self-defense, shooting situation. I would be worried about any “extra” help if a bad situation was to arise around my family when I’m already handling it.

    By the way I am not a fan of the open carry law either, but I do like some of the changes that were riding its coattail – just as with this one – a reduced maximum time limit for a returned CC permit is nice.

    • Branko Pezdi

      Sorry, TC, either you have Constitutional freedom and liberty or you don’t. There is no middle ground. There is no “dummy test” in the Constitution.

    • hearsafeal

      You’re absolutely right that there are a lot of people out there who lack the proper training to use their arms professionally. And while George Washington encouraged the national government to ensure the people were well trained in the use of arms, it hasn’t been a priority at the national and state levels for quite some time. All that said, the right to carry arms is still just that, a fundamental civil right protected at the national and state level. And it’s not like our current CCW process requires anything significant in the way of training at any rate, so this is no new problem for this law.

      We must uphold the civil rights to keep and bear arms for self defense protected in article 26, and that means allowing people to carry in their own car. Feel free to invite people out to train with you, or lobby to add fundamental firearms safety and marksmanship to our schools to help address the other problem.

  • Branko Pezdi

    The funereal directors are rubbing their hands with glee, now we will have hundreds more gun related deaths. This is the backwards culture of the south here where everyone just wants to shoot guns and pretend their men. Everyday now there will be the news story of a 4 year old child accidantly killed playing with his daddys loaded gun or 8 year old girl shot in drive by. How many more of our childrens deaths do we want here in gunland? Why can’t you bubba’s show some common sense? The second Amendment is for militias, read it!

    • hearsafeal

      It seems you failed to read the Heller decisions and also failed to read anything of interest from the writings of the founders of this nation. The 2nd amendment and Alabama constitution section 26 both protect an individual right to keep and bear arms, and in truth that applies to arms of military character, especially in Alabama where the section enumerates protection for defense of state.

      In terms of “backwards”… the policy of disarming the people at large and leaving only a police or military with a monopoly of force is what’s truly regressive, taking civilization all the way back to the time of kings and despots where people had little power to contribute to their own defense (something the founders of this nation, and the approves of this current state constitution wanted to avoid).

      There is no evidence this will lead to the carnage your present out of your bias against the people of Alabama. What state where this policy has been enacted has lead to the mass violence you suggest?

      • Branko Pezdi

        I guess you need to look up “sarcasm” too. I took on the mantle o writng for Wake Up, our resident liberal fascist.

      • Wake Up

        Branko, I know that you think I am using multiple names — I am not. That means there are more liberals on this discussion board than just me! Change is coming even to Alabama!

  • TC

    Anyone nicknamed Bubba already has a loaded firearm somewhere and more than likely showed/trained his children how to be safe around them. Does this exclude the dummies? NO. But they are already dumb and probably doing stupid things any ways.

    You people that get on here thinking that we are all backwards thinking, knuckle-dragging, slow, dimwitted idiots can go. Just because a citizen exercises their (correct usage BTW) right to protect themselves does in no way make them less intelligent than someone who doesn’t.

  • Bill

    In Texas, they consider your vehicle an extension of your house. Alabama is open carry. However, if you get into your car, you needed to seperate ammunition from gun and have it not accessable.
    Any officer approaching any vehicle already considers everyone a threat until proven otherwise. Make a fast movement with your hands not visible to the officer and you get to learn first hand.

  • plowboysghost

    Any sheriff who puts permit-profit-money ahead of common sense and dedication to our Constitutionally protected Rights should be voted out of office. The Right to keep and bear arms is NOT a “privilege” subject to license and authoritarian/official “approval”.

    • D. Green

      Wow there are a lot of mean comments on here….Here’s a simple solution –

      For those of you who are against this law – you don’t have to carry a loaded gun in your car (when the law is passed).

      For those of you who are for this law – carry a loaded gun in your car (when the law is passed).

      I’ll be carrying (when the law is passed) because –

      The ability for one to protect oneself is NOT LIMITED to law enforcement. We ALL have the right to defend our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The constitution does not say you have the right to protect yourself “if you are a police officer” or “if you have a concealed weapons permit.”

      The constitution was not WRITTEN FOR THE POLICE ONLY.

      Some people live in a “dream world” where they believe violence will never happen to them. I think they need to watch/read the news and do some research before “jumping” to conclusions about whether good people can be responsible or not. Watch some youtube videos and see how good people carrying have saved lives.

      If you think you’ll be able to defend yourself using your bare hands while the criminals are carrying, then go ahead and see if you’re right. For those of us who want to, we should be able to defend ourselves without providing money to some sheriff’s office. Isn’t it peculiar that “with a piece of paper” the sheriff’s are silent about whether or not you carry. Without the piece of paper, they’re all against it.

      I think you can do the math.

      • Wake Up

        I have lived in a lot of different states (military) in my fifty-five years. I have NEVER lived in a state with so many scared people. The comments on this discussion make it sound like everyone is paranoid that a boggy man is around every corner. Why are so many of you “men” so scared?

      • plowboysghost

        This is a reply to “Wake Up”….

        The paranoid panty wetters are the ones who, though statistics and common sense dictate otherwise, believe that guns = crime. The terrified leftists are the ones envisioning high-noon shootouts in the toy section at Wal-Mart that NEVER HAPPENS. What DOES happen, is that people are rendered defenseless by idiots and the treasonous politicians they elect, and fall victim to those who don’t care what a “law” or a sign says. I haven’t carried a gun for decades(without harming a soul) because I am “afraid” of anything,. I carry peaceably because doing so enables me to be UNAFRAID….which as my Constitutionally protected Right, is none of your business anymore than it is a politician’s. You are the one spreading paranoia and fear.

      • Branko Pezdi

        Reply to Wake Up: People in this state are not scared of their fellow citizens as you liberals are, they are scared of the increasing power of government and movement away from the Constitution toward a system of increasingly Orwellian jackbooted rule controlled by elitist liberals who believe they know what is best for everyone else. If there is anyone who is scared, it is you libs who reject the faith placed in INDIVIDUALS by the Founding Fathers.

  • Nuclear Mike

    This does not change the criminals from always violating any law regardless so this bill does not change the ‘real world’ and just like open carry where there were no outrages with guns in Public by law abiding citizens…

    This is a “no big deal’ bill and this will allow the 2nd Amendment rights of all law abiding citizens to be protected in their own vehicles as their “mobile home” on the road!

  • Michael

    People really think this law is going to cause blood to run everywhere in the streets? That homicides are going to skyrocket? I’d encourage you to look at cities like Chicago, DC, and London that have tried the strict gun law approach. Spoiler alert – it hasn’t worked out well for them.

    • Wake Up

      Michael, spoiler alert — it has worked. What is the gun violence rate of :onion compared to similar sized American cities. I posted material in a different discussion documenting the fact that Chicago had a murder rate in 2013 that has dropped to 1965 levels. Also, all crimes are down by double digits in Chicago. You need to update your scare tactics!

      • screw aarp

        you have NEVER posted material in this forum ,documenting Facts about Chicago,or any other facts on this forum, about anything. just far left socialist spew. now go and hide under another user name.

      • Nuclear Mike

        OMG, yet another Federal employee recanting his fedral indoctrination from the militarty…down with the eagle up with the cross!!!

      • Wake Up

        Anyone that can read knows that I did. All you have to do is Google the news conference held by the Chicago Police Chief. Here, I will make it easy for you, Google “Chicago crime rates drop.” I know you won’t. Even if you accuse me of not providing evidence — we all know that you are scared to see the evidence!

      • Branko Pezdi

        Wake Up, you posted, per your usual tactics, a cherrypicked statement from the article. It wasn’t about gun control at all nor the overwhelming evience that gun control does NOT reduce crime. The Chicago police, according to the article, have changed their tactics toward gangs and THAT is why the violent crime rate in Chicago is allegedly decreasing. (One year does not make a trend).

      • Michael

        Well, I Googled exactly what you typed. The second hit was a Huffington Post article in which the first sentence reads “Following a year when Chicago led the nation in homicides with more than 500, the city’s Police Department said Wednesday that in 2013 the city recorded the fewest killings since 1965 and saw its overall crime rate fall to level not seen since 1972.” You didn’t mention the first part of that sentence in your post. It was so bad it really had nowhere to go but down almost by default.

      • Michael

        Also from same HP report:

        “One reason Chicago has been in the national spotlight is that in recent years it has recorded more homicides than larger cities like New York City and Los Angeles. That was again true in 2013, with New York recording 333 homicides, the lowest number since comparable record-keeping began in 1963. And, according to the Los Angeles Times, as of Dec. 28, there were 250 homicides in LA, compared with 298 the year before.” So even in this “good” year, it’s still worse than other major cities that don’t have as strict gun laws.

      • tim

        If homicides dropped to 415 from over 500 in 2012 and that is the lowest since 1965 , then Chicago has had more that 415 homicides a year EVERY year since 1965, Sounds safe to me !!!!

      • Wake Up

        Branki, if my logic does not work than neither does your logic. You can not say that gun control laws are the reason for high crime levels in Chicago if rates are dropping for non-gun related reasons.

  • Bubba

    The “Law” they are considering is “Absurd”. Why? Cause stone cold Bubba said so. I’ll be packing “extra” just in case it passes.!

  • plowboysghost

    Wake Up probably works for Nanny Michael Bloomberg. Google “gun ownership increases and crime goes down”, and WAKE UP.

  • plowboysghost

    Call your Representative in Montgomery and tell them to support this Bill (SB 354) when it comes before them! You can google the “Alabama state legislature” to find your Representative’s phone number.

  • Steve

    “This is absurd, if this goes through you could have up to four people fully armed in a car without having any prior knowledge of that ahead of time during a traffic stop,” Morgan County Sheriff Anna Franklin told WHNT News 19 earlier this month.

    Uh? A cop never knew if the four people in a car are armed or not when it is illegal to carry a loaded weapon in your car. On it’s face, Sheriff Franklin’s statement is illogical. Four bad guys in a car carrying loaded weapons don’t care about a law that makes it illegal to carry a loaded weapon in the car. They are probably breaking the law by breathing……..

  • Abby

    From the studies I have looked at there is about 1% of the population as a whole in the US right now have a personal victory with DGU (defensive gun use) yearly. Of these about 75% were outside of the home. That is huge people, very huge and never mentioned by anti-gun people. Now the statistics I use say this is non-animal and non-police/military people, so just normal folks are using guns to stop crime now. Of this DGU most never even have to fire the gun (over 80%) and those that do fire the gun usually just shoot in a manner not to hit someone. We are talking around 92% never even aim to hurt the criminal but are effective in stopping the crime against them.

    Another point I would like to address is some have made it a point to ask “why would you want to carry a gun”? Well, the way I figure it, God cared enough about us to make us individually so he cared about us. Why should we flippantly not care for ourselves and just let others do us bodily harm. If God cared for us enough to give us life, why throw that gift away? Is it not worth fighting for? Lord knows most of us have family that depends on us being there. He didn’t mean for us to just sit there while a family member is being raped or worse. Like the Bible says, there is a time and place for everything under the sun, including defending yourself and your family. That predates even the constitution. Why would you want to send your daughter off on the highways without giving her means of defending herself in this society?

    Finally, constitutional reasoning. Both the Alabama constitution and Federal constitution make it clear, the right to the second amendment shall NOT be infringed. Yet over time it was, and shamefully it was racist in nature. Laws were passed so that minorities and poorer whites had a tougher time arming themselves. You know the reasons why and I am ashamed that in this day and age anyone would deny a person the right to constitutional protected right in the name of revenue to a sheriff office. Shame Shame Alabamians for not even knowing your history and your rights.

  • B

    I’m all for it! I have no criminal history outside of a few minor traffic violations, and in 3 years I have been denied 3 times for my permit. I don’t want to carry for the heck of it, but opening and closing my business, and carrying large amounts of cash, from time to time, for my business I would feel much better if I were allowed to have it in my vehicle.

    The thugs and criminals are going to have them in the vehicle regardless of what the law says. Why should I (a law abiding citizen) have to worry about such criminals robbing me, while defenseless? Only because for an unanswered reason that I have not been granted a concealed weapon permit?

    Also curious if anyone else has had this problem in Marshall County?

  • Daniel Brooks

    I don’t see anything wrong with it,
    I was working in phoenix a couple years ago, and in Arizona you can carry any way you want to they have no regs, anyway I was using McD’s wifi about 2 am. I had my 9 in the door beside me loaded ready to go, well looking at the computer screen in darkness I failed to notice the flashing lights behind me, I heard a noise to my left, I puled the 9 out in reflex as I notice a badge through the window, mind you my finger wasn’t in the firing position. I had a nice conversation with the officer he advised me I was in the wrong place at the hour for my color. I advised him I was Ok, he insisted I drive 1 mile to the other side of town. He left and i continued doing some paperwork. 10 minutes later a guy walked up, boxers hanging out pants half on, I kept it on him even after he started telling me about the lord, I don’t think he noticed it. A couple min later the officer pulled back up and asked what the guy was doing, and he started preaching to him. shortly the guy left and the officer told me he was not going to circle the block all night so go to the mcd on the other side of town..

    Point being I was protected by my own ability, I did not have to rely on that officer to keep me safe.

    The cops around here think you like a criminal before they get out of their car.

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