Lawsuit claims NCAA is an “unlawful cartel,” seeks damages for players

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the five power conferences are facing a new lawsuit that could change how popular college sports are run.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court Monday, argues the NCAA and its five dominant conferences are an “unlawful cartel.”

As the Associated Press and CBS News report, in addition to the NCAA, the lawsuit specifically targets the Southeastern Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference, Pac-12, Big Ten and Big 12, arguing they all “illegally restricted the earning power of football and men’s basketball players while making billions off their labor.”

The suit seeks monetary damages for the four plaintiffs — Rutgers basketball player Johnathan “J.J.” Moore, Clemson football player Martin Jenkins, Texas-El Paso football player Kevin Perry and California football player William Tyndall. They players argue they should be given damages, based on the economic harm they say they suffered.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    At one time in the far past the statement “…the NCAA is an unlawful cartel…” was untrue, NOW it is true as well as the SEC having become an unlawful cartel too.

  • alafan 2010

    Nobody forces these kids to “play “. I do not like the NCAA but these kids are getting a free college education and work toward becoming pro if they are good enough. A college education is worth a lot more than a kid playing A baseball will make trying to make the big time.
    And we wonder why lawyers rank just below used car salesmen.

  • Johnny Salam

    They are kids, and for the amount of revenue they generate for the school they should get paid. But instead the Universities treat them like property; unless you were an college athlete you should shut up and ask W.W.J.D

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