Lauderdale County Schools to Offer More S.T.E.M. Classes

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Starting next school year, Lauderdale County High School students will have the opportunity to take engineering classes. The county says it's trying to focus on offering more classes in S.T.E.M. -- which is short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Jessica Vandervelde's child is a student at a Lauderdale County School. She says she's excited about the opportunities for her child.

"It's great. I'm so excited. I mean there are so many opportunities in that field. It would be great for our students," said Vandervelde.

Superintendent Jennifer Gray says these classes are helping schools move forward and preparing students for the "real world." The classes are aimed to teach students critical thinking and problem solving skills.

"We hear more and more from our business partners that those are skills that students need to be able to succeed in the workforce or in college so this allows them to get a head start on some of those essential skills that they're going to need," said Gray.

Gray says students may receive college credit once they complete the courses. The first engineering course being offered to students will be "Introduction to Engineering" and will be taught at the Allen Thornton Career Technical Center in Lauderdale County.


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    Research shows that people with STEM degrees make more money in the early part of their careers. During the later years, those with liberal arts degrees make more money. Making more in your later years is more important when you consider that your retirement often depends on what you make in the last three to five years, Also, engineers are unemployed longer between jobs than any other career.

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