Lauderdale Co. Murder Suspect Appears in Court, DA Describes Scene as “Awful”

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Mark Edwin Montgomery shoots a glance at WHNT News 19 cameras as he is led into the courtroom Tuesday. (Photo: Carter Watkins/WHNT News 19)

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Less than 24 hours after his arrest, a Lauderdale County man made his first appearance in court Tuesday afternoon to answer to two counts of capital murder.

Mark Edwin Montgomery is accused of killing two women and a dog inside his brother’s home on Monday afternoon.

Mark Edwin Montgomery glares at WHNT News 19's camera as he is led into the courtroom Tuesday. (Photo: Carter Watkins/WHNT News 19)

Mark Edwin Montgomery glares at WHNT News 19’s camera as he is led into the courtroom Tuesday. (Photo: Carter Watkins/WHNT News 19)

During an initial appearance Tuesday in Judge Carole Medley’s courtroom, Montgomery was advised of his charges and rights under the law.  Judge Medley also appointed two attorneys to represent Montgomery.

New details are emerging about the crime, as investigators sort through statements and details of what led to Montgomery allegedly killing his girlfriend and his brother’s girlfriend inside home on County Road 10.

“Awful. Awful. Very awful,” said Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly. “Headshots to both the victims and then also killing a dog that was in the room with them, awful.”

Connolly confirmed to WHNT News 19 Tuesday, Mark Montgomery’s sister was also in the home at the time of the shootings.

According to Connolly, the sister called her other brother after the shootings took place.

“I know the brother was at work when he got the call and came out there and found the horrific scene that he found,” said Connolly.

Connolly says the brother then called authorities to the home and Mark Montgomery was quickly identified as the suspect.

Just before 3 p.m., authorities located Mark Montgomery and a car chase ensued.

“Minutes went by where this chase was very tense for law enforcement,” said Connolly.  “Our guys did a great job in following their procedures that they follow in a chase like this, and they had every reason to get him into custody because he was armed and he was dangerous.”

After a chase of more than 30 minutes, deputies caught Mark Montgomery outside a family member’s home, not far from the original crime scene.

An investigator leads Montgomery, right, to a patrol car. (Photo: Carter Watkins/WHNT News 19)

An investigator leads Mark Edwin Montgomery, right, to a patrol car. (Photo: Carter Watkins/WHNT News 19)

Deputies found a .22-caliber rifle and an AK-47 assault rifle inside Montgomery’s vehicle at the time of the arrest.

Investigators are still trying to determine what exactly led to the shooting.  Right now, they’ll only say there was a domestic argument going on.



    who cares WHY he murdered 2 people and the dog,this guy is a very dangerous HATEFUL human being and deserved to get the book thrown at him!

    • peculiarpickle

      Brooke, Carole Medley is a corrupt judge that can be paid off? I’m not sure which Judge Medley you think you know, but doesn’t sound like the Honorable Judge Carole Medley I know. Brooke unless you can provide proof to you published claims, you do realize your comments are considered libel and defamation of character.

    • Janos Poleretzky

      It is a rifle used to assualt somebody. It is not used to go deer hunting with unless your a moron . Ak’s are ussually not used for home defense becausethe projectiles can ppenetrate many walls and possible kill a sleeping baby in your nieghbors house. Ak’s are kept as novelty items or target practice in case police in case police invade your meth lab. Its good for bank robberys to. Like those two asshats that shot up the neighborhood in L.A. For me – I’m sticking with my ASSUALT shotgun, its a little bit more messy than a AK but hell, if your assault’in your assualt’in. Maybe if that did killed with a rock the word Assault would have been ommited. Any who my heart goes out to those poor women.

      • dmil72

        Actually it is a semi-automatic, magazine fed weapon. I do not operate a meth lab but yet I have more than one AK-47. I will not use it to “assault” anyone. As far ar the “killing a baby in your neighbors house” goes, it depends on the type of ammuniton you chose to load the magazine with.There are self defense 7.62 rounds that will not penetrate through the walls in your own house. Although if I am awakened by someone breaking into my home it will be a 1911 .45 ACP that I grab or the trusty ole shotgun, depends on how much time I figure I have. And yes, I do pray for the people involved in this crime. I just wanted to know what an “assault” weapon was. I’ve personally never seen one, and I’ve owned many weapons for 35 years or more. I’ve served my country all over the globe and still never seen the myhtical “assault” weapon…..

  • jamison jones

    here is the scoop..this is the nature of their relationship. one of the women was his ex, and the other his brother’s ex! go figure. i guess there was blackmailing going on and the dude didn’t want any of it. Sad all around.

  • Tim McCravy

    An assault rifle is a selective fire (selective between semi-automatic, fully automatic and/or burst fire) rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. Assault rifles are the standard service rifles in most modern armies.

    • dmil72

      That would be a selective fire weapon (I am familiar with these type weapons, as I have been trained on them). Not an “assault” weapon.

      • Fed Up taxpayer

        Good Lord man go back to your bunker. Two women are dead end of story and it matters not if it is a single shot 410.

  • With?

    Good God Jamison jones you have no freaking idea of what your talking about . There was no blackmail going on and your stupid guess makes you look like a idiot. How old are you 12 because you watch way to much tv

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