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Homeowner Demands Trash Collector Visit Her Neighborhood

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Mother Nature is having fun with us this winter. She’s given us a lot of sun one day and more chills than we’d like the next. We’ve also gotten more snow than we can handle.

A Madison County homeowner is fine with that, but can’t stand what it’s doing to her neighborhood.

Judy Clements told WHNT News 19 the up and down weather is keeping trash collectors from visiting her street. Clements is disgusted. She said her Hillside Road neighborhood looks like a dumpster.

Clements showed WHNT News 19 piles of tree limbs and shrubs lining the Madison County road. The homeowner told WHNT News 19 she’s looked at each pile since February.  Clements called the office where the trash collectors work. She says the calls have done nothing.

Clements thinks anyone driving near her Madison County home will understand the root of her problem.

“A lot of limbs and a lot a junk,” said Clements.

Clements showed WHNT News 19 pine cones and needles here, shrubs there and all kinds of stuff outside other yards.

“It`s terrible because you turn in and our street looks like a dumpster down through here where people have come to dump everything. It is just awful,” added Clements.

The homeowner says bad weather put it there and she’s looked at it a month. Clements called the trash collector’s office three times.

Madison County Commissioner Eddie Sisk checked with his staff and found records of Clements’ calls. He points out Clements put out the limbs a couple of days after her street’s scheduled visit.

“We are tired of looking at this. It makes our whole street look awful. Go on up the hill, you will see more of this all the way up,” added Clements.

Clements admits not ever talking to her commissioner, but wishes the person who took her three calls did.

Clements wants the commissioner and the person who scheduled trash pick-ups to know one thing.

“I need them to come to pick this up, get it off and not keep promising and having us look at this every week,” added Clements.

WHNT News 19 has some instant results to report. Commissioner Sisk sent over a few trucks to Clements’ neighborhood a couple of hours after WHNT News 19’s crew went to her street.

Sisk told WHNT News 19 he understood Clements’ concern. He says the trucks were already scheduled for Clements’ street later this week.


  • Cotton Fields

    What a whining woman! I hope they mar up her yard since she refuses to what to dryer weather. What an idiot. Let the county boys do things when they can instead of calling the news.

    • Cotton Fields

      That’s wait, not what. Long day at work. I guess Clements didn’t work today. Probably waiting on that government check to go get her cigarettes and booze.

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