Forgotten Construction Signs Worry Huntsville Drivers

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Huntsville's Memorial Parkway is the busiest city street in north Alabama.  This past summer drivers had to endure delays because of re-surfacing. These days they have to put up with construction work signs that were left behind. "Well, if they're through with the construction, they need to move them," says Donald Davis.

The signs, and sign frames are on the Parkway just north of University Drive.  They're on top of the median barrier.  While that would seem to put them out-of-the-way, it doesn't really.  One of the sign frames is leaning toward the traffic lane.  Another sign is actually on the road's surface, propped on the side of the median. "You know, you got big trucks coming by and people trying to get to work and people might run over them or the wind might blow too hard," says Tyler Walker.

One driver who worries about what might happen says if one of the signs or its frame ended up in the way of traffic, it would definitely be trouble. "Probably a bad wreck.  You know, one car hits it and at a certain time like six in the morning, there's a bunch of traffic.  So, it would be a bunch of cars piled up," says Donald Davis.

This isn't a difficult fix.  And, we're taking action to ask the State Department of Transportation to get the signs off the median.  Drivers on a busy four lane don't need any extra hazards.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Abandoned in place traffic signs abound all over Huntsville and often appear to be nothing more than speed traps…

  • Jane Wishdog

    I’ve mentioned these to Sgt Mark Roberts back in June 2012. HPD is not authorized to remove these signs. As a person who works with those in construction, leaving these signs displayed (which was my concern) teaches HSV citizens that they should ignore construction signs. I estimate it’ll take a few deaths before anyone cares.

  • Steve

    I moved to New Hope several years ago. When I first moved, there were signs on 431S about construction, however the construction had been completed. 2 years later when I moved away from New Hope, the signs were still there even though the construction had been completed over two years prior. The dangerous part is that folks in Alabama are so pre-conditioned to observing signs that are not needed anymore that they ignore the signs for current projects. That creates a dangerous situation.

  • Bubba

    Don’t speed and you won’t get a ticket. It is that simple. If you speed, you deserve a ticket. Why? cause stone cold Bubba said so..

  • Michelle

    The problem is that the speed limit is for construction that no longer exists. Thus, the posted speed limit though enforceable, is theoretically not valid because the construction is not there. Hence drivers end up being confused whether they are to drive the standard speed limit or the temporary construction speed limit. That confusion could cause issues with traffic flow and possibly accidents. Another location for incorrect construction signs on Memorial is just South of Martin as you head North and talks about construction for 6 miles which no longer exists.

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