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Decatur Man Charged with Child Abuse, Victim is 3

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Kaimeon Coston

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Police arrested a Decatur man for allegedly hurting a 3-year-old boy.

Kaimeon Coston, 32, is charged with child abuse.  Officers say Coston whipped the child with a belt, injuring him in the back and face.

Police were made aware of the situation during a welfare check on Locust Street in Decatur.

Investigators say Coston is the boyfriend of the child’s mother.

Coston is in the Morgan County Jail with a bond set at $2,500.


  • jamison jones

    what? the man is busy discplining his child! where do you draw the line in these matters? Give the man a break.

  • mom84

    whipping a three year old with a belt is pass where the line is drawn. Besides men hit harder then women and a light spanking with a hand would be more understandable. belts are for big kids in my opinion.

  • LIzzy

    You should not let men that are not your husband discipline your child . boyfriends come and go and your child does not know who to trust or when they are being abused or disciplined at 3.

    • Huntsville Lady

      You must be the cousin of the accused criminal! You are just as stupid as he is. How is this discipline? A belt for a 3 year old? How forceful were the strikes with the belt? There is a difference in discipline and beating. Furthermore, let me guess, the MAMA was gone to get her nails done, weave trimmed, then on to use her Food Stamps at Holloways, Only in Decatur, where its greater!!

  • mattie jane

    Wow huntsville lady are you Sterotyping or just plain ole rasicts…. Huntsville just up the road lol

  • jamison jones

    yeah, whats wrong with belts for 3 year olds? see, thats why jails are so filled up with black folk. anytime them kids gat discplined, they called the law on the men and thats why the men ran away from the homes! thats why you see more delinquent, grown azzz men still living in their mama’s homes at 50!

  • New York Lady

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if you don’t know all the facts then don’t throw the accuser under the bus. just because the paper publishes something doesn’t mean that it is always true. I am the mother of 3 and I whipped my kids with a belt at the age of 3. just as the Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. discipline should come at an early age no im not saying hit them in the face or punch the head or whatever but kids should be disciplined. This is what’s wrong with the judicial system they don’t want parents to whip their child but are so quick to call when the child does something or gets in trouble…get it together. I believe in whipping mine than to have them in the system@ the one that had the racist comments ill pray alittle harder for you

    • The good life

      That is not what that the scripture reads, it has been misquoted for ever! And what it is talking about is disciplining your child not beating them! My cousin was whipping his 3yr old son and one wrong hit caused the child’s death. Now if that 3yr old died from those licks then everybody would have been saying that is so sad. It’s those licks that lead up to worse situations! By the way study proverbs 13:24 and let me know where it approves beating your child.

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