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Clements High School Assistant Principal Placed on Leave Following Investigation

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Limestone County Schools Superintendent Tom Sisk says Clements assistant principal Kevin Davis is on paid leave following an investigation.

Superintendent Sisk placed Davis on paid leave last week. Sisk did not go into details about the investigation, but did say that a forensic auditor investigated Davis and it did not include children.

Davis is also the athletic director of Clements High School.


  • Nuclear Mike

    And yet another employee of the Public has apparently “dipped into the till” again…has our whole class of Public employees become nothing but thieves in order to steal our tax monies at work???

  • Christopher

    It is just another example that proves that being a member of AEA does not ensure a job when an educator does something illegal as a number of you erroneously proclaim…

    • james

      Christopher, two of my former employee, that I fired, are back in the Madison county, government school system, being lazy,and a thief , may look good, on a government run school resume. but not in the real world. just my experience, in dealing with these type of people

      • SMH

        @James – While I agree that this man should be repremanded if found guilty, I am offended by your lack of proper grammar… ESPECIALLY if you work in education! Sorry, someone had to say it.

    • Christopher

      James, your whining is getting pathetic. I worked in farm work from age 13 through much of my college years, and I saw employees hired and rehired, sometimes several times. They were working what you classify as a “real” job. It is not the job that makes a quality employee but the work ethic instilled within them before they entered the workforce… Furthermore, for someone who wants to point out the many flaws in the education system, your sentence structure, improper grammar, and misuse of punctuation is even more pathetic than your whining.

      • screw aarp

        Christopher, as a worker in the AEA government school system, I am sure your fellow workers are pleased that you are defending them. As Saul Alinsky would say ,if we can not beat them with ideas , then we will call then names. Unlike some AEA government workers, some of us have flaws!

      • Christopher

        Mr. Alinsky and the same old story… As I told you before, we are not talking about ideas but reality…

      • screw aarp

        Christopher , with all your AEA worker back ground, you must have come across some of Sauls books, the one you would like is ,rules for radical socialist , its about a union community organizer. this book could help you as a government school worker.

  • eyes on them

    Look at mickey glass and the teacher at Elkmont that got relieved for being a thief X3.Limestone county at it finest.Trash everywhere on the ground in the schools ect.

  • freak-out

    This is ridiculous. These teachers making our county look really bad…. The only way to teach them anything is to fire them. Come on people, you’re going to land another ridiculous rule in the schools making it once again harder for anyone to do their job.

  • Deborah Dollar

    Don’t be talking about Mr. Mickey Glass at least he owned up to what he did. He was one of the best principles we had at Elkmont. Some of us liked him a lot. Thank You.

  • Concerned Resident

    The comment above is what epitomizes Limestone County. Mr. Glass is a thief, plain and simple. Yes, he owned up to it, after he was caught. Mr. Glass was a far cry from the principals Steve Pettus and Stan Davis were. Folks in this county need a reality check in the worst way. The reason things like this keep happening is because people are led to believe that they are untouchable. Why do they feel this way, because people like the commentator above choose to overlook the bad things that people do. There have been principals in this county who have been caught changing grades, there are teachers currently employed who have engaged in sexual misconduct with students, brought alcohol onto campus, and host parties where teenagers are often invited or welcomed. Yet, those same people just happen to know the right people or have enough prestige to the point to where it all gets swept under the rug. Anyone, abusing their powers and privileges in these positions should be punished accordingly. We can’t pick or choose who to punish. There have been a number of prospective teachers who can’t so much as get an interview because of the hypocrisy of the school system. People with clean records and stellar job performance can’t get a job, but a teacher who never teaches the students, does a textbook check for a test grade, or even gets arrested at a bar for getting into a drunken fight will get promoted to assistant principal, athletic director, or some other position of authority. The trends need to change, or there will always be situations that end like Mr. Glass’ or the above mentioned story.

  • Limestone County resident

    AMEN to the “concerned resident”. Want to know why Limestone County is becoming a joke? Look who we put in charge of things. Politics politics politics!!! Look how political it has become and if those people who do unprofessional things, like the above things mentioned, think that others will never find out or know, then they’ve got another thing coming. A teacher or school employee is more likely to lose a job over a false rumor than actually getting arrested or convicted of a crime or sexual misconduct. And we wonder why our schools and kids are the way they are. WAKE UP PEOPLE! People aren’t stupid and aren’t naive to what is going on and those who know can’t do anything about it because they are afraid of losing their jobs when they are the innocent ones. Or they are not given the opportunity to work and do what they went to school for. In my opinion, you need to get a clean slate of some of the employees at the LIMESTONE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION for starters before you start in the schools. Then make your way down the line because its not getting any better folks and its getting more crooked every day.

  • Worked at Elkmont

    Unfortunately, we no longer have principals like Mr. Steve Pettus and Mr. Stan Davis. They possessed common sense as well as compassion for the students. They managed the school as if it were their own household. We are no longer blessed with such administrators. The education system in our county live in another world (not in the real world). I shutter at the thought of what my grandchildren will be faced with as they go through the school system.



  • Henry Redfern

    Well all I know is that Kevin Davis was my football coach at Rogers and he was an awesome teacher and coach and I really want to know why??? Did he have to go on pay leave and what’s the investigation about?

  • Fargo

    In every single comment I have read, yall have already tried and convicted this man and you dont know anything about the situation or the man himself. I do know the man himself and his family and what the situation is. And I feel that he will be exonerated of this. Some of you are already calling for his head without an inkling of the circumstances. Its just sad.

  • Phyllis

    I’m not convicting. I just want to know why Clements High School get the worst coaches I have ever seen. The coaches we get don’t want to build the team from middle school and work with them so we could have a good team by the time they get to varsity. You can’t take a junior and senior and make a team. We need a coach that wants to start at the bottom and build a team that will win at varsity. If I was a football player and had to play week after week to get beat week after week I would be founding another school to go to.

  • Phyllis

    Why can’t Clements get a coach from Limestone county. If I’m not mistaken all the other schools have coaches that grew up in Limestone county. A coach would do a lot better if he had the love for the school.

  • Irritated Limestone resident

    Clements had an assistant coach/teacher back in 2007-2008 who wanted to build the teams from middle school up to varsity. He also put his heart and soul into what he taught and coached. BUT instead of being hired back the third year, he was pink slipped because of politics and the coaches there, who were and still are covering up things they have done unprofessionally. Some of them are trying to get political seats in Limestone County now. We get what we vote for don’t we?

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