Carly’s Law, to Allow UAB to Study Cannabis Oil, Takes Another Step Forward

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – A bill that would allow the University of Alabama at Birmingham to study the use of an oil derived from marijuana to treat severe epilepsy has made it one step further in the state legislature.

A house committee approved the bill known as ‘Carly’s Law’ on Tuesday, according to our news partners Huntsville Times.

A similar bill has already passed the Senate.

Doctors at UAB say research has shown cannabidoil can help ease epileptic seizures.

The bill is named after Carly Chandler, a 3-year-old girl from Pelham who suffers severe epilepsy.

Other families who have children with similar conditions have supported the bill.


  • Wake Up

    This is the way it started in Colorado. First, start with heart tugging cases that make it very easy to pass new legislation. These types of cases will make it easier to include other medical cases. Second, when the public attitudes change as people see more people being helped, it becomes easier to pass more medical marijuana laws. Ultimately, this will lead to the passage of recreational use laws! Change can come fast — even in the South!

    • Ashley

      , I don’t know who you think you are, but my son has seizures and I believe this law should be passed. You obviously haven’t had to watch someone who you love more than life itself go through something such as this, which is why you are as heartless as your comment. If people wouldn’t abuse the medicinal uses of such a drug, then I’m sure your comment would be different. As a mother with a son who has seizures, I am so happy they have made this law move another step closer.

    • Lisa McDougal

      Until you hold your child in your arms who has been seizing for an hour.. You have absolutely NOTHING to base your opinion on!

      • Ashley

        I couldn’t agree more Lisa. It’s a heart breaking feeling when you have no way of helping your child. It’s terrifying.

  • Mary potter

    I’m grateful to everyone who has helped the bill move forward. My daughter seizes every day despite medication, special diets and VNS surgeries. CBD oil may not be the answer but it also might help her a great deal. It would be great to work with her doctors here in Alabama instead of having to move to a new state. Please pray for my daughter. Thank you everyone who is working on this bill. Every day counts for us.

  • rick

    I am a 40+ yr old male that has had seizures since I was 4, until you have lived 40+ years never knowing if you are going to have a seizure or not, you have no reason to criticize anyone. I remember my mother worrying over me as a child. Never knowing when I would have one, or if I would come out of it ok. I have never thought people should mess with this plant. However, it is just a plant, one that can help people in many ways, ESPECIALLY seizures. I have been on 4 different kinds of medication for over 40 years.. They have many more side effects than cannabis oil does.. Before you criticize do some research.

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