Grand Jury Returns ‘No Bill’ On Accused Huntsville Teen Killer Case

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21-year-old Shawn Deleon Ford has been released from Madison County Jail. (File photo)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Madison County Grand Jury has returned a ‘no bill’ on a murder charge against accused teen killer Shawn Deleon Ford.

According to these court documents obtained by WHNT News 19 Tuesday afternoon, Ford has been ordered released from jail. He has been held on a $135,000 bond since his arrest last year.

21-year-old Ford was charged with Murder-non family-gun & Assault 2nd non-family.

Investigators reported Ford shot and killed 16-year-old Robert Dante Hewlett of Huntsville and wounded another teenager in July of 2013. Ford has been locked up at the Madison County detention facility since the time of his arrest last year.

WHNT News 19 brought you extensive coverage from the scene last year when officers and emergency responders got involved around 2 a.m. at the intersection of McVay Street and Belvoir Drive in southwest Huntsville.

That’s where police, fire officials and HEMSI found a car that had driven through a yard and crashed into several parked cars nearby.

Police say there were two teenagers in the car who had been shot. One was shot in the neck and the other in the chest.

Paramedics took both of the teenagers to Huntsville Hospital in critical condition. Hewlett eventually succumbed to his injuries.

While police were on the scene of the shooting, they saw a man running away from the area. They chased him, but he got away.

Minutes later, someone living in an apartment in the 3600 block of Patton Road called police to report a man covered in blood had broken into the apartment.


  • Huntsville Lady

    Another criminal on the loose!! Lookout world…. hide ya kids, hide ya wife, Antoine Dodson is back!!

  • jamison jones

    Thats the problem with eyewitnesses! People who are traumatized are never good witnesses! The witness who saw the blood on the dude’s shirt might have been hallucinating on his own ‘high’..might have been drunk and therefore couldnot have a good recollection of the individual after he/she was sober. Good luck..only problem with people like this, they think they’ve outsmarted the law! chances are he will be back in jail. They get cocky with everything about crime.

    • Wake Up

      Funny people like you would be saying that eye witnesses are always good if this man was charged with a crime. You only question eyewitnesses when things are not as you want them to be! Why is everyone “assuming” that he is guilty — oh, I get it, just look at his picture!! Racism is what racism does!

      I look forward to your criticism of the legal system and eye witnesses when the next story concerning the conviction of a minority is posted on this news site.

  • jamison jones

    I’m black as they get. Now, the prosecution had problems with evidence they had to warrant an indictment. But what could have possibly been the star witness could have been one of the above. I mean, just cause you seen someone with blood on their shirt doesn’t mean they killed someone..coincidences would have been the case with this one. See, in in matters of the law, its not what you say or know, its what you can prove.

  • jamison jones

    well, wake up, white folk really enforce it. you know thru other avenues. the enforcers run for elected office and everything becomes insitutionalized. courts, police and sheriffs departments, city offices and what not.

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