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Parents Voice Concerns Over Valley Head Mold Issue

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VALLEY HEAD, Ala. (WHNT)- Parents, teachers and students packed the gym at Valley Head High School Monday night.   They were there to listen to school leaders and also voice their own concerns over a mold problem inside the building.

"We found it on the walls.   The baseboards.   We found it in closets. We found it on windows.  You name it.  We found it," said parent Dave Vest.

The mold was first discovered last fall.   School officials say they treated it then, but it returned.   The situation came to a head last Friday when plaster on a wall in one classroom started falling.  This raised fears that mold could be spread through the whole school.

"My child, your child deserve better than that building they are going to school in everyday.  There are cracks in the walls," said parent Tara Kirby.

Other parents stood up to say that what is needed right now is calm.

"I don't want to cause everyone to start panicking and thinking oh my gosh the sky is falling.  My kids are all going to die," said a parent who only identified herself as Karen.

Officials have said the mold did not test positive as black mold, which has been linked to many health issues.   But they do acknowledge that there could also be asbestos in the building.   A report on that is scheduled to come back as early as Tuesday.

Superintendent Hugh Taylor told the crowd that he was sorry for any mishandling of the situation.  He says the problems will be repaired.   Students will be moved to other parts of the school while the mold is removed.


  • Anna

    Mr. Taylor is working to resolve the mold issue. It is a large problem that can not be corrected over night. It did not develop overnight. Apparently this has been an issue for several years. It is an issue that Mr. Taylor inherited when he began the job. What is important is that our kids have a safe environment to learn in. There are other issues other than the mold that make the building unsafe for our children. The high school building has been built since 1924, as I understand. It has not been maintained well and has deteriorated. Now is the time to correct the issues, replace what needs to be and do what is best for our children. It is sad that the high school building is so deteriorated but there is a fabulous gym that is fairly new. That money should have been spent by the previous board for repairs or replacement of the educational buildings.

  • VHHS alumni

    No Anthony that is not what needs to take place that is something that should have been done years ago matter of a fact over 10 years when Charles Warren was in office and was first notified of the mold and as usual he did nothing. Mr Taylor inherited this problem and now is expected to fix it overnight. Valley Head was not in good shape when I went to school there over 25 years ago and as usual the county puts that school at the bottom of the totem pole. My children went to school there and I love the school and community but people need to place blame where it belongs on Mr Warren for not doing the job he was elected to do many many years ago and passing these problems off to Hugh Taylor. I pray that Hugh is the man/superintendent that Charles Warren wasn’t and fixes the problem instead of sweeping it under the rug!!!!! Good Luck Valley Head….always a TIGER!!!!

  • Bree

    It was actually built in 1923, and this mold problem is a good, say, 15 + years old.. It doesn’t matter whom had just set this aside before, it matters now who Is going to step up and do something about it. The school is just a building, it doesn’t define the town, the town Is defined by those who live within it and take the nessassary actions for what’s right for the children of valley head high school. Keep that in mind when nestalga sets in..

  • Bree

    I don’t know if this has been noted, but this isn’t the first class wall to fall in.. This same thing happened last year, and they just boarded it up and went on about their businesses, just like they are trying to do now. This is somewhere us kids spend the majority of our lives under the age of 19. Think about that. Patching, and “cleaning” isn’t going to help.

  • Dave vest

    This problem may have started 15 years ago. So what do suggest we do VHHS Alumni? Call Warren and see if he can come to Valley Head and fix it? I don’t think that will work. All these people commenting on her saying there has been a problem for years should have got off there butt and had this taken care of. No one is blaming Hugh Taylor for the mold issue at Valley Head. Why can some people not get that through their thick heads. We are blaming the people that have not responded to our requests of tests and a plan of action. We have tried for weeks to get a response from this administration. It came to a head last Thursday when crews began to work in a 100 year old building with dust being thrown throughout the place while kids and faculty where in there. What part of that do you not understand? Should we say” well, we asked 2 weeks ago and I guess if these kids get sick it not our fault”. I’m not going to do that! In my eyes If you or anyone else knew there was a mold issue of this proportion, your as guilty as you say Charles Warren is!

  • Dave vest

    BTW. No one has ever asked for this to be fixed over night. All we have asked if for is to keep us informed and for our kids to be removed until it’s fixed.

  • Debsdjw

    Honestly, I believe that Valley Head should get a Brand New School. We hear about new schools being built all over the county. My Mother graduated from VHS and Im 52. A new school was needed when I attended VHS. Its Long overdue… How much do we value our children, their health and ability to learn? Come On ppl. Stop throwing “Blame” around. Thats not going to solve anything. We Should All be United in protecting and caring for the children of our county. So lets become “Active” instead of “Angry”

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