Northwest Huntsville Cluster of PTSA’s Responds To Commissioner Bob Harrison’s Attacks On School System

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison's comments on Huntsville City Schools continue to ripple through the community.

On Monday, we got a response from the Northwest Huntsville Cluster of PTSA's.

Harrison stirred the pot with remarks like, "I don`t believe in my 50-plus years have I seen such a display of arrogance, deception, deceit, such that when we talk about being together as a community, it defies everything that we are supposed to be about."

President of the Johnson PTSA Vikki Hollingsworth says via a statement, "Dr. Wardynski has done an incredible job improving schools in North Huntsville.  The new principal, Eric Jones, and his team have made my daughter`s first year at the school effortless."

In the same statement, PTSA Member Chaundra Jones says "A small group of disgruntled citizens and a couple of elected officials do not reflect the opinion of the entire community. Their methods are negative and do not propel our students for a successful future."

Several other members joined the chorus against Harrison's remarks, including President of the Northwest Cluster, Carlos Matthews.


  • Karinttt

    That’s your contribution, Bob? You have nothing better to do than insult someone in the comments section? What are you, the weight police? There’s something inherently ugly about people who comment on other people’s weight publicly. If you really care about Bob, then talk to him privately. Don’t try to embarrass him in front of God and everybody else. That’s crass and ugly. If you don’t know him, then you don’t know what his medical condition is or whether he’s tried to lose weight or not. You should keep your unkind and hurtful observations to yourself. You’re a real self-righteous gem of a man. Stop acting like a bullying teenager.

  • D. Earl Palmer

    Apparently, what set off Commissioner Harrison’s tirade is the fact that key educators refused to meet with him(and Councilman Showers, too). Open communications is everything. After all, the Commissioner was elected by the people to represent them. Wardynski has hidden behind the bureaucratic bromide of not having to “report” to anyone not in his line of command. Let’s try not to play school politics in a system aimed at educating our children. Everyone’s opinion is important.

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