Fayetteville Man Found Guilty of Wife’s Murder

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) – A Lincoln County jury found Charles McKinney guilty of 2nd degree murder in May 7, 2012 shooting of his wife, Courtney McKinney Friday.

Courtney McKinney was shot to death inside the couple’s apartment in May 2012. Investigators say it followed some sort of domestic disturbance.

Neighbors say after shots rang out, Charles McKinney came out of the apartment holding a gun to his own head while carrying the couple’s toddler.


    • RIPCourtney

      Have you ever heard of domestic violence? Courtney had called her mother to come get her because Chaz didn’t want to start the job they had moved to Fayetteville for. While on her way to pick up her daughter the cops called her mother and told her she had been murdered. So, yes, she had heard of DIVORCE and was trying to leave him when he decided to murder her.

      • Sue

        Sorry for not specifying MEN hear of divorce. So many men are abusing their wives and yes they DO intend to kill them! Yes I have heard of domestic violence. I lived in a terrifying marriage for a long time. I tried to get him to divorce me because I knew it would not accept me divorcing him. To make a long story short CONTROL FREAKS will NOT let you go easily! They think you are their property. I am so sorry he murdered her before she could get away from him! Such a tragic ending that happens way too often. Should never have happened. I feel great sadness for her and her family and friends.

  • jamison jones

    This stuff makes me sick to my stomach.Divorce in this country is never easy. In a lot of countries,people just walk away with no consequences, Here its about money!, its about how much pain one can inflict on the other $$$ wise. Now, you mix it with, yes, i’ll say it again, drugs, and in this case pills or meth and there you have the explosion!.

    • RIPCourtney

      Do you usually assume that people are on drugs when something like this happens? Neither Chaz nor Courtney were on drugs when this happens as proven by their toxicology reports. Courtney was an amazing person and rarely drank. Chaz is someone who is easily angered, and always has been. How dare you make assumptions when you obviously have no idea.

  • jamison jones

    i guess its a personality disorder! you know, the borderline kind! the type that thinks like this, ‘if i can’t have you, nobody else will.’ i’ve always maintained that its never a good idea to get married until you are about 35 and have played around alot.

    • RIPCourtney

      He was always the guy who would fly into a rage at the smallest thing and then just stop. I don’t know if he abused her before this, but I have an absolute belief that this was not the first time. He grabbed their daughter from Courtney and held her like a football while shooting Courtney. Multiple times. He shot her in the leg, the torso, and through the temple. She had a defensive wound on her arm from where she was trying to block the shots. They had to dye her hair red at the funeral. Courtney, and what happened to her, is something people deserve to know about, not Chaz. His greatest contribution to society is a little girl with no parents, and a family that will never be the same. Courtney was sweet, quiet, and never had anything bad to say to or about anyone. She was beautiful, and Weatherby luckily looks like her.

  • jamison jones

    On second thought, how did he come to own a gun with his type of personality? friend, i feel for you. this situation is part of the larger debate about gun control. i’ve always maintained that owning a gun in a home doesn’t necessarily make you safe. Actually it increases the propensity for domestic homicides.

  • RIPCourtney

    Gun ownership isn’t determined by the type of personality you have. He was gun obsessed. He named their daughter, Weatherby, after an arms manufacturer.

    I’m not going to participate in a gun control debate, but guns themselves do not escalate situations. The person behind it does. Guns are tools and are only dangerous dependent on the user, much like an axe or a table saw. If I’m out in town with a gun on my hip it does not make any situation better or worse. However, if I pull it out and start pointing it at people that’s me. Not the gun. The same goes with my fists. They neither better or worse a situation unless I start punching people. The gun is not responsible for this crime, Chaz Mckinney is.

    As a 112 lb. female, a gun in my home does make me safe. I would only use my gun if I felt my life was in danger. So many people abuse their guns and don’t learn to respect them as tools as you would an axe or a table saw.

    Chaz never had a documented history of violence, and therefore had no reason to be barred from owning a gun.

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