Cops: Texas Dad fatally shoots boy in teen daughter’s bedroom

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(CBS News) HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A Houston-area father fatally shot a teenage boy he found in his daughter’s bedroom early Thursday, deputies said, according to CBS affiliate KHOU.

Detectives say the man’s 16-year-old daughter let the 17-year-old boy into her family’s home in Spring, Texas, and sneaked him into her bedroom, but when her father walked in and questioned who the boy was, she said she didn’t know.

An argument reportedly ensued between the boy and the father.

The father told police he opened fire on the teen after the teen dropped his hands as if to grab something. He died at the scene.

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  • Jane Ray

    If the daughter invited this young man into the house then the father should be charged with murder! What a shame! Both the daughter and her father are responsible!!!

    • Brian S.

      Really, you should not let emotions dominate over common sense. The daughter told the father she didn’t know the young man. Its 2am and a strange man is in your teen daughter’s bedroom. He reaches for something, the father reacted. Only after the man was dead did the daughter fess up. Murder?? Glad you don’t make legal decisions.

      • Michael

        Man? It was a 17-year old boy. Probably in her class or something.

        So did the father just happen to have a gun in his hand when he walked into his daughter’s room? Attorneys are going to have a time with “intent” on that one.

      • brett buzzard

        Uhhh daughter wasnt screaming for help obvious she Ones him and father shouldve put two and two together

      • patricia barnes

        So you walk into your daughters bedroom after not hearing any screaming or struggling (first red flag) and they are in bed “together” (second red flag). Your daughter says she doesn’t know him so your first response is to shoot him because it was so obvious she was telling the truth. The boy drops his hands (I wasn’t there and even I can picture he probably put his hands up like anyone would do) and when he put them down the father just shot. Yes like this is a plausible scenario to me. Hope you do not have daughters and a gun. Goes to show gun violence trumps common sense every time.

      • machine_gunner

        This was at 2 in the morning. The father did not just walk into the bedroom. Another child told his father that was someone in their daughters room at 2 am. He did not know the kid, the daughter lied about not knowing him, and was told not to move. The father did not know the kid, or know if the kid has harmed is daugther or threaten his daughter not to scream. Again this is at 2 am in the morning. And by the way, I do have a daughter and plenty of guns. And for your stupid little comment about gun violence and common sense. Where was the common sence of the 17 yo in bed with a 16 yo at 2 in the morning. Where is the common sence of the parents of the 17 yo that allows their son to be out at 2 am. Sorry there is no gun violence here to support your liberal gun control arguement.

    • machine_gunner

      Bull. The 16 year old does not own the house. If you read the story, the yound son came into the fathers bedroom and said there was someone hiding under the bed in his sisters room. What do you expect a father to do, walk in there unarmed with a known intruder in the house. The daughter lied about knowing the boy. The father was completely JUSTIFIED in his actions. He did not know this kid. Maybe the parents of the 17 yo old should be charged with a crime.

    • Kathy

      Guess you did not read the article. Daughter told father she did not know who the guy was so if I were the father I would think he is in my daughters room to do harm. First instinct of a father is to protect your loved ones. This is not murder.

  • kip gambino

    The daughter should have her butt kicked for 1)Being a tramp 2) Lying and causing that boy’s death and her father all this grief

  • valerie

    It’s a shame!! I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if my daughter denied knowing who he was. She should carry some responsibility of the situation. Praying for both families

  • Lyonness5

    Really, the daughter invited this young man in. And the father knew it, kids do stupid or sneaky stuff. I was a kid once. Charge him with murder, he was pissed off because his daughter had a guy in her bedroom. And for her to lie… it has caused this young man his life!!! HIstorry I tell you!!

    • machine_gunner

      Wrong, the father knew there was an intruder in his house and in his daughters room. He is JUSTIFIED in what he did. This will teach the rest of the dumb 17 y.o’s that when someone says don’t move, you dont move.

    • KB

      I agree with you 100%. If she didn’t know him I would think she would scream or something. And why would you invite a stranger in that just so happens to be in your age group. We we all kids once. This is so sad.

  • machine_gunner

    For all the folks that are calling for the dad to be arrested and charged with murder. Here is another fact of the case that was not mentioned in the above article. The 17 yo was discovered at 2:20 am in the FREAKING MORNING. At 2 am.

  • Wake Up

    Just another day in gunland! Tomorrow there will be more stories like this, and the next day, and the next day. . . .

    • Kimberly Beal

      So I guess at 2AM when you have your younger child come in and tell you there is someone under your daughters bed….you grab your gun…go into the room and she LIES about not knowing him…..after being told not to move he drops his hands like he is reaching for something and the Dad is in the wrong here? I think not.

      • paul

        FIRST OF ALL, 17yr boys and girls don’t have common sense, they have hormones that some can’t control. 2nd, why did he feel he had to shoot the kid? The father is a grown man and was frightened or scared by a 17yr old kid? He should of just ran the boy from his house, maybe after a swift kick in the butt, then go back to his daughters room and testify! To many little men with big guns, cowards! i have 3 daughters and no guns; im man enough, lol

  • Shonda

    People are so quick to judge. The boy’s parents probably figured (the same as the girl’s parents) that their son was in bed sound asleep. If the girl snuck the boy in the house, chances are the boy snuck out of his house and they planned the meeting and time at 2am when they believed their parents would be asleep. If the girl was not screaming or appearing to be in any danger, then he could have used logical reasoning that here are two teenagers (not an adult) in a closed room. What do teenagers do when they fear getting caught. Hide under the bed — lie. Maybe this father overreacted just a little. I’m sure at some point during the argument the boy explained enough to raise the questions – is the girl being honest. The father had the gun. Why not just call the cops and let it be resolved in that manner. I think maybe the father just let his emotions instead of reasoning get the best of him. As to how it should be handled, I will leave that to the judges and lawyers.

  • MK

    What is the race? I think you know! If it was other than white, it would be racially motivated (duh) and the media would be stirring the pot

  • James Holland

    A man facing a teenager. A real man would not bring a gun to a fist fight, nor would a real man lose his head and resort to killing a teenager (somebody elses child.) over the actions of 2 under ages teens. I am so happy that eveybody did not have guns when I was a teen.

  • Hilary Gross

    Daughter is responsible for lying. Father overreacted. A kid is dead. Prayers for all involved.

  • Sherry Beth Dobbins

    kids lie, to get out of trouble or to lessen the punishment..what parent doesnt know this,i do not think this man is any different than daughter will say what he has to to lessen the punishment. young man is dead, my guess is because the boy argud and dads temper over took his judgement..teens often have sex does not make girl evil probably sweet kids..first loves…kids being kids…dad was the adult here.. sad for everyone….

  • Amy Dalton


  • Gunner

    If there is a strange person in my house at 2 am .. Damn right I’m gonna have my gun out ! If I point my gun at someone and told them to keep there hands up that means do so .. Not put them down … The dad didn’t know at the time if the boy was reaching for a gun or not ! Had the boy kept his hands up I’m sure the gun owner / dad would have done the right thing by letting the police handle it !

  • jamison jones

    The dad is a nut! i mean, what could he have been so mad about? his daughter sleeping with a 17 yr old boy? ridiculous. some parents just take it alittle too far.

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