Shoals Man Charged in Violent Assault; Woman Suffered Fractures to Head, Face

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Jeffrey Scott Boyd (Photo: Colbert County Sheriff's Office)

Jeffrey Scott Boyd (Photo: Colbert County Sheriff’s Office)

CHEROKEE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Shoals man is charged with robbery, assault and theft after a violent incident this week that left a woman badly beaten.

Jeffrey Scott Boyd, 29, of Cherokee, is in the Colbert County Jail. His bond is set at $150,000.

Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May says his office got a call Wednesday afternoon from an address on Smallwood Mountain Road. The family said a woman banged on the walls and windows, begging for help. Her head and face were covered in blood.

Deputies and paramedics rushed to the home to help her. The woman said she had been beaten by Scott Boyd.

The woman said she was driving Boyd to a nearby house to get some of his clothes when he asked her to pull over so he could urinate. The woman stopped the car and Boyd got out, and went to the trunk. He asked her to come to the back of the car, and she did.

The woman said at that point, Boyd started beating her with a tire tool on her face and head. He got in the car and drove away, she said. Her wallet was inside with about $400 cash in it.

At that point, the woman said she walked to the nearest home to get help.  She was rushed to Helen Keller Hospital for treatment. She suffered fractures to her head, and needed emergency surgery.

Sheriff May says Boyd turned himself in on March 12. Investigators searched the car, but didn’t find the tire tool or the wallet. Boyd told investigators he didn’t remember what happened because he had injected himself with cocaine and took pain pills that day. He said he learned about the woman’s injuries when he woke up and saw it on Facebook.

There is a separate incident Boyd is charged in. Sheriff May says earlier this month, on March 5, a woman said she was at a neighbor’s house babysitting, on Alma Street in Muscle Shoals. The woman said Boyd arrived. She left the room for a few minutes and when she returned, he was gone.

The children said Boyd took her wallet and left. The children confirmed this to investigators who came to the home. The wallet had $450 cash, credit cards, a Social Security card, necklace and ring.

Sheriff May said investigators questioned Boyd about this incident, but he denied taking the wallet.


  • Sue

    Throw him in a jail cell. Leave the door open so inmates can come beat up on him. See how he likes it!!!

  • Randolph Speegle

    This piece of garbage deserves to rot for what he’s done to my family and the other women!

  • jamison jones

    The man was on drugs. he probably never meant it to happen.. With all due considerartion to the victim, this woman could have provoked the man by saying all kinds of things to him, cuz he was urinating on the side of the road. I know women who play victim but underscore their roles in scuffles like this. Fact is, the woman must have said some horrible stuff to this dude. Seen it all.

    • Sue

      Get real! The abuser was on drugs so he did not mean to do it? It was his own fault he was on drugs and of course he meant to do it. She gives him a ride so he says thanks by beating her half to death? He is an abuser and he wanted her money and car and everything he stole. He had stole money from another woman. He is a user of drugs and uses people. Lock him away!!!

    • KB

      So its HER fault he was on drugs?? Nonetheless, NOBODY deserves the brutal beating she got from him! AND if she did say some things to him, maybe she was giving him the truth. He obviously is a control freak and loves the power. Most men that abuse women do and are cowards for it. He can’t win a fight with a REAL man!

      • Sue

        Absolutely correct! Men who beat up on women will not fight real men because they are cowards- yes! and they are not a “real man”!!!

  • d

    He was married to my daughter .i didn’t know how he was treating her n the baby till after the divorce.he don’t have to be on drugs that’s just him.he always has hit women n probably always will.this was 9years ago I’m glad he’s out of our lives.i hope. gets life without prole,my heart n prayers goes out to this girl .she didn’t deserve this even if she done something to make him one deserves this. may he rot in hell

  • Jay

    We should always get both sides of the story before we make
    Public comments.the guy probably has been beating on
    Women all his life but our savior has already died on the cross
    For his sins and by the way if the forgave him should we forgive

    • Sue

      Obviously he was not beating on you! GOD will decide if HE wants to forgive him or not. GOD gave everyone a brain to make decisions, eyes to see what people are about to do, and hands and feet to fight with to protecy ourselves. Women SHOULD NOT have to fight for their lives against men! However- if you have to protect yourself that is what you do. You DO NOT let him beat you! He will continue because he can and he is a gutless coward. Since men are stronger and usually bigger then that is what guns or any object you have is for -to protect yourself. They will hurt kids, pets, babies or anyone in the household to intimidate you. Then he will go on to the next victim. He has to be stopped or he will continue. Good ridden to this low life!

  • Veleada

    I was married to a man for 10 years that would brutally beat me with my children present. I finally escaped and have learned he is beating on his new wife. To say that this woman said or did something to cause this man to do this is absurd. He took the free will God granted him and used it to hurt someone to get what he wanted. Pure and simple. She didnt ask for it and she didnt deserve it. And frankly, it worries me for your family if that is the way you feel. How many times do beat ur wife because she says something ypy dont like? These men who beat their women into submission are not the men God created them to be. That is not love, respect or common courtesy for another human life. Its a scared little shell of a man using his power to be a selfish, lying, theiving disgrace. I have no sympathy for this man or any other that feels his stregnth can lead over logic.

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