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Karla Chapman Found Guilty of Murder

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Karla Chapman and her attorney. (Photo: WHNT)

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A Madison County jury found Karla Gaye Chapman guilty of murder on Thursday afternoon.

Chapman is charged with murder in the death of her husband Jonathan Eliff in 2010. During the trial, she testified that stabbed Eliff during an argument after he threatened to kill her.

Prosecutors say Chapman gave slightly different answers during cross-examination. They questioned Chapman why she didn’t explain it was self-defense right away.

Chapman said she was in shock, but she did eventually tell investigators what happened.

Chapman’s sentencing hearing will be held on May 22.


  • Christy

    Justice was served as it should be. She is an evil woman… Lied on the 911 call saying she was trying to help him when she was actually in the yard away from him. She deserves a life sentence. Jonathan was this sweetest person, and everyone loved him

  • Yvonne Williams

    You never know someone until you have lived with them. They could be great out in public, but then the devil in carnet behind closed doors.

    • Sue

      That is true. However you can live with them and still have no idea what they are really thinking or capable of doing! Some people are very scary!

  • Shannon

    Jonathan wasn’t a Saint and no one says he was… but he DID NOT deserve to be stabbed to death at the hands of his wife! She is where she should be LOCKED UP and she should NEVER get out!!

  • jamison jones

    stabbing, shootings…domestic homicides! Alot of people, especially women live in these little emotional bubbles riddled with drugs (prescription meds, to be exact), alcohol and fantasies. Anyway, she’ll have lots of time to reflect. She looks like a pill-head to me.

  • Mike

    Ms. Chapman apparently thought the jury wouldn’t see through lies during testimony. This is very telling of what kind of person she is. Drugs and alcohol obviously played a role in this tragedy, but that does not excuse her actions. The court system worked this time. My condolences to Mr. Eliff’s family.

  • Amanda

    Women will be sentenced 30-40 years in a domestic dispute murder and man will get 10 – 15 years!! No one truely knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  • Christy

    Drugs wasn’t a factor in this case. Karla (AKA, CRAZY) was actually crazy. Just wished Jonathan could have gotten away from her. She is where she belongs now. Her daddy can’t buy her out of this one, thank The Lord…

  • Deborah

    I know that everybody has an opinion but I know that Karla is a GOOD person. She wishes that this had NEVER happen. She has told me many times. I wish that I had never happen. But God Only Knows Why it happen. May God be with everyone involved

  • Mike

    A GOOD person doesn’t murder their spouse. Sure she wishes it never happened. Then she wouldn’t be going to prison! Killing your spouse is about as BAD as it gets. It would NEVER had happened if she was a GOOD person. Shame on you for defending this monster.

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