Shoals Woman Charged After Newborn Tests Positive for Marijuana

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Debra Gail Keeton Lawrence (Photo: Florence Police Dept.)

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Police have arrested a Shoals woman after her newborn child tested positive for marijuana.

According to Florence Police, 27-year-old Debra Gail Keeton Lawrence is charged with chemical endangerment of a child.

Investigators say the child was born on February 25 at ECM Hospital.

Florence Police say Lawrence also tested positive for amphetamines at the time of the birth.

She’s being held at the Lauderdale County Detention Center.


  • chank

    Why is the marijuana the headline and not the amphetamines? would the baby not test positive for amphetamines also at the time of birth? As far as i know Amphetamines cause birth defects but marijuana does not. So why is marijuana the headline????

    • kip gambino

      unfortunately chank, it really doesnt matter. She should not have had any of the crap in her system. You know that saying, “6 of one, half dozen of another.” In other words, one is just as bad as the other in this case.

    • kip gambino

      Unfortunately chank, it really doesn’t matter which one was mentioned in the headline. She should not have had any of it in her system. You know that saying, “six of one, half dozen of another.” In other words, one is just as bad as the other in this case!

  • Susan Lamie

    They need to court order this woman to be sterilized. All she does is have children and drop them with whoever will take them and have some more. To date she has given birth to 5 or 6 children. Children that suffer because they are neglected and the lucky ones that are being raised by others feel the anguish of missing their mother………..even though mother is not a word I would ever use for this POS

  • Charlene ayers

    Pure trash! She has always been a worthless mother to her children, trust me, I know first hand.

    • JIM


  • mamac

    This makes me SICK.It or to be LAW if any woman who gives birth and the baby is positive for drugs or if the baby is hurt in any way .. The state should make it law where they do a FULL BLOWN Hysterectomy. To where they will NEVER be able to have kids ever again. And maybe they will think twice before pulling something like this..Poor babies..

  • Audra

    I agree that this behavior is not acceptable.
    My heart breaks for the innocent children that will suffer from the decisions she has made.
    But what makes me even more saddened is the entitlement you all think you have.
    “but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”John 8:7.
    This mother you all cut to pieces, has had her fair share of hard times just like anyone, she is not perfect. Delbra Gail is my sister, whom I have not seen since I was three years old because her mother had made some of the similar decisions. Unfortunately, she was once the victim of the very same thing. I agree that none of this is ok, that she should not have put that baby at risk nor should she get her children back, but I do not believe it is any more ok to criticize and belittle her until you have walked in her shoes.

    • linda

      I know to well what your saying I’m raising. One of those. Kids he is 10.
      He knows nothing about any of the others I’ve been with him since day one

      • Audra

        So he was adopted? I was adopted at age three but I have always been told about my birth family and when I turned 19 I started contacting them.

  • Josh

    Seriously? The amphetamines are the problem. Marijuana is not the problem. In some states doctors actually recommend pregnant women to digest marijuana. It helps with the cramps, it gives her an appetiie. There is nothing wrong with her having marijuana. The only “harmful” part of the marijuana is inhaling the smoke. You shouldn’t inhale anything except for the air you breath.

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