UPDATE: Man Shoots Intruder at Home in DeKalb County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The shooting took place at this home on DeKalb County Road 1966. (Photo: Carson Clark/WHNT News 19)

The shooting took place at this home on DeKalb County Road 1966. (Photo: Carson Clark/WHNT News 19)

The shooting took place at this home on DeKalb County Road 1966. (Photo: Carson Clark/WHNT News 19)

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting in the Whiton community, in southern DeKalb County.

Sheriff Jimmy Harris said a man now identified as Tony Kitchens, 60 of Albertville, went to a home on County Road 1966, breaking in and demanding to speak to the homeowner. That man wasn’t there, but his father was.

Sheriff Harris said Kitchens started to beat the homeowner’s father with a large flashlight.

“He said he was here to whoop his butt, apparently you know. They got into a little altercation,” said Sheriff Harris. “The guy that came into the residence picked up a flashlight.  The one with the big batteries on the bottom. Started beating the dad with it.”

The man grabbed his shotgun and shot Kitchens in the leg.

Sheriff Harris said Kitchens’ main artery in one of his legs was wounded. He was flown to Huntsville Hospital for treatment.

Sheriff Harris said the man inside the home was beaten badly, but is refusing medical treatment.

At this time no charges have been filed, but the investigation is still on going. District Attorney Mike Odell or the Grand Jury will make a decision on charges if any will be filed, according to Sheriff Harris.


    • Red

      Nobody needs to read a bunch of comments from people who say GOOD to stuff like this. Naturally, any reasonable person is glad that this offender was dealt with since he had no business barging into another persons home. But for the gun fetishists, such events are celebrated as proof of how holy the GD gun is and how justified the “good guy” is to use one. Most of the time, shootings are the result of accidents by idiots, or criminals, or desperate people in weak moments of insanity. The justified, happy ending self defense scenario does not happen nearly as often. But like I said, everybody is glad this didn’t end any worse than it could have.

      • puffer

        Yep he accidentally broke in. Yep the old man may have been beatetn to death if Obama had already took his gun!
        What if had been you or your family!!

      • Bull

        It happens more than you think, Red. You just don’t hear about real defense situations, because the media wants to keep you brain dead.

  • Johnny Rychuss

    I had to shoot an intruder once.. He ran off. Idk what happened to him. Never even called the police. Hit him in the shoulder with a .22lr when I caught him climbing thru my open window trying to grab my laptop.

  • jamison jones

    This is the best case scenario of a good guy having a gun and using it well. He should have aimed alittle higher though.

    • L

      Lets see…breaking and entering, felony assault AND the CASTLE DOCTORINE…..yeah…I’m not seeing charges against the homeowner pending.

      • marthaj28@yahoo.com

        it has happen before and the home owner went to prison for it,and all he was doing was trying to save his family

  • Tony

    If he was in my house, I would not shoot to injure. That just gives them opportunity to retaliate later……he would have left in a minivan.

  • Mary

    I hope this type of action by the resident will serve as a deterrent to other would-be home invaders. If you entered my house while I am home with my children, I am not aiming for the leg! I am glad he defended his self.

    • Robert

      It fascinates me that Obama has expanded gun rights yet people maintain willful ignorance in order to live in a fantasy world where he’s out to get your guns. Is this fantasy drug induced or simply mental illness?

      • Richter

        Are you happy or sad that Obama has “expanded” gun rights? By the sound of it you seem a little upset.

        Maybe you should have voted for Mitt Romney; that guy actually passed an “Assault Weapon” Ban in Massachusetts. ;-)

  • Wake Up

    All of you need to step back and put away your party horns! This is not a story of some innocent citizen using a gun to protect themselves from a boogie man! This is a story of two people that knew each other and got into an argument. The “assailant” was a mentally ill man that came to the house looking for the home owner. It is just the usual story of an argument being settled with a gun.

    • Gary Taber

      Even if I knew a “mentally ill” person that was beating me up with a flashlight, I would have done the same…..and aimed higher. One is just as dead at the hands of a mentally ill person as they would be if beaten by a “sane” individual.

    • Red

      You are trying to paint a picture that is going to be too complicated for the audience here to grasp, and they won’t even try. All you will do by trying to preach sanity is draw ridicule from bubba who will accuse you of being educated… and you should be embarrassed by that.


    Wake Up if my gut feeling is correct the poor pitiful innocent citizen is the Tony Kitchens of that if people will google that name with alabama after can come to their own opinion of what kind of guy he is.

  • Jimmy

    Good, you want to barge into someone elses house, attack someone at the house, the guy should be dead, not in the hospital. By the way it is not a fetish for guns, it is protecting your property and your kids and who ever else happens to be there. It would have been no difference if he used an axe instead of a gun.

    You are trying to paint a picture that is going to be too complicated for the audience here to grasp???

    Who do you think you are Red, you are just showing your ignorance on this!!! Go back and hide behind your wife’s (or Husbands) skirt tail!!!!

    • Really

      You want to preach of ignorance? How about this for ignorance,the so called intruder lives with the home owners mother,and is in criticall health,he can’t even walk,much less hurt any one,he has to have a home health nurse to give him showers… The home owners mother drove him there,after seeing his doctor for a MRI,for which her daughter is the home owner,which the said intruder was just with this past friday.Judge not be what is unknown…

      • Jimmy

        FYI (from the homeowner) I am the homeowner I am female if I had been home i wouldn’t be around now I’m sure

        From the homeowner!!! Why don’t you get your facts straight!!!! He must not have been that handicapped, he beat someone with a flashlight!!!

    • Really

      The homeowner? The same one that drove the said intruder around Friday? The same one,that her mother lives with said intruder? The same one that mother drove said intruder to your house? The same one that has known this said intruder for many years? Wow,this said intruder,is a physically handicapped man,he couldn’t physicallyhurt anyone…love how a innocent man,gets played as intruder.. what has this world come to?

      • Jimmy

        Again, how can the intruder be severely handicapped if he beat someone with a flashlight. You need to get your facts straight!! Until then please do not show your ignorance anymore!!!

    • Sherry Ellis Adelman

      I’ve seen the 2 homeowners comments the woman purchased guns for her felon husband and his felon father used the gun. One month ago father and son hunting on private property w/o permission . Both were arrested on several charges included felons not allowed to own guns . But I guess ppl think that’s alright. Not only are they going to all get new,charges but personal lawsuits for what this has caused. Cheaters in marriages always get found

    • Sherry Ellis Adelman

      And mother of daughter hasn’t even called to check her mother . Who witnessed the shooting . Her mother is a mental patient…Nothing different though she has never been there for her mother. Except to use her,mother as scapegoat while she cheated on her husband.

  • Really

    So my question is,what would this guy be doing there? He was driven by the mother,of the home owner,for which he lives with, The said intruder,is in bad health and has to use a cane to walk,something doesn’t add up with this story…

    • a former friend

      if you read my comments you will see the real story the people that live in sherry adelmans and tony kitchens house are nothing but trouble. yes the female homeowner knew the people that were in her house but only because one was her mothertony kitchens is bipolar and snapsat the drop of a hat I know these people I have for years and I live across the street. theres a reason why his nickname is trouble

  • Daniel Moya

    So uh, does anybody have ANY proof that Obama has tried or wants to take your guns? I’m all for seeing some proof… Until then, you just sound silly. Hell, plenty Liberals are firearm owners and 2nd amendment supporters. We just think too many stupid morons, not too mention the mentally deficient, have easy access to weapons that kill, so we back measures such as background checks and bans on high capacity clips.
    We need a well regulated militia, not a bunch of wandering, gun toting idiots. Save that “Obama takin’ yer guns” talk for the Tea-Party protests, folks. Have a splendid day.

    Oh, a very big props to Pop for shooting this scumbag!!! Too bad he didn’t aim higher and save us all money, time, and hassle.

    • Richter

      Here’s a little quiz: how many rounds does a magazine need to hold before it should be considered “high capacity”?

      Why that number? Wouldn’t more lives be saved if that number was cut in half (and rounded down if necessary)?

      How about cutting the number in half again (and once again rounding down)?

      How about no magazines at all, and limit people to single shot only?

      Why not ban guns entirely? Wouldn’t that save the most lives?

  • Wade Kilpatrick

    There’s more to this story. Why did he break in? Why did he start the fight? and What started it in the first place? I dont blame the man for shooting him, but there is more to the story than we know.

  • jamison jones

    Be that as it may, you don’t go to someone’s house and start fights, even if you are family. The mother should have known better. Why drive him there knowing full well that he deserves special care and he ain’t gon’ get it from him? I mean, its at worst, a tragedy of misunderstanding.

  • David Legg

    Alabama use of force section 13A-3-23
    A person may use deadly physical force, and is legally presumed to be justified in using deadly physical force in self defense or the defense of another pusuant to subdivision, if the person reasonably believes that another person is: in the process of unlawfully and forcefully entering, or has unlawfully and forcefully entered a dwelling residence or occupied vehicle. THATS THE LAW

  • Honestly

    All we have is what the sherriff’s initial opinion is on what happened.
    I’m sure there will be an investigation.

    That being said, it doesn’t matter what the relationship
    Of the homeowner is to the “intruder”, if he
    entered the home, whether he was invited in
    or not and attacked the homeowner’s
    father, then the father had every right to defend
    himself. Even if there were some sort of argument,
    The moment he picked up the flashlight (aka weapon)
    and began beating the father, then the father was well
    Within his right to defend himself. Of course
    This is all contingent on that what the article
    Is reporting is accurate.

  • Sherry Ellis Adelman

    There wasn’t any intrusion of home my sister took my brother to her daughter’s home to visit. The,man that shot him also throwers the,first punch . The, man that shot my brother is a felony not allowed to own a gun . The man that shot him didn’t live at the home..the truth will come out and the ones going to jail are the homeowners which also are felons not allowed to own a firearm . Twisted tales.

  • hmmmm

    must be niceto beable to sleep at niteknowing that you are spreading vicious lies about people,i happen to know the homeowners and also know you are the sister of theman who got shot.and nothing you have said is true

  • hmmmm

    I am a very close friend and I have known them for many years this woman is a liar what happenef had nothing to do with the home owners it had to do with an unstable man that has many problems

  • hmmmm

    oh and whoever was claiming to be the homeowner in an earlier post when the homeowner was asked if it sas them they didnt even know yoh could comment on news stodies so that person is lying as well

  • a former friend

    well if it isnt life ruiner sherry. ladies and gentleman im a former friend of ms adelman as a matter of fact im a former friend to all 4 people that live in her house. this woman is coniving if someone makes her mad she will do anything to get payback. this same woman once had a girl ca up somebodys wife and convince her that her and this girls husband was having an affair resulting in theyre divorce.idk this poor girl shes putting down but ive met her 3 or 4 times and she is very sweet and extremly beautiful.if any of you had seen her then seen tony you would know sherry is full of it.now heres a few facts I do know a few days before this incident ol trouble beat up sherry for no apparant reason not to mention few weeks bwfore tonybeat sherrys boyfriend in the head with a ball bat causing him to get staples but yea hes severly handicapped and completly sane aint he.lets also point out that if any of the four of sherry and her housemates took a drug test theyd burn a hole thru the cup. dont blame innocent people for your life ms sherry you know your wrong

  • a former friend

    and before ms sherry tries to debunk my story as well I can stand on my porch and see inside her house so yea sherry you know,me. and btw how has this young girl been having an affair with tony first if hes so handicapped he cant even shower then im sure he cant get it up and.secondly its kinda hard to sleep with someone who u never see at your house and im always home.leave these people alone you know everyone of you are looney and that noones to blame here but poor innocent handicapped trouble who by the way is also connected to the dissappearance of a girl from boaz. but poor you and poor him

  • a former friend

    oh wait I found another hole in your story. in an earlier comment you stated that the homeowners mom took her brother to her daughters hoyse.well which one is it are they having an affair or is tony her uncle? which I dont recall diane being either of yours sister but whatever

  • a old friend with no respect

    I also know this man called trouble and for sure he caused me plenty of it! Yes he is like a crazed maniac that should not even be on the streets even if he is sick, the feds. have facilities for criminals who need medical attention. Most of his DD brothers from across the states are doing time now, why is he not? Maybe Im not the only one out here that KNOWS he is an imformant and has been for years. He believes he can do whatever he wants to people and nothing will happen to him. Well that seems to be true except I believe Karma is taking over and I personally hope God lets him live just so he will suffer and be in pain for the things he has done to good people! The man that shot him should be rewarded and thanked for what he had to do to save his own ife. And one ore fact, this is not the first time he has been shot for going to someones house to whoop somebody.

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