Several Pets Still Missing After Hartselle House Fire

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Emergency crews responded to the call for a house fire on Huckaby Bridge Road in Hartselle around 1:00 a.m. Wednesday.

They say they thought a child was inside when the fire started. But they found out the child was safe outside the home when they got to the scene.

Firefighters say it took 45 minutes to get the fully-involved fire under control. Hartselle Firefighters stayed on scene for several hours to get the fire out.

Several pets were inside the home when the fire started. Firefighters managed to find a cat and a dog hiding under some furniture inside the home. They got those animals out safely.  They are still looking for three other pets.

A fire investigator will be at the house early Wednesday morning to try to determine the cause of the fire.


  • Sue

    I hope they find the missing pets. Fires are an awful way to die. Like the ones that were found a lot of pets just find a place to hide. I love all animals. I hope they ran out and are safely back with their owners.

    • Nicole

      We Are Still Not Able to Find Our Second Cat. If Anyone Is To See Him He Is a Pretty Big Cat And Smoke Gray In Color. His Name Is Church. He is Loved and Very Missed.

      • Sue

        Nicole – Maybe with the description someone can help locate your missing kitty Church. If I lived in Hartselle I would be happy to look for him but I live in Huntsville. Most of the time cats will be scared and run but will stay close by in the area. I really hope you will find him! If you are still in the area he might find you. Good Luck!

  • Sue

    Pets are VERY important to children and people! When was the last time a cat or a dog robbed or shot you? Never? Big surprise! They are important enough for firefighters to look for them. So- my point is made!I hope they are found safe and well.

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